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Food Delivery Jobs For Felons

Food Delivery Jobs For Felons

Can food delivery companies accept felons to work for them?

The biggest problem for felons after they leave prison is finding employment. There is the flooding of qualified and skilled individuals in the job market. That makes it even more difficult for felons to find work. Finding companies that accept a felon’s criminal past can be an uphill task.

Like many other jobs, food delivery jobs rely on trust. The company will want to ensure a clear link between the company and its employees to deliver. A felon may be denied a chance to work for fear of the company tainting its public image. It can happen if a felon commits another crime while in the line of duty. It can make some food companies hesitate in employing a felon.

Not all food companies can deny felons a chance to work. The food delivery industry is vast and offers many opportunities for felons. The pay is attractive, and entry-level employees receive about $11 an hour. The average income is $ 17 for more experienced employees.

In this article, we will look in detail at which food delivery companies hire felons.

What Are Food Delivery Jobs?

A food delivery job entails working within an App to take orders, pick and deliver food to customers. There are two main types of deliveries. One can order ready food from restaurants and the other for groceries. A driver will need excellent time management and customer service skills. You determine your working schedule and are in charge of your working hours.

What Are Some of The Food Delivery Companies?

1 Grubhub

2 Post Mates

3 Uber Eats

4 Door Dash

5 Instacart


Not all companies offer delivery jobs to felons. Grubhub is especially very strict on criminal history and does not hire felons. At the time of applying, you will submit a background check.

food delivery jobs for felon

Conditions to work at Grubhub say that an applicant must not have any criminal history. Traffic violation offenses also count. A third-party called Checkr runs the criminal background check. But, it does not mean that you are entirely locked out, but the chances are slim.

Let us now look at the food delivery companies that offer delivery jobs to felons.


Postmates offer delivery services to customers. The services are not limited to restaurant food delivery. They pick and deliver all household supplies like food, alcohol, and groceries. The company has been in operation since 2011 and offers services all over the country. Postmates offer delivery jobs to felons who match their essential qualifications.

The application requirements are:

1 It would help if you have a means of delivery for picking and delivering orders.

2 Be 18 years or older.

3 You must be a citizen or a with a valid work permit.

4 Have a Social Security Number.

5 You must own a smartphone. All communication within the service is through an App.

6 Have a valid driving license and valid auto insurance.

7 You have to pass criminal and traffic background tests.

Postmates runs background checks on all applicants for verification reasons. You must consent to a background check. They will not accept your application if you do not. Postmates drivers work as independent contractors. The reason for thorough checks is to ensure the protection of their brand. They want to ensure the protection of service providers and customers.

food delivery job for felon

They will look into applications for felons with records seven years and older. As a food delivery driver, you need excellent customer service, honesty, and trust. Some crimes committed in the past will disqualify you from working for Postmates.

Delivery work involves driving. Postmates require a clean driving history. A thorough traffic background checks are to ensure that you are a competent driver.

These charges will disqualify you from employment at Postmates:

  • Sexual crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Drug conviction
  • Major felonies

Traffic Offences include:

  • Drinking under the influence (DUI)
  • Careless driving
  • All accidents, including hit and run
  • Suspensions or revocation of driving privileges


In the beginning, Uber only offered taxi services. It then branched out to include food delivery services. Ubereats caters to customers all over the country.

Here is how you can deliver for Ubereats.

1 Confirm the availability of Uber in your city.

2 Ensure you fit the company’s primary rule for you and your vehicle.

3 Apply for the delivery job.

4 After a successful application, you get a user name and password for accessing the App. You will receive feedback within two days of your application.

5 Finally, you will download the App and start receiving orders

One rule for Ubereats delivery job includes the ability to lift 30 pounds. Food does not weigh this much, but the company wants to know that you can do it if there is a need.

food delivery jobs for the felon

Because food delivery is a service job, a thorough background check is mandatory. It includes a check for traffic violations. You cannot work for Ubereats with a significant traffic violation. Sex offenses, violent crimes, and DUI charges will also disqualify you.

