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Emilio Estevez Net Worth

emilio estevez net worth

Emilio Estevez is an actor, writer, and director who, to some extent, has been overshadowed by his famous younger brother, Charlie Sheen, and his mega-famous father, Martin Sheen. However, that in no way diminishes his remarkable career in the world of entertainment. 

I will look at the Emilio Estevez net worth figure. But first, I’ll start by taking a closer look at his life, career, and relationships to give you a better idea of the man in front of and behind the camera.

Early Life and Education

Emilio Estevez was born on the 12th of May 1962 in the Bronx, New York. His mother is Janet Elizabeth Estevez, and his father is Ramon Estevez, better known by his stage name, Martin Sheen.

Emilio would end up following his father into the entertainment industry. However, being proud of his Spanish heritage, he decided not to adopt his father’s stage name. Interestingly, his father has since stated that he wished he had done likewise and kept his birth name.

It would be fascinating to see if he would still have appeared in movie classics like Catch-22Badlands, and Apocalypse Now had he not taken on a stage name. That is something we will never know. We will also never know if his younger brother, Charlie Sheen, had stuck with Emilio, what effect it would have had on his phenomenally successful acting career.

Early Life and Education

Emilio was initially brought up in New York… 

But, he moved at just six years old after his father won a leading role in Catch-22. The movie’s role precipitated a move for the whole family to Malibu, California. Not a bad place for a child to grow up in the 60s.

From the age of 11, Estevez went to Santa Monica High School, where he saw out the entirety of his education. When still at school, his father could see that his son was interested in pursuing a career in acting after appearing in a few high school productions. 

In what must have seemed like a dream for Emilio…

His father took him to The Philippines whilst he shot his scenes for Apocalypse Now. Additionally, Emilio got the opportunity to act in one of the scenes as a messenger. Sadly, the shot footage only ever made its way onto the cutting room floor.

In case you are wondering, the movie was filmed in The Philippines despite it being a Vietnam War movie. Regardless, to be around the making of such an epic movie, and to be allowed to meet the acting legend Marlon Brando must have been mind-blowing. When Emilio returned, the experience firmed his resolve to go into acting. 


Emilio kicked off his movie career in 1973. He appeared in Badlands alongside his father and also his younger brother, Charlie. The two brothers played boys under a lamp post in what were uncredited roles. 

Emilio Estevez’s first credited acting role was in the coming-of-age 1982 movie Tex. This very much set a trend for a series of parts he would play through the 80s. As a consequence of these roles, he became associated with the “Brat Pack.” This group included other celebrities such as Rob Lowe and his future love interest Demi Moore. 

Other movies he made in this genre included Repo Man in 1984, The Breakfast Cub, and St. Elmo’s Fire in 1985. Throughout the 80s and 90s, his output was consistent, with him appearing in over 20 movies. He was very much an in-demand actor. But, he did not only want to dedicate his time to acting.


As he had done since he was a teenager…

Emilio continued to write and also showed a strong interest in getting behind the camera and directing. In 1986, he put all these skills to the test in the movie Wisdom, which he wrote, directed, and acted in. It made him the youngest ever person to do so in a motion picture. Some achievement.

Interspersed with his acting roles, Emilio took on various directing jobs. Additionally, he found the time to write the amazing movie Bobby, which was finally released in 2006 after taking six years to write.

The cast he assembled was staggering… 

It included Anthony Hopkins, Helen Hunt, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Shia LaBeouf, Lindsay Lohan, and Nick Cannon. Plus, Emilio also found a part for himself and his father, Martin.

He received four awards for the movie, with a Hollywood Film Award and Venice Film Festival award as the standouts. For his Venice Film Award, he received a rapturous standing ovation. The movie was very well received by his peers. Although, some of the critics were less impressed.

In some ways… 

Bobby marked a watershed in Emilio Estevez’s career. Although he has never given up acting, he has stepped back from appearing in other people’s movies. Instead, he concentrates much more on writing and directing. 

Some of Emilio Estevez’s directing talents have also been used on the small screen in TV series, including “Cold Case” and “CSI: NY.” On the big screen, his last two projects were The Way in 2010, where a part was found for his dad. And, The Public, in 2018, where he also appears as an actor. 

Any way you want to look at it, Emilio has had an active and highly successful career. Additionally, with more than a couple of strings to his bow, he continues to be busy and is an important force in the entertainment industry. The Emilio Estevez net worth figures are a reflection of his hard work.

Personal Life

Emilio Estevez’s personal life was more than a little frantic during the 80s and 90s. Given his fame and wealth, and the fact that he was an attractive young man, this is hardly a surprise. During these busy years, he is known to have started dating the actress Mimi Rogers. However, this was only short-lived.

He then began to date the model, Carey Salley, but this was very much only an on/off situation. But, it was still sufficient, at times, to have a son, Taylor Levi, who was born on the 22nd of February 1984. More time followed, and on February 15th, 1986, Paloma Rae was born.

In between his time with Carey Salley, he was additionally involved with Demi Moore and was often seen out with her in public. They subsequently became engaged, though, at the time, he was still seeing Carey Salley. The exact timelines are not entirely clear and are probably only known by the three involved.

Personal Life

When his children were born… 

There were no announcements, and it is unclear if this was all part of an agreement to maintain his public image. Frankly, I think this is probably the most likely explanation. That’s because following his split with Demi Moore in 1986, he finally acknowledged his paternity of Taylor and Paloma. Carey then hit him with a two-million-dollar demand for child maintenance payments. That is a lot of kid’s clothes.

