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FoodLand Application: Jobs & Careers Online

foodland application

Are you thinking of applying for a job at FoodLand?

This prominent supermarket chain boasts stores in six US states. FoodLand specializes in providing shoppers with locally grown produce and personalized service.

New FoodLand stores are regularly opened to keep up with the growing demand from customers. Vacancies are advertised throughout the year in both different stores and the company’s head office.

So, make sure your FoodLand Application: Jobs & Careers Online stands out from the crowd by checking out the following information.

foodland application

Facts About Working At FoodLand

You need to be at least sixteen years old to work at FoodLand. The grocery stores are usually open daily from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Students can take on weekend and evening shifts to gain work experience and a little extra cash.

FoodLand also provides an online shopping portal that allows customers to pick up products from the comfort of home. Talented IT professionals are employed by the head office to make sure the website runs smoothly. FoodLand also employs a team of experienced marketing managers and other professionals.

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FoodLand Job Opportunities

There is a wide range of entry-level roles at FoodLand, which come with paid training and the chance to advance. The company also employs experienced professionals to lead stores and different corporate departments. Here are some of the main roles you can apply for at FoodLand and the typical tasks.


These entry-level employees are responsible for operating computerized cash registers. They need to interact with customers and provide them with the correct change. It is necessary to have strong customer service skills and basic math skills.

Cashiers need to remain standing during their shifts and assist sales associates during quiet periods. The starting salary for a cashier is minimum wage, which can rise to $9 per hour over time.

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Courtesy Clerk

These employees work at the checkout and bag groceries after they have been purchased. They also carry groceries for customers on request. Other duties include returning products to the correct shelves and keeping the checkout area clean and tidy.

Service Deli Clerk

This role involves overseeing the deli department of the supermarket. This includes handing out food samples to customers and answering any questions they may have. They also prepare and wrap deli products and make sure they are fresh and well presented.

Produce Clerk

This role mainly involves restocking and organizing supermarket shelves. Produce clerks need to check expiry dates on products and make sure they are clearly labeled. They also need to clean up spills on the supermarket floor quickly and safely.

Another key part of this role is interacting with customers and recommending FoodLand products. Produce clerks also help customers locate products, which can include finding them in the stockroom. Other duties include giving out food samples and watering plants and flowers in the floral department.

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Apprentice Meat and Fish Cutters

These employees keep the meat and fish counters of the store fully stocked and well presented. They slice and wrap meat and fish for customers to order. It is necessary to correctly wrap, weigh, and price meat and fish. These entry-level employees also have to operate slicers, knives, and other equipment accurately and safely.

Bakery Clerk

These entry-level employees help bake, organize, and serve bakery products. They give out samples of bakery products to customers to help drive sales. Other duties include packing and pricing goods and keeping the bakery department clean and tidy.

Department Manager

Clerks who perform well are often given the chance to advance to this role. Department managers are responsible for training new clerks and overseeing their work. They also make sure the department is fully stocked and manage inventory. The starting salary for this role is usually $10 per hour.

Store Manager

These experienced leaders are in charge of a single FoodLand store. They regularly meet with department managers and customers and smooth over any issues that come up. It is also necessary to interview candidates and make hiring decisions when there are staffing vacancies.

Store managers also take care of admin tasks like inventory, payroll, and employee work schedules. They report directly to the head office and need to enforce new company policies. The starting salary for a store manager is around $45,000 per year, which can rise to $60,000 per year over time.

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Extra Benefits of Working at FoodLand

All FoodLand employees are provided with paid training, free uniforms, and discounts on company products and services. Qualified full-time employees are also eligible to receive a special benefits package. This includes medical insurance options, paid time off, enrollment in the company retirement plan, and annual vacation days.

How To Apply?

The FoodLand website features an employment section where all the current vacancies can be found. Click on a job title to discover the key duties and requirements, and click on the ‘Apply’ button. You will then be taken through to the FoodLand application form.

Even if there is not a suitable vacancy, you can still apply to join the FoodLand team. You simply need to enter your name, contact information, and choose a store location. Edit and upload a PDF version of your resume and click on ‘Submit’ to complete the process.

Visit the nearest store…

A FoodLand hiring manager will then review your resume. If you match their requirements, they will reach out to arrange an interview. You can also secure a meeting through an employee recommendation or by visiting your nearest FoodLand store.

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Final Thoughts

FoodLand hiring managers look for candidates who are ready to work hard and advance their careers. The ideal candidate should have great customer service skills and be able to work well in a team.

Check out the job description to work out other skills you should highlight in the interview. It is a good idea to visit your nearest FoodLand store before the interview and perhaps do some shopping. Talking about your shopping experience is a good way to break the ice in the interview.

Also, prepare a few questions that show a genuine interest in working for FoodLand and helping the company thrive.

All the very best with your FoodLand Online Application!

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