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Food Delivery That Accepts Cash (Full Guide)

food delivery that accepts cash

Are you struggling to find local food delivery services that accept cash? Welcome to the future!

It seems like everything is moving into a cashless society, but there are still some holdouts when it comes to food delivery. So, if you are old school and looking to still pay cash for your food delivery, here are a few options.

Food Delivery That Accepts Cash



You have probably heard of DoorDash, and they are one of the most popular food delivery services. It was started in 2013 and is available in over 4,000 cities. You can order from restaurants that have never had a delivery service, and they will bring it to you.

This app does accept cash, however, only if the restaurant accepts it. So being able to pay this way will vary from restaurant to restaurant. Additionally, there is a minimum spend of $7.00 for cash orders.

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GrubHub is one of the oldest food delivery services, starting in 2004. It is accessible in over 2,000 cities and partners with over 70,000 restaurants.

GrubHub will accept cash as payment again if the restaurant you are ordering from accepts it. So, if the place you want to order from takes cash, you are in luck. If not, you will have to find another method of payment or another restaurant to order from. 

You can tell if the restaurant accepts cash only once you reach the payment page, which can be a little annoying, so test it out with a small order first before diving into a large one.

Uber Eats

Everyone knows about Uber, the ride-sharing service. They have now expanded their business to include food delivery with Uber Eats. It is available in over 200 cities and partners with over 15,000 restaurants.

Uber Eats will also accept cash if the restaurant accepts it as a form of payment. So, again it varies from place to place. Additionally, drivers must also accept this form of payment if they want to deliver your food. So, it is best to check with the driver before ordering if this is important to you.


This is a food delivery service that opened in New York City in 2004 and has since expanded to over 2,000 cities. It partners with over 15,000 restaurants. Delivery.com will accept cash on delivery in addition to other methods of payment like credit cards and PayPal. So, if cash is your only option, this may be a good delivery service for you to use. 


If you live in New York City, you have probably heard of seamless. The service was created in 1999 and is now available in other major cities. The creators wanted to make ordering food delivery as easy as possible, and it shows with their user-friendly interface. It is now part of Grubhub.

Similar to the other food delivery services on this list, Seamless will accept cash if the restaurant accepts it. So, it varies from place to place. You can also check the payment options before you even order, which is helpful.


This food delivery service was started in 2010 and is available in over 250 cities. It partners with over 15,000 restaurants, so you have plenty of choices! Like all of these apps, EatStreet will accept cash on delivery if the restaurant says it is okay! So, like all these services, you will have to check with the restaurant first in the payment methods section of the app.

What Services Do Not Accept Cash?

Now that we’ve gone through the Food Delivery That Accepts Cash, let’s take a look at some notable food services that do not accept cash.



This is a food delivery and courier service that was created in 2011 and is available in over 3,500 cities. While Postmates does not accept cash as a form of payment, you can pay with a credit or debit card, or with their Postmates prepaid card.


Available in over 5,000 cities across the country, Instacart is a grocery delivery service that was started in 2012. While Instacart does not accept cash, they do accept EBT (electronic benefit transfer) as a form of payment for those who receive food stamps.


If you haven’t heard of Waitr, it is because it is a newer service, it was only created in 2015, but it is still accessible in over 500 cities. Waitr does not accept cash as a form of payment. You can only pay with a credit or debit card.

Why Don’t They Accept Cash?

Some people may be wondering why these food delivery services do not just accept cash outright. The answer is that it is complicated, and there are a few reasons.

The first reason is that it is a liability for the company. If a driver were to lose or be robbed of the cash they were carrying, it would be a loss for the company. Additionally, it is harder to track cash, and there could be issues with drivers not turning in all of the cash they were given.

Do you have the exact change?

The second reason is that it is not as convenient for the customer. If you are paying with cash, you would have to have the exact amount as the company may not be able to give you change. Additionally, many people do not carry cash with them anymore as credit and debit cards are more convenient. 

The last reason is that people may order and not collect or pay for it upon delivery. Maybe they changed their mind, forgot about it, or didn’t have enough cash in the end, but this leads to food being wasted, and that is not good for anyone.

Downsides To Paying With Cash

The biggest downside is that your order may take longer. This is because the driver will have to be willing to accept cash and may have to stop and get change which can add an extra 5-10 minutes to your delivery time.

 Additionally, most apps allow the driver to see the tip you have sent them when you prepay with a card, so it may take your order longer to be accepted as delivery drivers will not know if you are going to tip them in cash when they arrive.

Can You Tip in Cash?

The answer to this question is yes! You can tip your food delivery driver in cash if you so choose. Many people do this as it is a way to make sure that the driver gets the full amount of the tip. 

Credit and debit cards sometimes have a service fee that is taken out of the tip, so if you are looking to give a larger tip, it is better to do it in cash. Usually, a tip is around 10-20% of the total bill, but you can give more or less depending on the service. 

Cash On Delivery Tips And Tricks

Cash On Delivery Tips And Tricks

If you are planning to use cash to pay for your food delivery, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

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  • You should have the exact amount of cash as most delivery services will not be able to give you any change. If you don’t have the exact money, at least try to have smaller bills, large bills may be more difficult for the driver.
  • Make sure that you have the cash ready when the driver arrives. This will make the transaction go more smoothly and quickly. 
  • Keep in mind that you may have to pay more for your order if you are paying with cash. This is because some restaurants will charge a higher price for orders that are paid for with cash. After all, the driver will have to return to the place with the cash payment. 
  • If you are looking to tip your driver in cash, make sure that you have the extra cash on hand, as, again, most drivers do not carry change. 
  • Leave helpful delivery instructions if you think it will be necessary. This could include letting the driver know where to find your buzzer or what floor you live on. 

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Food Delivery That Accepts Cash – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! All of the food delivery services that accept cash (plus a few that don’t). Hopefully, this has helped clear up any questions you may have had about paying for your food delivery with paper money. 

Keep in mind that if you are using cash, your order may take a little longer to arrive as the driver will have to stop and get change. But, on the bright side, you can tip your driver in cash if you so choose! 

Have a wonderful day and bon appétit!

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