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Fairfield Inn Application: Jobs & Careers Online

fairfield inn application

Are you looking for an interesting and rewarding job in the hospitality industry?

If so, Fairfield Inn has a great reputation. This luxury accommodation chain was founded in 1987 and is franchised by Marriott International. Today, there are more than seven hundred Fairfield Inn locations in North America. And new employees of all levels are regularly hired throughout the year.

So, make sure your Fairfield Inn Application: Jobs & Careers Online appeals to hiring managers by checking out the following information.

fairfield inn application

Facts About Working At Fairfield Inn

You can start working at Fairfield Inn from the age of eighteen. The properties operate around the clock to serve the needs of guests. Many employees need to work different shift patterns to enable continuous service.

There are numerous locations in the United States. Fairfield Inn can also be found in Canada and Mexico. From time to time, current employees lead an international branch. This is a great way to advance in the hospitality industry while discovering a different part of the world.

Fairfield Inn Job Opportunities

Talented professionals who have a background in hospitality and are employed in all areas of the company. Fairfield Inn also hires entry-level employees and provides them with paid training. Here are some of the jobs you can apply for at Fairfield Inn and the types of tasks that go with them.

Hotel Internship Program

College students who are interested in the hospitality industry can join this special 12-week program. The hotel internship program is hosted by the parent company Marriott and provides practical skills and experience.

Interns are assigned to different departments depending on their skills, education, and interest. They are paid a basic wage, and those who excel are offered a full-time job after graduation.

fairfield inn application tips

Food Court Attendant

This role involves taking care of the buffet stations in Fairfield Inn locations. Food court attendants stock the buffet and clean the food areas. It is also necessary to take special orders from customers and make sure they are satisfied.

This role is suitable for entry-level candidates and comes with paid training. Food court attendants need to have strong customer service skills and good attention to detail. The starting salary is usually $9 per hour, which rises slightly after training is complete.

Front Desk Agent

This role involves assisting guests with the check-in and check-out process. Front desk agents also receive bookings and cancellations over the phone and need to keep careful records. They should also be familiar with the surrounding area and be able to answer questions from guests.

You will need to be able to remain calm under pressure and have excellent customer service skills. On average, front desk agents make up to $13 per hour. Hiring preference is often given to employees who are fluent in French or Spanish in addition to English.


These employees are responsible for keeping guestrooms and other areas of the property clean and tidy. Fairfield Inn housekeepers work as a team and need to follow cleaning schedules. This includes dusting and vacuuming rooms, changing bed linen, and cleaning bathrooms.

It is necessary to be physically fit to perform this role. Housekeepers can usually choose from full-time or part-time hours. Full-time employees can make up to $25,000 per year in this role.

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If you enjoy working outdoors, the role of groundskeeper could be for you. The basic duty is making sure that the property grounds are neat and tidy. Tasks include maintaining flower beds, mowing lawns, and emptying garbage cans.

Other duties include maintenance tasks like filling in holes in driveways and sidewalks. Groundskeepers need to be fairly physically fit and willing to work in all weather conditions. You can expect to earn around $20 per hour if you take on this role.

Hotel Manager

These talented professionals oversee a single Fairfield Inn location. They work closely with department heads to make sure that all areas are running smoothly. This includes hiring new employees and training them.

Hotel managers also need to perform admin tasks like payroll, inventory, and balancing paperwork. They need to have strong leadership skills and be able to handle customer complaints smoothly. The typical salary for a hotel manager at Fairfield Inn is $55,000 per year.

the fairfield inn application tips

Extra Benefits of Working at Fairfield Inn

All Fairfield Inn employees receive a comprehensive benefits package that varies with tenure and position. Typical benefits include medical, dental, vision, and mental health plans, as well as holiday pay. Other benefits include annual vacation days, associate discounts, and access to company retirement plans.

How To Apply?

Vacancies for Fairfield Inn can be found in the careers section of the Marriott website. First, you need to select the type of role you are interested in. Then find a Fairfield Inn position in the list and click on the job title to read more about it.

You need to supply your email address and agree to the terms and conditions to get started. You will then find the Fairfield Inn application form. Signing in with LinkedIn will automatically fill out many of the spaces in the online application form.

Create a cover letter…

Take the time to complete all of the fields, check for errors, and upload your resume. Take the time to create a cover letter and add your e-signature before applying. If you make the grade, a hiring manager will usually contact you within two weeks to arrange an interview.

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Final Thoughts

All Fairfield Inn employees need to have excellent customer service skills. Make sure you choose a smart-casual interview outfit that is clean and tidy. Work on your body language and make sure you make eye contact with the interviewer.

The types of interview questions you are asked will depend on the role you are applying for. Check the job description before the interview. Highlight your key skills and attributes.

This will give you an idea of the things you need to highlight when answering the interviewer’s questions.

All the very best with your Fairfield Inn Online Application!

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