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Five Below Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Five Below offers job vacancies to individuals looking for a career in the retail chain. It specializes in selling trending products at $5.00 or below, as you can make out from the brands’ name. Its target customers are pre-teens and teenagers and fulfill the buying requirements of growing purchasers. Five Below continually hires staff for its new store locations and the existing ones.

The American discount store chain, Five Below, has various store locations. It was founded in 2002 and is based out in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This retail chain is open for various job positions for its more than 540 operational store locations. Please scroll down and know how Five Below allows its candidates to apply for its various available job roles in its retail chain.

In addition, you can check below the job description, salary, benefits, perks, and much more offered by Five Below.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Five Below

Five Below hires candidates with a minimum age of 16. The working schedule and store timings of Five Below is as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Future Job Scope at Five Below

The candidates interested in working with the form need to meet the minimum age considerations of the company. They need to apply online for the posts of managers, stokers, and sales associates. The candidates need to apply for stocker and sales associated need to perform entry-level tasks related to replenishing merchandise, manning checkout stations, and the store’s cleanliness.

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Managerial duties include tasks like handling the merchandise and customer interactions. The candidates for managerial posts also need to achieve the sales targets for the store’s financial success. Also, there are different tiers and levels divided, defining the requirements of the post, responsibilities, and salaries. Also, the store asks for prior experience in managerial and keyholder posts to be filled.

Job Positions Offered at Five Below

Many job positions are often offered at Five Below store locations, including Stockers, Sales Associates, and Managers. It also provides District Managers, Cashiers, and Assistant Managers. The vacant positions often available at Five Below include the following:


  • Assistant Manager, General Manager, and also keyholders are the frequently available posts in managerial posts.
  • The candidate must also design the strategies to reduce cost, increase productivity, drive sales, and earn around $50,000 annually.

Sales Associate

  • Along with sales responsibilities, the candidate also needs to perform cashier tasks at the store’s front end.
  • The candidate may earn up to $8.00 per hour and might need to organize the displays and also perform cleanliness tasks.

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  • Periodical customers dealing and backroom tasks also need to be performed by the candidates.
  • The stock workers can earn up to $8.00 per hour.
  • The applicant must also be able to lift heavy objects and also must remain energetic during the shifts.

Benefits of Working with Five Below

Five Below offers joyful work settings and also competitive salaries to its employees. Many employee benefits offered at Five Below are mentioned as follows:

  • Qualified employees are provided general health insurance with vision, disability, and dental coverage by Five Below.
  • Employees also benefit from merchandise discounts and 401 (K) retirement plans at Five Below.
  • They also enjoy career advancement options and paid vacation time while working at Five Below.
  • Candidates working as Store Associates can benefit from job benefits when they work in full-time capacities.

The Online Job Application Process of Five Below

Five Below offers various vacant roles that the aspiring candidates can go through at apply through its career portal. Check out the guide below and follow the steps to fill out the online job application form to apply for a job role at Five Below.

five below application guide

  • Candidates can explore Five Below’s online platform and tap on its career webpage.
  • Tap on the “Job Openings” button to proceed to fill up the application form.
  • It would be best if you scrolled this page till the end to view the current job vacancies that appeared here.
  • Tap on the job position that you found according to your interest and requirement.
  • Candidates should read every description and detail provided for the job role offered by Five Below.
  • Tap on the “ Apply Here” tab to move further in filling up your job application.
  • You need to fill up the personal and other required detail appeared here on the pop-up screen.
  • Upload your resume and cover letter here once filling up your personal information.
  • This screen will require answering a few questions associated with the age criteria and employment status, shift availability, required salary, and other details of the candidates.
  • Tap on the signature box and tap on the “Submit” link to complete your online job application form to work with Five Below.

Checking job application status of Five Below:

Job applicants often receive a message from Five Below to invite them to the store location to check their job application form status. They should wait for at least a week before visiting Five Below stores to check job application status. Dressing appropriately and speaking politely at Five Below stores may impress hiring staff.

Some More Information about Five Below

The retail chain sources the products from multiple markets worldwide and makes them available at $5.00 or even lesser. However, instead of providing the products at discounted prices, they have maintained the quality and have made multiple options available for pre-teen and teen products. Be it room décor, fashion accessories, school supplier, everyday products or sporting goods, or the brands like Disney, Spalding, Wilson and Crayola, all the options are available at the store.

All the available products are purchased at negotiated rates directly from the suppliers, refusing the returns and not holding any additional in-store promotions. The pricing strategy of the company is too fascinating for the customers.


Five Below, the well-known retail chain often seek candidates to provide higher customer services and smooth operations. You can check the information provided above to submit the online job application form for Five Below. Candidates may check and apply for in-store, distribution, and corporate positions offered by Five Below through an online career platform. Five Below updates every job role requirement on its career portal. Job seekers can check the online portal and submit their online application form to get their desired role at Five Below.

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