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Event Manager Job Description

event manager job description

If you want to become an event manager, you must consider reading about the job description available here. Event managers are also prominently known as event planners or even event coordinators. They perform various tasks, including finding venues, booking the place, negotiating with clients and suppliers, handling logistics, overseeing the budget, and invoicing. They also need to consider the organization’s accreditation besides managing risk and presenting some post-event reports.

Being an event manager, you need to oversee the design and setup of events that bring people together. These events are likely to run from few guests to dozens of them coming together. There are intimate parties while there are huge conferences too where several people come together. Irrespective of the scope, managing events is likely to be a people-centric Endeavour.

You need to aim for people to get the most from any event you hold, and you need to work closely with people to achieve the objective.

event manager job description

Job Description – Event Manager

Being an event manager, you need to plan and organize promotional, business, and other social events. You are mainly responsible for running various events and ensure your target audience is engaged and the message of your event is marketed in no time. The possibilities are likely to play a crucial role in the brand’s success.

Being an event manager, you need to organize various seminars and conferences besides parties. You need to manage the entire process from planning to running the event, and of course, you need to run the evaluation post-event. Often the role is hands-on, so you need to work more as a team.

You need to research and secure several venues while planning and managing events besides negotiating agreements and quotes with several vendors. The event manager also needs to help the marketing team also while monitoring the budget and delivering the brief event goals. You can amplify the brand’s visibility with organization and creativity skills and improve the company’s growth through events. The event manager also needs to have excellent organizational skills if you want to be a successful event planner. You also need to reinforce client-to-business relations and enhance the company’s image.

Skills Required – Event manager

It would help if you had an eye for detail besides having organization skills. You must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. When it comes to booking the best venue prices, you must have fantastic communication skills. Besides that, you need to have time management skills and have the ability to work under pressure or even in a fast-paced environment. To promote the event, you must have excellent sales and marketing skills.

Job Responsibilities

  • It would help if you connected with patrons to understand their exact requirements.
  • It would help if you produced some detailed proposals for the events.
  • You need to coordinate and manage with various suppliers and handle all the logistics.
  • It would help if you managed all the pre-event planning and organizing.
  • It would help if you handled budgeting and invoicing.
  • You need to update seniors also.
  • Besides coordinating with suppliers, you also need to handle client queries besides troubleshooting on the event day to ensure your event runs seamlessly.
  • It will help if you manage your team well in time.
  • You need to ensure you follow all the legal and insurance obligations.

Job Requirements

  • It would help if you were highly organized.
  • You need to have time management skills.
  • You must also be an expert in interpersonal skills.
  • The event manager should also have risk management experience.
  • The candidate is supposed to be very proactive.
  • You must have some computer knowledge, especially for MS skills.
  • It would be best if you had some knack for customer orientation.
  • It would help if you were skilled in project management without a doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Are event managers required to work till late often?

Ans. Event managers are given shifts. Since events happen both during the day and night, there are different event managers for different shifts. However, when there is a huge and important event, you might be required to work for a longer duration, but these situations are rare.

2 Does the job role of event manager involve a client-facing role?

Ans. An event manager’s main role involves connecting with people, be it vendors or clients. Throughout their shift time, they are supposed to interact with people to get the job done and make sure everything has been set properly. Hence, yes, the job role of an event manager involves a client-facing role.

3 Mention the skill sets required for this role.

Ans. Candidates do not need high-end or technical skills for this role. The candidate should be very organized, should also have good decision-making and team management skills. They should also be very lively as a person as this will help them drive the events.

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