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Fallas Discount Stores Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Fallas Discount Stores Application

Fallas Discount Stores is a family-owned company and operates an off-price store chain since 1962. Its operations are held under National Stores, Inc. Fallas Discount Stores has more than 200 store locations, necessitating it to fill up the vacant job positions quickly and consistently. The candidates can easily find job positions vacant at Fallas Discount Stores for career-oriented and entry-level capacities.

They can apply for a job role at Fallas Discount Stores if they meet the eligibility criteria provided in the details below. Besides, you can go through the complete hiring information with the vacant job positions, schedule, benefits, opportunities, and much more offered by Fallas Discount Stores to its employees.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Fallas Discount Stores

Fallas Discount Stores extends job opportunities to candidates with at least 18 years to submit the job application. The operational hours of Fallas Discount Stores are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.
  • Friday to Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Fallas Discount Stores

The company is looking forward to the expansions, which have led to recent and frequent openings in the managerial and customer service posts at higher levels. Workers who wish to serve the entry-level position and want to earn the extra income or wish to be at the front door of a retail career can apply for the various available posts, including the cashier, stock associate, and sales associate.

the fallas discount stores application

Also, the employees need not possess previous work experiences for job considerations. Thus, managerial posts are asked for multiple screenings, and the candidate also needs to have prior work experiences and coursework related to college. The company aims to provide the products to their customers at the lowest possible prices. The popularity of discount stores in the country is also increasing the job opportunities at the store.

The Job Positions Available at Fallas Discount Stores

Fallas Discount Stores offers various job roles, including General Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers, Stock Room Associates, Cashiers, and Sales Associates. In addition, you can apply for the following vacant position often found at Fallas Discount Stores:

Sales Associates

  • They are responsible for performing duties of Stock employees and Cashiers and guiding patrons with doing shopping.
  • Sales Associates are hired for both full-time and part-time capacities at Fallas Discount Stores.
  • They usually earn a minimum wage initially at Fallas Discount Stores and may get $09.00 per hour with experience.

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  • Crew Members with supervisory roles work in managerial-level positions.
  • They are responsible for meeting the goals of Fallas Discount Stores, including corporate ideology and service expectations.
  • They are also responsible for coaching, training, and hiring at Fallas Discount Stores.
  • Their duties also include processing shipments, managing payroll, and scheduling employees.
  • Managers at Fallas Discount Stores usually earn around $50k per annum.

The Job Application Process of Fallas Discount Stores

The candidates should visit the official website of Fallas Discount Stores and find a suitable job title. The steps to fill up Fallas Discount Stores’ job application process are as follows:

  • Go to the official online platform of Fallas Discount Stores and tap on the “Apply In-Store” tab that appeared on the primary webpage.
  • Download the PDF form and visit Fallas Discount Stores to submit your job application.
  • You can also apply for a job role at Fallas Discount Stores through Indeed and visit the website of Indeed.
  • Tap on the job position you are interested in applying for at Fallas Discount Stores by tapping on the “Apply Now” tab.

The candidates can also apply for Fallas Discount Stores’ jobs through LinkedIn by visiting its website and following the instructions.

Checking Job Application Status for Fallas Discount Stores

Candidates who are interested in working with the company have the option to fill out the application forms over their portals. After submitting their applications, they need to wait for at least one week or more to hear back from the company’s hiring personnel.

In case of no further contact from the company for any additional screenings, they have an option to follow up for the same either through calls, emails, or by personally visiting the stores. They need to dress properly for their visits and keep the conversation over the calls and personal short and convincing. Thus, this will reflect their respect for the company and ensure the best chances for the meeting with hiring managers.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Fallas Discount Stores

Fallas Discount Stores offers the below-mentioned job benefits to its employees:

  • Employees generally receive career advancement opportunities and flexible scheduling with fast-paced and joyful work settings at Fallas Discount Stores.
  • Eligible Fallas Discount Stores employees usually benefit from store discounts, vacation time, time off, paid training, and wellness and health benefits.
  • Qualified employees may get 401 (K) retirement plans from Fallas Discount Stores.

Additional Details of Fallas Discount Stores

The company’s name is itself enough to attract the customer’s interest in its stores. They have been planning for constant expeditions and also have implemented some of their plans. The store mainly operated in the United States only and has not expanded its reach in Midwest and East coast.

They also have completed their purchase plan of Conway Stores. This store operated around 40 locations in the East Mississippi River area and expanded its reach in Florida with some new openings. The discount store has a major footfall in consumer sales, and its expansion is continually leading to new job opportunities in the market.


The family-owned household items and clothing company, Fallas Discount Stores, is widely recognized in the United States. Joseph Fallas founded it in Los Angeles, California, and has more than 9,800 workers. Fallas Discount Stores operates in 22 different states in more than 350 store locations in Puerto Rico and the United States. It consistently offers employment opportunities with competitive salary options and superior work settings.

Various job positions are vacant at Fallas Discount Stores, which needs productivity and participation from the candidates. The available employment options and job posts at Fallas Discount Stores are updates on its job portal. Besides, we have guided the online job application process in the guide above. The candidates can go through the same and apply for employment at Fallas Discount Stores.

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