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Fairway Market Application: Jobs & Careers Online

fairway market application

Are you looking for a job in the Greater New York City area that comes with superb career development?

Then it may be time to consider completing a Fairway Market Application: Jobs & Careers Online. This popular grocery chain was established in 1933 and started life as a small vegetable stand.

Over the years, the company has expanded dramatically and now consists of fifteen large grocery stores. While the company employs more than five thousand people, job opportunities are regularly advertised.

So, let’s find out more about the types of available positions that you can apply for.

fairway market application

Facts About Working At Fairway Market

You need to be at least eighteen years old to work at Fairway Market. The grocery stores typically open daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. The evening and weekend shifts are ideal for college students who want to gain work experience and transferable skills.

Fairway Market Employment Opportunities

There is a wide range of roles at Fairway Market for entry-level candidates who are willing to learn new skills. However, experienced leaders are also actively sought to head different departments. Here are some of the key job roles at Fairway Market and the types of duties that go with them.

Store Clerk

This entry-level role involves working on the shop floor and taking care of a wide range of duties. These include unpacking goods, stocking the shelves, and making sure the store is clean and tidy. Store clerks also interact with customers and provide them with information on products and services.

This role is available on both a full-time and part-time basis and comes with paid training. Store clerks need to be reasonably physically fit and have strong customer service skills. Store clerks usually start at minimum wage and can earn up to $9 per hour after completing training.

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These employees are mainly responsible for operating a cash register in a Fairway Market store. They greet customers and answer their questions when necessary. Cashiers need to have basic math skills and be able to work quickly and efficiently. The starting salary for a cashier is minimum wage, which can rise to $9 per hour over time.

Meat Clerk

These employees work in the meat department of a Fairway Market grocery store. This role involves weighing, packing, and pricing meat to put on the display counter. Meat clerks also interact with customers and pack different kinds of meat to order.

Pharmacy Technician

These entry-level employees work in the pharmacy department and assist the pharmacist. They greet customers, review and fill their prescriptions, and answer any questions they may have. It is important to be polite and courteous at all times and be able to sort drugs and pills competently.

Grocery Night Stock Leader

These low-level managers oversee the operations at night when the grocery store is closed. They assign shelf-stocking duties to employees and make sure they are working efficiently. They help to upload deliveries from trucks and ensure that they are safely placed in the storage area.

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Floral Manager

These employees head the floral section of the store. They make sure that plants and flowers are well presented and watered. They also oversee the tasks of other employees in the floral section.

Department Manager

After working in a certain department of the grocery store for a while, talented employees can advance to this role. This is a low-level managerial role that involves supervising a single store department. Department managers supervise the tasks of all department employees and make around $30,000 per year.

Assistant Store Manager

These employees help to make sure that the grocery store is running efficiently and making a profit. Assistant managers supervise the tasks of employees and make sure that they are fully trained. They also head the store when the store manager is not available. On average, assistant store managers make around $40,000 per year.

Store Manager

This essential role mainly involves overseeing operations at a single Fairway Market grocery store. This includes performing regular inventory, ordering new products, and overseeing deliveries. Store managers interview, hire, and train new employees when necessary and make sure they are working efficiently.

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This role also involves administrative tasks such as payroll and arranging promotional activities within the store. It is usually necessary to have at least three years of experience to take on this role. Store managers typically start at $50,000 per year, while those with experience can make up to $60,000 per year.

General Manager

These experienced managers are responsible for overseeing several Fairway Market grocery stores in an area. They need to visit each grocery store regularly and meet with the store managers. They inform managers of changes in the store policy and report directly to the head office.

It is necessary to have the extensive managerial experience to do this job, and the salary is around $100,000 per year.

Additional Benefits of Working at Fairway Market

All Fairway Market employees are provided with paid training, discounts on company merchandise, free uniforms, and advancement opportunities. Eligible career professionals are provided with a benefits package that includes paid time off and annual vacation days.

Other benefits include access to company retirement plans and comprehensive healthcare coverage.

How To Apply?

When completing the Fairway Market application, take care to highlight work experience and relevant skills. Candidates who are available to work a range of shift patterns are likely to receive hiring preferences. Candidates of all levels should also have strong customer service skills and be physically fit.

It is important to complete all sections of the application form in detail. Make sure that all the information you supply is accurate and has been carefully edited. Hiring managers usually contact suitable candidates within a week of receiving their applications.

Obtain a reference…

Obtaining a reference from a Fairway Market employee can help to speed up the hiring process. Professional-level candidates can email the hiring manager and send a copy of their resume. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Fairway Market store during a quiet period and ask to speak to the manager.

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Final Thoughts

Fairway Market hiring managers actively seek candidates who have strong customer service skills. Employees should be able to work well as part of a team and go the extra mile to satisfy customers. New employees are also encouraged to learn new skills to advance through the company.

It is a good idea to research Fairway Market before the interview, paying close attention to the company’s values. This information will serve as a guide to how to answer behavioral interview questions.

Prepare a few questions for the interviewer that show an interest in the job and a commitment to working for Fairway Market.

All the very best with your Fairway Market Online Application!

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