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Family Video Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

family video application

If one is looking for a career, then they can surely apply at Family video. Applicants don’t think twice before using here because the company thrives even after companies like Blockbuster have shut their operations.

Ideally, the video rental chain operates in the United States, owned by Highland Ventures. The company has its headquarters in Glenview, Illinois, besides its 775 store outlets are located all across North America. The company was established in 1946 by Clarence Hoogland, and in 1953 it was inherited by his son Charles.

Additional Information

Later the company was renamed Magnetic Video, and lastly, it was changed to Family video. In 2013, the company joined hands with Marco’s Pizza, where patrons could order pizza besides renting pizza. Even though it is a family video company chain, the organization has strict dress codes for employees. The employees are always expected to dress perfectly in a polo shirt and khakis or wear a dress suit.

Additionally, both men and women employees must wear polished shoes. In the US, Family video is one of the largest movies and game rental chains. The company expands continually, so there is a regular job opening for both entry-level and professional employees.

Important Information to Know about Family Video before applying

Minimum age required of the candidate to be eligible to apply at Family Video:

  • The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at Family Video.
  • Available working hours at Family Video: Family Video is open 24*7 and the working hours are from 10:00 am to 2:00 am each day.

Employment Opportunities at Family Video

Even though the internet is quite popular, the family video maintains a substantial brick-and-mortar video rental rank. The company mainly hires applicants dedicated to offering fantastic customer service besides handling store operational tasks and meeting the sales objective. The employees can work in a friendly work atmosphere by sticking to their four daily goals: to teach, wow, learn, and improve.

family video application

The entry-level job positions are mainly filled in no time as the company is likely to hire more than 1000 employees this year to achieve its growth objectives. The family video offers unlimited career advancement opportunities as the company mainly chooses to promote from within those rewards committed and successful employees. There are both part-time and full-time job opportunities available in the company. The applicants looking for seasonal employment can also submit their applications.

Career Opportunities at Family Video

The company offers both hourly pay and commission. On the flip side, the management applicants can earn a yearly salary with monthly and quarterly bonus options. The applicants can expect to earn competitive pay here. The various job openings available include customer service representative, assistant manager, manager-in-training, besides store manager.

Customer Service Representative

These employees need to handle the day-to-day tasks of store operations besides meeting sales objectives for games, movies, and concessions given by the store manager. The company needs applicants who use this service and also have a critical ability to make some decisions that can make the patrons happy besides improving the family video experience.

the family video application tip

Additionally, customer service representatives have to work in coordination with store managers regularly. Therefore, they need employees that are both smart and energetic besides being coachable. After training these employees, they should show that they can make challenging decisions to meet the ultimate objective of helping the company to grow its business. They can earn $8 or $9 per hour.

Assistant Manager

These employees tend to work in secondary roles to operate the regular store duties when the managers or managers in training tend to be absent. The full-time position features rigorous training for applicants fully trained to run the various store operations. The assistant manager is ideally the primary customer service representative, and they prove to be a strong example for other customer service representatives to follow. They help the store managers to align with all the store’s policies. They can earn $11 or $12 per hour.

Manager in Training

These managers mainly work full time to acquire proficiency in almost all the essential functions of the store manager. They are trained for at least 12 to 16 weeks, and they develop crucial leadership skills for becoming potential store managers. The manager works when the store managers are absent or fulfill the duties of assistant managers. They can earn $28000 per year.

the family video application tips

Store Manager

The employees have to work full time to work as store managers. They can earn $30000 per year. They have to run the daily tasks and establish a fun, friendly work environment. Additionally, they need to drive and enhance the store revenue and schedule the staff in no time.

Tips for Applying at Family Video

Interested candidates must keep an eye on different job roles offered at Family Video since there is cutthroat competition. The prospect candidates can refer to the nearby Family Video store, fill the application and return it to the store. Candidates also have an option to apply online. They should also make sure that they arrive early to the interview, leaving a great impression on the employer. Candidates must possess problem customer care skills which give an upper hand.

Perks of Working at Family Video

Both full-time and part-time employees can enjoy several perks here. The employees mainly can avail rental benefits like new release movies for free. The eligible employees can also help with health retirement plans. Apart from this, the store also provides leave benefits to help the employees cope with emergencies.

Miscellaneous Information about Family Video

In fighting cancer, the company plays a leading role as it raises millions of dollars through its program known as Round It Up for Lymphoma. Hence employees can learn a lot by working here, so they should apply for the positions without any second thoughts.


In the above thread, we have mentioned intricate information about Family Video, which covers the background, perks of working here, the multiple job openings, the process of applying, tips for applying, and some miscellaneous information about the same. One should read all there is to know about the company and the job requirements.

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