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Flight Attendant Interview Questions

flight attendant interview questions

Are you preparing for an important flight attendant interview?

If you have a head for heights and enjoy taking care of people, working as a flight attendant could be ideal. This job allows you to make a competitive wage while traveling and gaining a wide range of special skills.

However, most airlines receive a large number of applicants each year, and the screening process is very tough. Therefore, it is important to prepare carefully for the interview to maximize your chances of success.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at some standard flight attendant interview questions and the best way to answer them.

flight attendant interview questions

Why Do You Want to Be a Flight Attendant?

This is likely to be one of the first questions you are asked, and it is important to have a strong answer prepared. The interviewer is looking for candidates who are passionate and dedicated. Not being able to provide a convincing answer will make the interviewer question your commitment.

You should be able to give a couple of specific reasons why you want to be a flight attendant. Make sure you acknowledge that this is a challenging job that requires hard work and dedication. Because you are passionate about the job, you will be able to enjoy even the most challenging flight.

Why Would You Make an Excellent Flight Attendant?

You need to show the interviewer what makes you special and stand out from the crowd. By the time you get to the interview stage, the interviewer is likely to be aware of your qualifications. The trick to answering this question is highlighting your personal skills and attributes.

You should be confident when answering this question and able to show the interviewer you are the perfect candidate. Consider your personal and professional strengths that will help you to succeed. These could be a dedication to customer service and the ability to work well when under pressure.

What Skills Do Flight Attendants Need to Have?

This common interview question is asked to gauge your understanding of the job and your suitability. You should be aware of the required skills and show that you possess them. Skills to highlight include physical and mental fitness, a strong work ethic, adaptability, multitasking, and teamwork.

Why Do You Want to Work For This Airline?

It is important to research the airline before attending the interview. Pay close attention to the values of the airline and the company culture. Highlight aspects that particularly appeal to you and mention them when answering the question.

Which Destinations Does This Airline Fly to?

This is another question that is asked to make sure that you have done your homework. After hiring new flight attendants, airlines invest a lot of time and money in training them. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the employees truly want to be there.

Describe your Customer Service Skills

Customer service is one of the most important skills for any flight attendant. Therefore, applicants need to highlight their strong customer service skills. This question also asks you to explain why customer service skills are so important for flight attendants.

To answer this question well, you need to give examples that demonstrate your strong customer service skills. You should highlight a time when you noticed a customer was having a bad day or experience for some reason. Reveal what you said and did to turn the situation around and make the customer happy.

flight attendant interview question

Describe a Typical Day for a Flight Attendant

Working as a flight attendant can be very tough at times, and candidates need to have realistic expectations. The interviewer needs to make sure that the candidate is fully prepared for the challenges of the job. You should be able to walk the interviewer through a rough outline of the duties you would actually perform.

What is the Most Challenging Part of Being a Flight Attendant?

The way you answer this question will reveal a lot about your personality. Start by highlighting an aspect of the job that you think would be particularly challenging. Go on to explain the steps you will take to overcome the challenge and perform the task well.

Do you Prefer Working as Part of a Team or Alone?

Teamwork is an essential part of being a flight attendant as you work closely with several other people. All members of your team are enclosed within a small space, so you all must get along. Explain that you prefer working as part of a team and how it helps you to perform your duties well.

Which Languages Do You Speak?

Even if the airline only offers domestic flights, you are likely to meet passengers of all nationalities. Being able to speak several languages is a real bonus for a flight attendant. Speaking to a nervous or angry passenger in their own language can help put them at ease.

You do not need to be completely fluent in a language to communicate well. Explain which languages you can communicate with passengers at an intermediate level or above. If your language skills are lacking, explain which languages you are currently studying and your commitment to developing these skills.

How Would You Handle Conflict Between Passengers?

This question is particularly tricky, and it is essential to prepare, so you answer it well. You need to highlight your understanding of operating procedures when answering this question. For any situation that can occur while at work, there are set procedures you have to follow.

How Would You Handle a Passenger That Refuses to Follow the Rules?

Again, there is a clear set of regulations that you need to follow if this situation arises. Begin your answer by outlining what the procedure is and how it applies to the situation. This is also the perfect opportunity to highlight your strong communication skills.

the flight attendant interview question

How Will You Deal with Being Away from Loved Ones for Long Periods?

It is no secret that working as a flight attendant involves a lot of travel and long shifts. Even when they are not working, flight attendants are often on standby and may be called into work at the last minute. This can mean having to cancel plans with friends and family members to head to work.

It is important to demonstrate that you are prepared for this aspect of the work. Explain that your friends and family members are aware of the situation and support you in your career. Outline coping strategies such as planning quality time to catch up with loved ones when you are not at work.

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Flight Attendant Interview In a Group Assessment

Airlines often receive a large number of applicants for just a handful of job vacancies. They often conduct group assessments in which several candidates are interviewed in front of a panel of professionals. This can be a very stressful experience, especially for people who have not attended many interviews before.

In these situations, interviewers are trying to assess how you work as part of a team. They will often ask the group to role-play various types of scenarios. The interviewers will be monitoring how well you interact with the other candidates and work together.

Interviewers actively seek candidates who have confidence and charisma. In most cases, these attributes are more important than education and experience for this role. You also need to demonstrate strong listening and communication skills as well as patience during the interview.

Final Thoughts

Flight attendants are expected to follow very strict dress codes at all times. There are regulations on every aspect of appearance, from permitted hairstyles to cologne and belt buckles. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to your appearance when attending the interview.

It is best to dress formally and make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed. Pay close attention to your body language during the interview, making sure you appear confident and in control. You should also prepare a few questions to ask the interviewer to show that you are prepared.

All the very best with your Application!

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