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Exxon Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

exxon application

Are you looking for a way to launch your career and gain customer service skills?

Working at Exxon is a great place to start, and there are career opportunities for applicants of all levels. Exxon is a subsidiary of ExxonMobil and is a popular convenience store and gas station chain.

The first Exxon gas station was opened in the state of Texas in 1973. Today, there are more than 10,000 Exxon gas stations across the United States, and more are constantly being opened.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at how to make sure you stand out from the crowd when completing the Exxon Application Online: Jobs & Career Info.

exxon application

Facts About Working At Exxon

It is necessary to be at least eighteen years old to work at Exxon. Exxon gas stations operate around the clock to continuously serve the energy needs of customers. Therefore, employees are needed to work a wide range of different shift patterns.

Entry-level employees who excel are often offered the opportunity to advance through the company. In many cases, it may be necessary to transfer to another location to take on a managerial role. This allows employees to work in a different part of the country and take their careers to the next level.

Exxon Job Opportunities

The entry-level positions are open to college students and anyone who wants to kick start their career. Exxon also seeks talented professionals who can use their expertise to help transform different areas of the company. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main Exxon job opportunities that are advertised on the company’s website.

Sales Associate

These employees work in an Exxon convenience store and assist customers with their purchases. The role involves keeping the store shelves fully stocked and well organized at all times. Sales associates are also charged with keeping the store clean and need to work a range of different shift patterns.

The role of the sales associate is an entry-level position that comes with full-time and part-time hours. Sales associates typically make minimum wage and are provided with paid training during their shifts. Once they have completed their training, the salary for a sales associate typically rises to $9 per hour.

Gas Station Attendant

These employees mainly work in the gas station area of the location and fill vehicles with diesel or gasoline. They collect cash from customers after they make payments and have to provide the correct change. Other duties might include helping to keep the gas station clean and tidy and answer questions from customers.

exxon application guide

Gas Station Cashier

These employees are mainly responsible for operating a cash register in the gas station. They need to have basic math skills to provide the correct change and must be able to process various payment methods. They need to have a good understanding of different Exxon products and the general location to answer questions from customers.


Sales associates who perform well are often offered the opportunity to advance to the role of assistant manager. This position comes with increased responsibility, such as supervising staff and providing them with necessary training. On average, Exxon assistant managers make up to $15 per hour.

Gas station managers are responsible for overseeing a single Exxon gas station and convenience store. They need to make sure that the location is fully staffed at all times and employees perform their duties well. They also handle customer complaints as necessary and design special promotional campaigns.

Location managers…

Location managers need to be able to take care of a wide range of administration tasks such as inventory and payroll. They need to contact Exxon warehouses and order new products promptly to keep convenience stores fully stocked. Experienced managers who perform well can make up to $50,000 per year.

Additional Benefits of Working at Exxon

Exxon employees of all levels are provided with access to fitness programs, employee discounts, resource referrals, and education assistance. Qualified career professionals are also provided with a range of other benefits such as paid time off and vacation pay. Other notable benefits include health, dental, and vision plans, life insurance, and access to Exxon retirement plans.

How To Apply?

The best way to secure a job at Exxon is by visiting the careers section of the company’s website. New applicants are encouraged to create a standard profile and upload their data before moving on to the next step. This allows applicants to log in to their profile and check on their application status any time they choose.

The next step is locating the perfect position from the long list of vacancies. It is possible to narrow the search by choosing the gas station location and desired job title. Applicants can click on the job title to read all about the position and then click on the button to apply.

Personalized cover letter…

The Exxon application online is fairly short and easy to fill out. Entry-level candidates should specify the shifts that they are available to work and any previous experience. Professional-level candidates can also upload a copy of their resume as well as a personalized cover letter.

Applicants need to make sure that all the supplied information is correct and carefully edited before submitting the application form. Hiring managers usually contact suitable candidates within two weeks to arrange an interview. Visiting the gas station during a quiet period and asking to meet the manager can also help to speed up the process.

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Final Thoughts

The interview process for entry-level positions is generally fairly short and simple. Hiring managers ask candidates a few questions to make sure that they have the necessary skills and attributes.

In many cases, successful candidates are hired on the spot and start work almost immediately.

The interview process for professional-level roles is usually slightly longer and more in-depth. Candidates need to prove that they have leadership skills and can work well under pressure. You should choose a smart interview outfit and prepare a few questions for the interviewer.

All the very best with your Exxon Online Application!

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