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Finish Line Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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If applicants are looking to work with Finish Line, they should visit its career page on its online platform. Finish Line has updated hourly, in-store, and corporate job roles over its employment portal.

It is an American chain of athletic footwear and apparel stores. Finish Line has more than 650 stores located across the country. It requires candidates frequently to fill up their job vacancies in the present and upcoming stores.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Finish Line

Finish Line has many job roles for sports and sneakers passionate individuals. The company needs individuals to be at least 18 years to get employment with it. Job hunters looking to work with Finish Line can check its following work schedule:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Opportunities Offered by Finish Line

Finish Line provides many job roles to the unemployed, including Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Stock Associates, Sales Associates, and Cashiers.

Opportunities to Advancement in The Career with Finish Line

Entry-level individuals with great zeal and dedication advance in their career within Finish Line.

Career Opportunities with Finish Line

Job seekers who want to get employed with Finish Line should be more than 18 years. Previous employment is not needed to join Finish Line but will be an added advantage. Finish Line offers job roles for its store locations across Puerto Rico and 47 states, with its corporate locations at Boulder and Indianapolis.

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The retailer also has many job roles that fit into the Sports and Customer Services positions perfectly. The company also offers employee benefits to its retail and full-time employees with opportunities to advance in their career with Finish Line.

Sales Associate

  • These associates at Finish Line reply to the customers’ queries, promote the company’s sales and retrieve items from the stockrooms.
  • These Sales Associates at Finish Line should have the ability to walk, stand, and kneel continuously during their working schedule.
  • They get around $9.00 per hour while working with Finish Line.

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  • Cashiers at Finish Line perform and operate registers and do other work while they are in part-time roles.
  • Their responsibilities are to arrange displays, assist shoppers when required, and process returns.
  • Their starting pay is approximately $8.00 per hour.

Stock Associate

  • Stock Associates at Finish Line earn around $10.00 an hour initially.
  • Their job responsibilities are to complete and clean shipments while helping on the sales floors.
  • These associates should climb for merchandise on the stores’ storage shelves and rack, bending and reaching theirs regularly with manual labor.

Job Application Status at Finish Line

Applicants who filled the job application form at Finish Line can visit its store to check their application status. Candidates who impress the hiring staff or managers can get into the on-the-spot interview process. They should have previous employment and the company’s knowledge to reach the interview process quickly. Candidates can also check their Finish Line’s job application status online through its career portal.

Benefits to Working with Finish Line

Finish Line offers its employees various benefits. Most employees are very happy working with Finish Line and this shows in the work environment. Some employees also look forward to major benefits including the following:

  • Every Finish Line employee gets vision, dental, and medical insurance.
  • They also receive a stock purchase plan, 401(K) retirement plan, and life insurance from Finish Line.
  • Finish Line employees also get tuition reimbursement to proceed with education.

Some Facts about Finish Line

Finish Line is partnered with Special Olympics for many years. It also provides grants to children with special needs or is disadvantages. Donations from Finish Line make kids benefit from participation in athletic programs and camps. Certain grants are also rewarded to communities or organizations to fund lifestyle activities and programs.

The Job Application Process of Finish Line

Job applicants can visit the Finish Line’s website to explore and fill out job application forms for the current job roles.

  • Applicants can view and fill out job application forms for Finish Line through its online platform.
  • Applicants can check the latest job opportunities, including corporate, distribution center, customer care center, store positions, and many more.
  • Choose your required position at Finish Line and tap on the “Apply Online” tab.

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  • Explore the job roles available at your required position by choosing your city or state, or enter your required ZIP code.
  • Choose the location and the job position you want to apply for at Finish Line, and tap on the “Apply Now” tab.
  • Applicants should accept the conditions and terms to process their job applications.
  • Enter of fill out your personal details and attach your updated resume with your skills to complete the online job application process of Finish Line.

Finish Line offers job seekers to apply through their online platform and go through the job requirements and descriptions. They can also explore the Finish Line stores that are looking to hire candidates or the current openings. Finish Line job applicants collect every hiring material before filling out the online job application for this retail company. Applicants should mention their education, work experience, contact information, skills, and other relevant details to get their hiring considered at Finish Line.

Finish Lines offers various job openings for over 660 stores in about 47 states. Customer Service, Sneakers, and Sports enthusiast looking to join Finish Line can visit its website to check the job opportunities in their dynamic sectors. Finish Line also has a massive number of positions for entry-level individuals. You can join their team and succeed in your career.


Candidates looking to work with this retailer can check their website to find required jobs at their preferred locations. It updates job roles frequently to fill out the vacant positions at its various stores across the country.

Candidates can get jobs at their distribution center, in-store, corporate, and customer care job roles. There are many part-time and full-time roles also for the convenience of students to get employment in their free time. The online job application process for Finish Line has explained above for the feasibility and convenience of busy applicants.

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