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Forensic Scientist Job Description

the forensic scientist job description

As a Forensic Scientist, you have to investigate criminal cases by processing the evidence. You have to help find clues and perform post-mortem investigations for the prosecution. Working as a Forensic Scientist also includes investigating blood spatters, and analyzing tissues for drugs and other chemicals in bodily fluids. Also, you will have to screen athletes that are abusing drugs to enhance their performance on the field.

forensic scientist job description

Job Description

Working as a Forensic Scientist requires you to be present on the crime scene and give proper insights to find clues. This includes sudden call-outs to a crime scene and reviewing it using your forensic expertise. The work of a Forensic Scientist requires you to lead your team sometimes and guide them to always look out for the most important things on a crime scene. Sometimes, you will be working independently on a few cases where you have to compile technical reviews about the crime.

As a Forensic Scientist, you will have to be present in the trials and hearings and manage the crime scene before any authorized personnel arrive at the crime scene.

You need to have good communication skills to communicate easily with the team that is present on the crime scene. To be successful as a Forensic Scientist, you should use all your analytical skills and problem-solving skills to get to the end of the case. You should be able to come to sound conclusions to relate them to the situation of the crime scene. There are times when you will be working under pressure and multi-tasking on cases. Just try to stay focused all the time when working on a case and keep finding clues.

Skills Required

You need a set of skills to be eligible for the position of Forensic Scientist. It requires strong analytical skills and strong attention to every small detail. You need to stay focused round the clock for this job. To find these clues, you have to investigate and take forensics from the crime scene for analysis. Also, you are required to have experience working as a Forensic Scientist to make perfect reports without missing a single thing from the crime scene. Write your reviews and submit them to help the crime branch with your insights.

Job Responsibilities

  • Providing guidance and training to the less experienced staff with your insights and records
  • You will be reconstructing it all to help other people understand what happened and how it happened.
  • Taking pictures and recording videos from the crime scene to understand the situation properly
  • You will be giving expert forensic insights in the court hearings and you must have experience of the same.
  • Completion of the polygraph examination
  • There also has to be a proper criminal background check to be eligible for the job of Forensic Scientist.
  • You should also hold a driving license to ensure sudden call-outs
  • You also have to work for extended hours and shifts whenever the situation arises.
  • Proficiency in analyzing the blood spatters to know the reason behind the crime
  • Creating proper sketches for the crime scene you witness
  • Taking the evidence to the laboratory and analyzing it
  • Taking notes on everything you see and properly reviewing it before submission
  • Ensuring every piece of equipment is working in the inventory and updating the cart whenever you need something that isn’t available.

Job Requirements

  • You should hold a bachelor’s in forensic science or any related field.
  • You should be able to travel and must hold a driving license.
  • Performing all the duties as per the instructions on a crime scene
  • A criminal background check
  • A polygraph examination
  • Bloodstain analysis
  • Experience in giving testimony as a Forensic Scientist for the prosecution
  • At least 3 or more years of experience are required to be eligible for this position.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What’s the role of a Forensic Scientist?

Ans. As a Forensic Scientist, you have to investigate crime scenes and perform a post-mortem. You will be examining the tissues and bodily fluids to learn the reason behind the crime.

2 How to Become a Forensic Scientist?

Ans. To become a forensic scientist, you have to pursue a bachelor’s in forensic science or any related field. Apart from that, you just have to be focused on the job and you should also have good analytical skills. This ensures you are well-prepared for the job and you do it justice.

3 What’s the eligibility for the position of Forensic Scientist?

Ans. You must have at least 3 years of experience in the same field. Also, you should have a bachelor’s in forensic science. You must get your criminal background check before you apply for the position of Forensic Scientist. You should also know the proper way to examine bloodstains. Also, you are required to have a driving license to be present at crime scenes for the least time possible.

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