Not long after his split with Demi Moore, he got together with Susanna Hoffs in 1987 and then Daphne Zuniga in 1988. However, that did not stop him from dating Marla Hanson at around the same time and through 1989. I told you he was busy!

In the 90s…

Emilio went out with Leslie McDonald before getting involved with singer and dancer Paula Abdul. The two eventually married in 1992, though sadly, the marriage only lasted two years, and they divorced in 1994. 

The reason for the parting of ways was that Paula wanted to have a family, but Emilio did not want children. That was because he already had two from his previous relationship with Carey Salley.

I honestly do not know what to say about this. Other than, “Don’t these people talk to each other?” Shouldn’t they have had a chat with each other early in the piece to sort out such a crucial life decision?

Coming into the 2000s…

Emilio entered into his longest relationship, in 2006, with actress-turned-winemaker Sonja Magdevski. They met on the set of Bobby and stayed together for nine years until 2015.

In the present day, Emilio is happily a grandfather through the birth of a son to his son Taylor in 2019. Hopefully, there will be plenty more grandchildren to come.

As far as a current relationship is concerned, things are all very quiet for Emilio. I think, like his brother Charlie, Emilio is probably not cut out for long-term relationships and marriage, so he should give it up and take up golf.

Emilio Estevez Net Worth and Salary

Calculating celebrities’ net worth is always fraught with difficulties. However, the best estimate is the net worth of Emilio Estevez is around the $20 million mark though it could be a lot higher. In comparison to his father, Martin, he comes up short as his dad is estimated to be worth around $60 million.

So, how does his wealth compare to his younger brother, Charlie?

Surprisingly, Charlie is estimated to now “only” be worth $10 million. I say this is surprising because, at one time, it is thought that he was worth a cool $150 million. At the height of his fame on the hit TV show, “Two and a Half Men,” it is believed he earned a staggering 1.8 million an episode. So, a figure of $150 million is very feasible.

Unfortunately, though, Charlie blew his money on coke, hookers, and expensive divorces. Plus, he got involved in some terrible investments that quickly diminished his wealth. He should probably have stuck with his brother’s approach of making his own wine and leaving all the other distractions well alone.

Emilio Estevez Net Worth and Salary

Real Estate

Emilio Estevez lived in a Malibu home from early 2002 to 2016. He originally bought the home, complete with a small vineyard, for $2.2 million. In the time he lived there, he made his own wine, called Casa Dumetz.

The house has close to four thousand square feet of living space that comprises four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It sits in extensive gardens, has a swimming pool, and has a full acre set aside for growing vines.

Emilio tried to sell the house for several years will little success. At one time, it was up for sale at $10 million but had no takers in over three years on the market. However, the property was eventually bought by Tool’s drummer, Danny Carey, in 2016 for a reported $6.35 million. Strangely, no one seems to know where Emilio Estevez lives now, and maybe that is how he wants it.


Emilio has never stopped working since he left high school back in the 70s. It is tough to know how people will best remember him. Will it be for his acting, his writing, or his directing? It is hard to say, but I think it will probably be for a combination of all of these things.

However, if I was pushed to choose just one thing that would define Emilio Estevez’s legacy, I would say it would be for the years in the 80s. Those times when he acted in a series of coming-of-age movies whilst running wild with his Rat Pack buddies. 

More specifically, I think his performance in St. Elmo’s Fire as Kirby Keager, the law student and part-time waiter at St. Elmo’s Bar, is what we will remember him for.

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Final Thoughts

Emilio Estevez had a fascinating life and career. I have enjoyed many of the movies he has either performed in, written, or directed. And I am sure that there is plenty of good things still to come from Emilio, and I look forward to being a very small part of that journey.

Emilio Estevez’s net worth is already more than healthy. But I imagine that in the space of another ten years, it could be quite a lot higher. That is provided he doesn’t ask his younger brother for financial advice.

Until next time, may you always find your success?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Was Emilio Estevez ever in the military?

No, Emilio Estevez has never served in the military, but his brother Charlie Sheen did portray a soldier in the 1986 movie “Platoon.”

2. What happened to the Mighty Ducks movies?

The Mighty Ducks franchise ran for three movies before ending in 1996. In 2020, Disney announced a new series based on the Mighty Ducks franchise titled “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers,” which premiered on Disney+.

3. What inspired Emilio Estevez to become an actor?

Emilio Estevez’s love for acting began when he was just a child, and his father, Martin Sheen, would take him to sets for upcoming projects. This exposure to the world of acting inspired Estevez to pursue an acting career of his own.

4. Does Emilio Estevez have any siblings?

Emilio Estevez has three younger siblings, including actors Charlie Sheen and Renee Estevez, as well as Ramon Estevez.

5. What kind of charities does Emilio Estevez support?

Emilio Estevez has been an active supporter of various charities, including the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, the Midnight Mission, and The Actors Fund.

6. What is Emilio Estevez’s most successful movie?

Emilio Estevez’s most successful movie is “The Mighty Ducks” franchise, which grossed over $160 million in total.

7. Has Emilio Estevez won any awards?

Emilio Estevez has been nominated for various awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy. He won the Best Director Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2006 for his work on “Bobby.”

8. Is Emilio Estevez on social media?

Emilio Estevez does not have a public Instagram account but is active on Twitter, where he shares news about his upcoming projects and shares his thoughts on current events.

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