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Free Glasses for Low-Income People

Free Glasses for Low-Income People

If you’ve been struggling with your vision, it might be time for a trip to the opticians. 

Although knowing the expense of prescription glasses may put you off, you must take care of your health. Waiting too long to get glasses can cause even further problems with vision, damaging your eyes and causing unpleasant problems such as cataracts.

But did you know that if you don’t have insurance and have a low income, there are ways to get prescription glasses for free?

There are different organizations throughout the states that help families in need, whether it’s for your young child or an elderly parent. 

So, let’s take a look at the organizations that provide Free Glasses for Low-Income People.

Free Glasses Via Organizations

Believe it or not, 1.3 billion people are estimated to live with vision impairment worldwide. Many don’t have access or healthcare to deal with their vision problems. That’s why in the US, there are many organizations to help deal with these issues.

VSP Eyes of Hope

Eyes of Hope is a charitable program run by VSP. They provide eye care at no cost, eyewear, and disaster relief worldwide, including in the states. They have donated over 2.1 million glasses to people in need. To contact VSP, you can do so through their website to request an appointment. Before applying, though, make sure to check out their guidelines.

These are some rules made for kids by VSP Eyes of Hope:

  • Children and youths must be under the age of 19.
  • Your family’s income must be at or below the federal poverty threshold of 200%.
  • You shouldn’t have support for your vision through the government.
  • In the past 12 months, your child must not have received care through any VSP program.

The VSP Sight for Students initiative provides free eye exams and prescription glasses from a nearby optician. To sign up for the gift certificate, parents can speak with the school nurse or find a local partner.

Collaborating with the Red Cross…

For natural disaster victims, VSP collaborates with the American Red Cross to help. You might be eligible for a gift certificate if you don’t have vision insurance and have been impacted by a natural disaster like a flood, fire, hurricane, or tornado. You can find out more information through your local American Red Cross.

New Eyes for The Needy

This nationwide nonprofit organization may be able to provide free eyeglasses to low-income families and disadvantaged people. They do this by running a voucher program and collaborating with numerous charities and local social assistance agencies. They operate throughout the states, so a quick online search will lead you to your local organization. You can also make your application online.

Applicants must have recently undergone an eye test and be in financial need. If you apply to New Eyes for The Needy, you must not have access to any other funding sources or aid programs that might help you receive glasses.

New Eyes for The Needy

Working with schools…

A local charity or social assistance organization in your area may provide you with a voucher for free glasses, but you must meet the requirements. Because the nonprofit also works with schools, a school nurse might be able to set younger children up with a voucher from New Eyes for the Needy.

Vision USA

VISION USA could be able to assist someone if they are in need and have no other programs available to them. This charitable organization offers eye tests, vision care, and glasses to those without health insurance. Also, this organization will only assist those ineligible for state or federal assistance programs.

Thousands of optometrists who work for the nonprofit organization VISION USA offer their time, skills, and medical attention to low-income, unemployed, and uninsured families and individuals. The organization is run entirely by volunteers. You can contact VISION USA to ask them if you are eligible for an eye exam or glasses. 

Sight for Students

Next in my guide on organizations that provide Free Glasses for Low-Income People is Sight for Students. It is a nonprofit organization that offers free eye exams and glasses to those with low incomes and kids who do not have health insurance.

 This organization focuses on children and prioritizes their future. Every year, Sight for Students helps over 50,000 kids with glasses, contacts, exams, assessments, and other services. This can change their lives, especially if struggling at school.

Sight for Students

They find you in your community!

To locate children who require eye care or glasses, this charity program works with a wide range of local community partners, medical professionals, schools, and social services. 

Many children qualify for free exams, glasses, and lenses through the Sight for Students organization. It is highly respected as the organization goes out of its way to find students in need. This could change the lives of many children.

You can contact Sight for Students to ask about their program at 1-888-290-4964.

National Eye Care Project

The National Eye Care Project can advise you on an optician near you. You must contact them beforehand to discuss your options. Low-income families can access cheap or free vision testing in centers near them. This program also offers referrals to get free prescription glasses.

Wherever you are, the National Eye Care Project will provide you with a free eye checkup. In addition, they also provide follow-up care for up to a year. Professionals also know programs that may provide you with free contact lenses, prescription glasses, and other eye care items. You can contact them at 1-800-222-3937.


One for our precious little newborns. It’s always a nerve-wracking time for any new parent when the nurse walks in to check babies vision and hearing.

 InfantSEE is a benefit program for the public. It is aimed at newborns and infants who are younger than 12 months. Several optometrists give their time to conduct the free eye exams and testing that the AOA Foundation arranges for the kids.


Volunteers and pro bono work…

If it turns out that the baby requires continuing eye care or possibly corrective surgery, InfantSEE will provide you with access to your baby’s eye care for free. These examinations, and even surgery, are provided for free by numerous volunteer or pro-bono opticians and vision centers. This is a very reassuring service for new parents. You can check out their website to contact InfantSEE about locations near you. 

In addition, it doesn’t matter what your income or insurance position is; all infants under one are guaranteed a free checkup. It is sponsored by the American Optometric Association, in which opticians donate their time to ensure the infants of the next generations’ sight are off to a strong start after birth.

Vision to Learn

Vision to Learn only covers 20 states at the moment but does plan to expand. Right now, they operate in California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

 Adults and children can receive free eyeglasses and eye care. In addition, workshops are provided to students through collaborations with neighborhood clinics, vision centers, and schools.

Eyecare goes mobile!

They have a mobile clinic that travels around campuses and schools to visit students. Then, those who need it are given free glasses. They also offer seminars on how to properly care for them, including advice on cleaning and promoting healthy eyecare from a young age!

What Other Assistance Is Provided?

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Final Thoughts

We must protect our vision; after all, we use our eyes every day. If you think you need glasses or have a gut feeling that your sight isn’t what it used to be, use these resources to get checked out. 

There are many options for low-income families to get help with their vision. Although some organizations have many rules, if you don’t fit their criteria, they’ll likely send you in the right direction for other resources. If you are a student or an infant, you can check your vision now. Please speak with your school; they will likely have contacts for Vision to Learn and Sight for Students.

Good Luck with getting your free eyewear!

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