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Financial Controller Job Description

financial controller job description

You are on the right page if you wish to become a financial controller. Ideally, a financial controller is also known as a chief accounting officer. The financial controllers are likely to be responsible for overseeing regular accounting functions, integrating finance operations, handling various tax operations, budgeting and forecasting, ensuring the company’s financial stability, and preparing financial reports.

A financial controller is mainly a senior management role that overseas almost all functions of a company’s finance and accounting department. It might be an executive position for small companies especially. The job of the financial controller is likely to call for better high-level analytical skills and superior management ability. They are mainly responsible for the accounting and record-keeping of a company. The additional responsibilities also tend to include insurance, sales, and tax reporting.

financial controller job description

Job Description – Financial Controller

The primary duties of the financial controller are likely to include managing accounting records, ensuring compliance with the given regulation, evaluating and managing risk, overseeing accounting operations, publishing financial papers, keeping track of expenditure, analyzing financial information, forecasting income, ensuring the accuracy of financial information, coordinating auditing strategies.

When it comes to strategic planning and exceptional numerical skills being a financial controller will help a company in maintaining positive income and economic growth, formulating helpful financial tips, implementing proper internal controls, achieving company’s targets, and developing financial objectives that support the company’s organizational strategy.

The perfect candidate needs to possess strong analytical skills, excellent problem-solving skills, numbers, be organized, and have better leadership skills. The financial controller must streamline the accounting functions and operations, better financial analysis and reports, train employees on business finance problems, promote the rules, and drive revenue generation. They are mainly responsible for undertaking all elements of financial planning and management.

Therefore, they need to be experienced in corporate accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and developing policies.

Skills Required – Financial Controller

To become a successful financial controller, you need to possess some great skins. The financial controller needs to know all the aspects of an organization’s involving strategy and risk management. You need to be tech-savvy as you need to streamline some operations and position your respective team as a strategic partner within a company.

Strong communication skills are also a must for you as you need to provide relevant information. Additionally, empathy is also an excellent skill as you need to improve the relationship between finance and other departments and ensure some compliance. Above all, you need to have a strategic vision to look way beyond your regular plans for increased performance and agility.

Job Responsibilities – Financial Controller

  • Prepare special financial reports.
  • You also need to analyze the financial data.
  • One should also monitor all the reports internally.
  • You also need to oversee and prepare income statements.
  • You should also participate in the various budgeting process.
  • It would also help if you managed financial transactions.
  • Streamline all the accounting operations and also functions.
  • You should also generate all the financial reports periodically.
  • One should also maintain transaction processing operations.
  • Supervise all the operations.
  • One should also publish all the data timely to the company board and executives.
  • You should also comply with the various state laws and federal tax filings.
  • Find and implement multiple discounts for the accounts payable.

Job Requirements – Financial Controller

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business administration.
  • Employers prefer five or more years of experience in the finance field.
  • Amazing interpersonal skills.
  • Sound knowledge of accounting elements.
  • Auditing experience.
  • Compliance oriented.
  • Advanced degree in accounting.
  • CPA is most likely to be preferred.
  • Better attention to detail.
  • Superior mathematical skills.
  • Thorough accountancy knowledge.
  • Amazing communication skills.
  • Create financial statements.
  • Critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Excellent understanding of accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is the job of a financial controller very complex?

Ans. The role of a financial controller is essential in the company. More than complex, the job role is expected to be crucial. A financial controller is required to have a very close relationship with the organization’s numbers and draw insights. The financial controller must make sure that the company is within budget and not overspending.

2 What is the educational background required to become a financial controller?

Ans. To become a successful financial controller, the candidate must first have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Any other degree over and above it, such as CPA, master’s degree, etc., will be a big boon not just to you but for the company also where you will be working in, as you will have in-depth knowledge about the work.

3 What is the job role of a financial controller?

Ans. As a financial controller, you should prepare the financial statements, analyze the financial data deeply, oversee all the reports such as the income statement, balance sheet, check the team’s work, report any discrepancies, etc. Therefore, you should have proper knowledge about financial aspects.

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