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Foodtown Application: Jobs & Careers Online

Are you thinking about applying for a job at Foodtown?

This prominent grocery store chain boasts branches in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. It has been operating for more than sixty years and has a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

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There are more than sixty different Foodtown locations, and the majority of stores can be found in New York. New locations are regularly opened, and vacancies for employees of all levels are advertised throughout the year.

So, check out the following information to make sure your Foodtown Application: Jobs & Careers Online appeals to hiring managers.

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Facts About Working At Foodtown

You can start working at Foodtown when you are sixteen. The company offers part-time evening and weekend shifts to students who are willing to work hard. The grocery stores typically open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, and 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays.

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Foodtown Job Opportunities

There is a huge range of entry-level positions at Foodtown, which come with paid training. Employees are actively encouraged and coached to develop the skills they need to advance through the company.

However, experienced career professionals are also employed to lead different parts of the company. Here are some of the key roles you can apply for through the Foodtown website and the typical salaries:

Department Clerk

These entry-level employees work in a single department in the grocery store. The main departments are bakery, deli, seafood, kitchen, and produce. The main aim in each of these departments is keeping the counters clean and the products organized.

Department clerks interact and serve customers and need to have strong customer service skills. They often need to operate special equipment and keep it fully sanitized at all times. This role comes with paid training and pays up to $10 per hour.

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Department Leader

After working as a department clerk for a couple of years, full-time employees can advance to this position. Department leaders are responsible for making sure that their department runs smoothly. This includes training new department clerks and smoothing over customer issues.

Department leaders report directly to the store manager and tackle tasks assigned by them. This often includes performing department inventory and disciplining department clerks. This role typically comes with a salary of around $15 per hour.


This role involves greeting customers and scanning products at the checkout. Cashiers need to be able to handle a range of different payment methods and process special discount coupons. It is necessary to have basic math skills to provide the correct change.

Cashiers need to remain standing during their shifts and often need to bag groceries. Entry-level employees who take on this role start at minimum wage and are given paid training. The salary for this role goes up with time and skill and can rise to $12 per hour.

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This role mainly involves keeping the store clean and tidy. Housekeepers regularly check the store shelves and make sure produce is properly organized. They also track down shopping carts and return them to the correct location.

Other jobs include cleaning up spills and helping customers with their bags. It is necessary to be reasonably physically fit to do this job. The role of a housekeeper is open to entry-level candidates, and the starting salary is minimum wage.

Store Manager

The main focus of this role is making sure a Foodtown grocery store runs smoothly and makes a profit. Store managers need to be able to resolve customer complaints as quickly and smoothly as possible. They also take care of payroll, shift schedules, inventory, and other types of admin tasks.

When there are vacancies, store managers interview candidates and make hiring decisions. Store managers usually need to have experience in the foodservice industry and start at $30,000 per year. The salary for this role rises with experience, and store managers can make more than 50,000 per year.

Extra Benefits of Working at Foodtown

All Foodtown employees receive free uniforms, paid training, and discounts on company products. Full-time associates such as managers also receive a comprehensive benefits package. This includes annual paid vacation days, healthcare coverage, life insurance, and entry into a company retirement plan.

How To Apply?

Before you can apply for a job through the Foodtown website, you need to create a user account. Simply supply your name and email address and choose a password. Click on the link in the confirmation email to complete the process and check out the available positions.

There is usually a large number of Foodtown vacancies to choose from. Click on a job title and read the full job description before clicking on the button to apply. Take the time to fill out all areas of the Foodtown application and edit it before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

Present your key skills…

Alternatively, you can speed up the application process by getting a recommendation from a Foodtown employee. If you are applying for a professional position, it is a good idea to email the hiring manager. Make sure your cover letter clearly highlights your key skills and attributes.

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Final Thoughts

The interview for entry-level candidates is usually fairly short and informal. Hiring managers look for candidates who are friendly and have strong customer service skills.

Professional-level employees need to have strong leadership skills and be able to remain calm under pressure. It is a good idea to visit a Foodtown grocery store before the interview and check out the way it operates. This will give you something to talk about with the interviewer to break the ice.

Candidates are usually required to submit to a background check and drug test before receiving a job offer.

All the very best with your Foodtown Online Application!


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