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Free People Apparel Application: Jobs & Careers Online

Free People Apparel Application

Are you looking for a role in retail that allows you to utilize your passion for fashion?

If you love Bohemian and Boho fashion, Free People Apparel is a good fit for you.

This unique clothing brand was established in the 1970s and has undergone several transformations over the years. With more than a thousand locations in Canada and the United States, there is a good chance that they are hiring. Free People Apparel regularly advertises vacancies for fashion-conscious candidates on its website.

So, let’s take a look at the Free People Apparel Application: Jobs & Careers Online process and find out how to impress their hiring managers.

free people apparel application

Facts About Working At Free People Apparel

It is necessary to be at least eighteen years old to work at Free People Apparel. The company’s boutiques are typically open daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. The evening and weekend shifts are ideal for people who are studying fashion and want to gain work experience.

Free People Apparel boasts a dedicated showroom in London that caters to specialty clients. Sometimes, talented employees are offered the opportunity to work in the showroom and gain new skills. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the vibrant city of London while learning more about fashion and retail.

Free People Apparel Job Opportunities

There are usually positions for applicants of all levels who have a strong work ethic and are well presented. Employees who can take the initiative and have leadership skills are encouraged to advance through the company. Here are some of the most accessible jobs at Free People Apparel and the main duties that go with them.

Home Office Internships

Urban Outfitters is the parent company of Free People Apparel and runs a special internship program each summer. Up to a hundred students who are studying fashion are invited to attend the internship. The program has been running for ten years and provides training as well as a basic salary.

During the internship, participants learn a wide range of skills, from buying and planning to design. There are also special intern events and off-site field trips to company stores and factories. At the end of the internship, participants who excel are usually offered full-time employment.


These entry-level employees work in a single store and are responsible for greeting customers. They assist customers with their purchases, including making recommendations and providing alternative products. They also encourage customers to try on clothes and locate items from other stores on demand.

free people apparel application guide

Stylists also need to be able to operate the store cash register and handle a range of payment methods. It is necessary to have excellent customer service skills and basic math skills to provide the correct change. On average, stylists at Free People Apparel make around $9 per hour.

Senior Stylist

This low-level managerial role mainly involves training new stylists and performing specific duties. Senior stylists need to have expert knowledge of the Free People Apparel product range and manage the store’s social media. The starting salary for a senior stylist is around $10 per hour, although those who excel can earn much more.

Visual Manager

This role mainly involves arranging a Free People Apparel according to company designs and policies. Visual managers receive new products and make sure that they are correctly displayed to form a cohesive store design. Visual managers typically earn around $40,000 per year.

Store Manager

These career professionals are in charge of overseeing the operations at a single Free People Apparel store. They are charged with focusing on the company’s three Ps; people, process, and presentation. This involves making sure that customers and staff are satisfied, employees are performing well, and the store is well presented.

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Store managers take regular inventory and make sure that the store is fully stocked. They order new items as necessary, as well as interview and hire new employees and perform payroll and other administrative activities. The average salary for a store manager at Free People Apparel is around $44,000 per year.

Additional Benefits of Working at Free People

All Free People Apparel employees are provided with discounts on company clothing and accessories. Eligible employees will receive performance-based bonuses, service rewards, and paid sick leave. Other benefits include health and dental insurance, future savings plans, and company retirement plans.

How To Apply?

The Free People website boasts a job opportunities section where all the current vacancies can be found. This presents all of the career opportunities for Urban Outfitters, and you can filter the search to Free People Apparel. After clicking on a job title, you can read the full description and click on the ‘Apply’ button.

First, create a job profile, and then you can access the Free People Apparel application form. It is important to fill this out in as much detail as possible and edit all the information. People who are applying for a professional-level role should also upload their resume before submitting the application form.

Speed up the process…

You can review the status of the application at any time by logging back into the job profile. After a few days have gone by, it is a good idea to directly contact a hiring manager by phone or email. This gives applicants the chance to introduce themselves and should speed up the hiring process.

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Final Thoughts

While a certain amount of experience is required for some roles, most hiring decisions are based on personality. Free People Apparel hiring managers actively seek candidates who embrace the company’s lifestyle and culture.

It is important to express a passion for fashion during the interview. And an understanding of the company’s brand. Research the history and culture of Free People Apparel before the interview. Candidates need to be able to talk about their favorite items from the company’s product range.

It is also important to prepare questions for the interviewer that highlight interest in the company and the vacancy.

All the very best with your Free People Apparel Online Application!

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