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Emirates Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Emirates, established and founded in Dubai, is one of the most prominent airlines in the Middle East. It serves and operates in more than 80 countries with thousands of flights every week. Emirates operates its network with a fleet of approximately 250 planes and around 65,000 employees. In addition, it continues to expand its network with its employees around the world.

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Please go through the article below to know more details of the work environment and settings at Emirates. You can also follow the Emirates’ online job application form submitting process with various career opportunities and advancement options.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Emirates

Emirates offers candidature to individuals with at least 21 years while applying for a job role with the leading airlines. It works for twenty-four hours and seven days a week.

Job Prospects at Emirates

The company prefers to employ a candidate who has some prior experience in the field. Some of the positions available thus do not demand the same. It opens up the opportunity for the freshers too to apply and work with the company. Most of the vacancies require full-time workers, and some are also open for part-time job seekers. Those who want to build a career with emirate need to start the same form entry-level posts.

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The candidate needs to have their hold on multiple languages for the considerations. The selection of these languages thus depends and differs according to the locations. Details for the same are listed on the application form of the candidates. The work type demands for travel needs clubbed with some benefits and experiences.

The Job Positions Available at Emirates

Emirates is open for various job vacancies, including Security Guards, Maintenance Workers, Customer Service Agents, Cabin Crews, and Baggage Handlers. The candidates can quickly get vacant positions for the following job titles at Emirates:

Customer Service Agents

  • The candidate needs to issue and sell the tickets to the customers.
  • They need to have a friendly and outgoing personality for the post.
  • The hourly wages for this post vary from $11.00 to $12.00 per hour.
  • The candidate needs to be 18+ for the considerations.

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Cabin Crew

  • The duties involve assisting the patrons during the flight, serving them meals, attending to their needs, and demonstrating safety instruction.
  • They need to have a professional, calm, and customer-focused personality for the post.
  • Also, they have an option to earn around $21.00 per hour.
  • The candidate needs to be 21+ for the considerations.

The Online Job Application Process of Emirates

Job seekers looking for a career option in the airline industry can check out the below-mentioned instructions and submit their job applications to Emirates.

  • The candidates should visit the official online platform of Emirates and check out its primary career page.
  • Click on the career page to view the results of current job positions at Emirates in a new browser window.
  • Check out the primary job listing webpage that appeared here.
  • The candidates should use the search bar on the top of this web page to view Emirates’ specific location or career option. You will see the complete list of the available job at Emirates and tap on the title or link you want to apply for.
  • Go through your selected job role description carefully to know more about the duties and responsibilities and other information related to the job title.
  • You can tap on the “Apply” tab if you are satisfied with the job description and move further for the online job application process for Emirates.
  • Fill up your preferred e-mail address required here and tap on the “Next” tab.
  • Create your account to move ahead for applying for a job at Emirates and submit the job application after filling up the remaining input fields and submitting the form.

Checking Job Application Status for Emirates

The candidate who finds themselves ideal for the post has an open option to apply over the online portals available for the jobs. Also, they can check out their status for the application on these portals only. The cabin crew posts are meant to be applied on the open days only. The hiring managers will thus contact the selected person or applicant personally by themselves. They will further schedule an interview with them to finalizing other considerations.

The candidate might be employed with the company within a month after filling out the forms with them. However, drug Tests and Background checks of the employees remain the compulsion for job considerations. Also, they need to dress formally for the interviews, maintain a positive attitude.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Emirates

Employees at Emirates often enjoy generous job benefits, including the following:

  • Emirates often offers travel discounts to its employees.
  • Full-time Emirates employees also enjoy paid vacation and time off with this prominent airline.
  • They also receive competitive 401 (K) retirement plans and comprehensive medical insurance while working with Emirates.

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Additional Details of Emirates

We all are aware of emirates, as it is a leading company in the airline sector. Therefore, they have frequent job openings for the new candidates, and all the candidates employed with the company, be it entry-level or full-time workers, are satisfied working with the firms.

The company values its employees and constantly launches programs for their growth and training. The fleet of aircraft is continually added to the asset list, and this also increases the vacancies for the applicants. They will receive the best pay rates for the jobs offered to them. Also, they have a broad category of options available to scroll down for building a career with emirates.


The Middle Eastern airline company, Emirates, is based out in Dubai. It was formed in 1985 and hired over 60,000 individuals for various job roles for its multiple locations across the globe. The candidates can go through the steps as instructed in the guide above and fill out the job application to submit at Emirates. Many career opportunities get offered at Emirates career portal that they can apply through its career portal. They can create an account and submit their job application and get a chance to work with the leading airlines.

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