Other requirements include:

  • Have a valid driving license and valid auto insurance cover.
  • Can lift 30 pounds weight.
  • Foot and bike delivery employees must be 18-19 years.
  • Have at least a year’s driving experience.
  • You must own a car. Rentals are not accepted.

At Ubereats, your earnings are determined by the following factors:

Pick-up And Delivery Charges

For every picked order, you earn a certain amount. It averages at $ 5, although it varies across cities.

The delivery fee depends on the distance traveled. To calculate the delivery fee, you measure the distance traveled in one trip. If the distance is longer, the fee paid to the driver is higher.

food delivery jobs for the felons

The Mileage

For mileage, the fee varies from city to city. The payment variation comes from factors on the road. These are things like traffic jams and ease of navigation to the destination.

Each mile traveled attracts an amount. It also depends if you are using a vehicle, scooter, bike, or on foot.


Ubereats customers can tip for the delivery either by cash or through the App. The driver/ delivery person receives the entire tip amount.

Uber is top-rated among the food delivery companies that offer jobs to felons. It also supports the ban the box initiative. Reliable sources also confirm that they have special programs for employing felons.

Door Dash

Doordash is a food delivery service. It allows people to make orders from restaurants through its website or mobile App. The available driver or Dasher takes the delivery. The Dasher picks up the order and delivers it to the customer.

They receive their tips through the App, and it is available across the United States and Canada. The Dasher job is available to many felons in its available locations.

food delivery jobs for a felon

While hiring felons, Doordash evaluates applications on a case-to-case basis. If felons can prove that they have reformed, Doordash can use them. At the time of application, the applicant must submit a background check. To try your luck to be a Dasher, you can apply through this link.


Instacart is only for grocery shopping and delivery and offers jobs to felons. It works in a similar way to the other companies discussed above.

food delivery job for a felon

The requirements for employment include:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a citizen or a foreigner with a valid work permit.
  • Must be able to lift a 30-pound weight.
  • You must follow the company’s regulations on food safety.

Instacart conducts a complete criminal and vehicular background check on all applicants. Only felons with records seven years or older can apply.

Benefits of Food Delivery Jobs for Felons

Let us look at how food delivery jobs can benefit you or if they are worth applying.

  • Flexibility: You can make your schedule and decide the hour you want to work.
  • It can be a side hassle- If you have spare time after your regular work, food delivery can work as part of extra income.
  • Job availability: Proof that you have turned your life towards good. Most food delivery jobs are available for felons.
  • You ate an independent contractor.
  • It does not wear you out.

food delivery jobs for felons

Any Disadvantages?

  •  Dealing with unsatisfied customers is challenging.
  • Your vehicle/scooter suffers wear and tear from constant driving.
  • You can get poor ratings.
  • There are penalties for canceled orders.
  • You cannot budget for your income since it depends on day-to-day occurrences.


There are food delivery jobs available for felons. There are still many obstacles that hinder felons from finding work. Besides, not all felons qualify for these jobs. Most companies will only hire felons with an older record above five years.

If you have been looking for formal employment without success, change your strategy. You have to take time and research for other opportunities. You can try your hand at online/freelancing work. There are many opportunities in online freelance work. They do not need you to disclose your criminal history. The only condition is your willingness to put in the work.

The bottom line is you should not give up. If your record is still fresh, look for other ways to make a living. As time passes, you will be eligible for employment. In the meantime, if possible, work on developing your skills. You can go back to school and create a career, and things might change in the future. The most important thing is to keep trying.

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  1. Tiffany Siobhan Cooper

    I’m a felon I have applied at all of these and no luck. I own my vehicle, its legal I’m legal and I have no sex crimes or anything like that. No such luck. I have great job history but I’m limited to being a janitor now.

  2. I haven’t been convicted of anything. I have pending felony drug possession charges that Have been fighting in court for over a year. I was hired by doordash with the same background check 6 months later they let me go for the same background information. No delivery jobs will hire me not even pizza delivery

  3. I was convicted of a felony last year and the only job I’ve been able to get is at Dominos, making pizza so far. I’m waiting to see if they’re gonna let me deliver. I have a Bachelors degree, but all that is looked at is the felony. I’ve been turned down for all the other delivery positions.

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