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Einstein Bros. Bagels Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Einstein Bros. Bagels Application

Einstein bros. Bagels is one of the biggest brands run by the Einstein Noah Restaurant Group; besides this, two other significant brands are available, namely Manhattan Bagel and Noah’s New York Bagel. Applicants can head to the company’s official web portal and submit their applications.

In 1995, the company came together when several other bagel brands had joined to form a more extensive and more robust business. Initially, the company was established in Golden, Colorado, but now it has moved to its headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado.

Additional Information

The company is now available in at least 600 locations featuring 40 brand stores under Einstein Bros. Above all, Einstein Bros. is one of the biggest brands that the company operates, which makes up three-quarters of almost all their franchises and locations.

When all the brands come together, they make the Einstein group one of the biggest providers of Bagel cafes in America. The company is looking for various expansion opportunities, making it possible for the firm to hire new employees regularly. No doubt, the company is quite prominent for its bagels, but it serves various savories, which are also sweet.

Restaurant Growth

Additionally, the bagel chain also offers different toppings and spreads, making the combinations available in a wide variety. Patrons can also have some coffees, breakfast, and lunch sandwiches besides other snacks like cookies, cakes, brownies, parfaits, and muffins. The only reason for the brand’s ongoing and continued service is that it offers delicious bagels and quick services, which leads to several job opportunities. There are both part-time and full-time job opportunities across the country.

the einstein bros bagels application guide

Important Information To Know Before Applying at Einstein Bros

Minimum age of the candidate to be eligible to apply at Einstein Bros. Bagels: The candidate should be a minimum of 16 years of age to be eligible to apply at Einstein Bros.

Working hours at Einstein Bros. Bagels: The working hours at Einstein Bros are as follows:

  • A: Monday to Friday: The working duration is from 5:30 am to 7:00 pm
  • B: Saturday: The working duration will be from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • C: Sunday: The working hours are from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm

Opportunities of Employment at Einstein Bros. Bagels

In the US, the coffee shop industry tends to rank as one of the fastest-growing chains. As per a recent survey by Forbes magazine, it was concluded that the beverage industry saw growth by a whopping 20% during 2013. Some of the coffee shops, including Einstein Bros. Bagels, tend to capitalize on the increasing café chain business, and they are likely to hire help besides franchise operations. The majority of job titles available are mainly due to enhancing demands for coffee and coffee-related merchandise.

Available Jobs

There are both entry-level and professional jobs available here. The coffee house locations are most likely to serve clients on customized levels. The job hopefuls looking to work in the beverage industry must apply to companies like Einstein bros. The applicants need to have friendly, motivated, and outgoing attitudes. The extroverts tend to get more priority during the hiring process than potential candidates as they enjoy serving the patrons and work well independently besides being in teams.

einstein bros bagels application tip

The candidates need to show some skills in crafting the menu besides carrying out daily responsibilities. They also need to serve patrons and the general public. The managers need to help entry-level staff in everyday responsibilities besides performing different tasks like administrative jobs. After being hired, employees can enjoy paid training besides competitive pay.

Career Opportunities at Einstein Bros. Bagels

The company doesn’t set any requirements for entry-level employees other than the minimum hiring age. The applicants need to be at least 16 years old to work for the coffeehouse chain. Besides, that applicants must have excellent communication skills and personality traits.


The position is ideal for applicants with no previous work experience, but they need some knowledge about running computers besides strong interpersonal skills. They also need to carry some general crew member responsibilities during the rush hours. The primary duties include processing food or drink orders, receiving payments, or issuing receipts and changes. They also need to answer menu queries and earn $8 or $9 per hour.

the einstein bros bagels application

Crew Members

Considering the pace at the Einstein bros bagels, the company mainly needs employees who can work independently and tactfully. The rush hours are likely to create several tickets for crew members to fill at once. The applicants need to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. The entry-level employees need to prepare food besides serving the patrons. They have to carry their duties following governance safety and standards. They can earn $10 per hour.


The coffee shop managers are likely to take almost all responsibility for hiring and training new candidates besides maintaining the equipment stock. They also need to ensure that employees enforce the company’s rules. The managers are likely to execute all the administrative responsibilities. They can earn $30000 to $50000 per year.

Tips for Applying at Einstein Bros. Bagels

The company makes use of very standard ways of recruiting interested candidates. There are about 1-2 rounds of the interview. During the recruitment sessions, the management asks the applicants several questions, which include interests, hobbies, and personality traits. This helps them get a better idea of the candidate’s traits.

Perks of Working at Einstein Bros. Bagels

The employees can enjoy flexible working hours. They can avail themselves of paid leaves and training besides getting a room for growth and career development opportunities. They can also get healthcare plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Einstein Bros. Bagels

The company has an active role in the production of the goods that are sold in various stores. They produce dough for prominent offshoot besides the Manhattan Bagel brand, also.


In this article, we have covered important topics such as the company’s background, the perks of working at the company, the different job positions opened, the job description for each role, the salary expectations for each job role, etc. The candidates can read and prepare accordingly. This will ensure they have the best chance of selection and they can build their career in this industry.

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