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Freight Broker Job Description

freight broker job description

If you wish to become a freight broker, don’t worry. We have got your back by giving you the best possible details. Ideally, a freight broker is to liaison between the shippers and carriers to secure the transport goods.

When you become a freight broker, you are likely to market the product or services to attract potential patrons with freight carriers, book some orders, and line up pages for loading purposes. The freight broker is also prominently known as a delivery broker.

The freight broker is likely to be one of the most crucial middlemen between freight transportation services and manufacturers. Even though the freight brokers are not expected to own any equipment or logistics, their role is honesty. Therefore, it is one of the essential roles for the logistics industry and, of course, for the economy in general.

The goods need to be transported irrespective of the economic crisis, so the freight brokers need to adapt to the varying conditions. Therefore, even though the freight brokers are not likely to meet the business partners’ faces, their impact on the transportation process is vital.

freight broker job description

Job Description – Freight Broker

The main job of a freight broker is to secure new accounts and expedite the sharing of information and documentation between carriers and patrons. In addition, they need to communicate with drivers and dispatchers to keep track of their load status. Finally, you need to negotiate various contracts with different carriers to make the most of the profits.

If you wish to make the most of this job, you need to have the latest happenings of the freight carrier services and approach various clients. Therefore, the top applicants need to be customer-oriented besides having multitasking ability.

You need to serve the company and complete your duties as per the government guidelines. You must plan and coordinate the pickup and delivery schedules besides working with various Shippers, Carriers, and Dispatchers to manage multiple programs. The freight broker also needs to keep track and report the shipment status. To enter this fraternity, you need a wide range of skills, which means that you must align with eligibility criteria.

You are likely to be the matchmaker of the transportation and logistics world as you need to match the shipper with a carrier to get cargo from one point to another.

the freight broker job description

Skills Required – Freight Broker

To become a freight worker, you must have some excellent skills like communication skills and flexibility. Additionally, you need fantastic math skills as they are vital for currency conversions or mileage calculations.

You also need to have some computer skills as you are likely to use computers also. Above all, if you know some foreign language then nothing like that.

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure that you generate and attract new potential prospects besides developing a sales pipeline.
  • You must also identify and select a reputable carrier for excellent freight services.
  • Need to provide quotes to the clients.
  • You must book orders with various carriers.
  • Help prepare carriers for the loads.
  • Track the status of your load.
  • It would be best if you collaborated with shippers, besides carriers and dispatchers, to make the most of the scheduled collection and, of course, the drop-offs.
  • Following deadlines is a must, and one of the crucial parts of the job.

Job Requirements

  • Must have completed high school diploma.
  • Should have at least two years of work experience in a similar job
  • Must know about Microsoft Office Suites.
  • Need to have excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • Excellent communication skills are a must, both verbal and written.
  • Proficient negotiation skills are likely to be vital too.
  • Must be equipped with handling a group of employees smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 How important is it to have convincing skills when applying for this role?

Ans. A freight broker is required to have on-point communication and convincing skills. This means the individual will be responsible for keeping up with the existing clients, dealing with all their queries. At the same time, they will be expected to reach out to new potential clients and increase the firm’s portfolio.

2 How much prior experience is required to apply for the role of a freight broker?

Ans. Individuals looking to apply for the role of a freight broker should have a minimum of 2 years of prior experience. However, there is no exact number, as this is a requirement that varies from one company to another. But the more the experience, the better it is.

3 Is there a particular certification which I should do before applying for the role?

Ans. In terms of certification, individuals do not require any specific certification for this job role. However, if you enroll for some certification related to your job role, it will be an add-on, as it will help the candidate increase their chance of getting hired in the cut-throat competition.

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