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Fresh and Easy Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Fresh and Easy Application

About Fresh and Easy Application

Fresh and Easy is a grocery store with a total of 200 stores across the US. Fresh and Easy offers goods at very low prices and the hours of operation are convenient for customers. They also offer meals that are ready to eat and the grocery store is very simple to navigate from within. This is a chain of supermarkets and convenience stores. The employees receive part-time and full-time opportunities easily.

The company generally hires 20 to 30 workers for each store. The grocery store requires many applicants to submit their applications and resumes to the grocery store location where they apply for jobs. There are many permanent or temporary positions offered by the store.

Employee Requirements

Every employee must be skilled in customer service within the foodservice industry. All applicants must demonstrate loyalty, determination and they have the skill to handle stressful situations in a fast-paced environment. The employees must meet the physical requirement required for the store which means the supermarket employs people who can lift objects, bend down and easily twist when required. They need basic skills for math, reading, and writing. They need to apply for a suitable position so that they can easily work at the grocery store.

Application Process at Fresh and Easy

All interested applicants should scan various vacancies across the location. The applicants should meet managers on a personal level. All application forms are submitted on the career portal by applicants. The aspirants should put proper time and effort to fill up the forms easily in a truthful manner.

Every team member must have proper availability before they join Fresh and Easy. They should be friendly and reliable staff. The job applicants check the application and also speak to the hiring manager through a phone call. Those who demonstrate a genuine interest in the job can secure a decent job with Fresh and Easy. All applicants apply for various job roles at the store and choose multiple opportunities to develop a suitable career with Fresh and Easy.

Essential Requirements for Fresh and Easy

What is the age required to join Fresh and Easy?

All applicants should be 16 years old to join Fresh and Easy.

What is the work shift followed by Fresh and Easy?

The Fresh and Easy outlet operates from 8 am to 10 pm throughout the week.

What are the career positions offered by Fresh and Easy?

  • Cash Keeper
  • Bagging Associate
  • Meat Associate
  • Bakery Associate
  • Stock Assistant
  • Grocery Associate
  • Manager – Assistant
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Manager – Departments
  • Manager – Stores

How will applicants apply for any position with Fresh and Easy?

All applicants should apply for a job on the career portal of Fresh and Easy grocery store.

Job Opportunities at Fresh and Easy

Fresh and Easy grocery store hires many employees for serving customers and managing the store easily. Every store hires a workforce of 20 to 30 employees to manage the store. When employees have prior experience of working in a grocery store they can work at Fresh and Easy.

the fresh and easy application

The application forms along with updated resumes must get submitted through the online career portal or at the location. Every opportunity has permanent or short-term positions available for the employees. Every employee should handle all stressful tasks easily without an issue.

Working Hours

The working hours are strenuous and require physical stamina for employees to perform. The ability to read and write with basic math skills is an added advantage for employees working with Fresh and Easy. There is a wide range of career opportunities open for young employees to develop their careers at Fresh and Easy.

Career Positions and Salary Information


  • They ensure the grocery store is stocked properly.
  • The clerk also places all items on the shelves.
  • They also ensure quality standards are followed at the store.
  • Every job title helps employees to select the right opportunity at the store.
  • All applicants for this position must be at the age of 18 years.
  • They also need a high school diploma to qualify.
  • Valid work experience of 6 months is also important for Fresh and Easy.
  • The wages for this position are 8 dollars to 10 dollars each hour.
  • Dedication, determination, sincerity, and hard work also help clerks to excel in their careers.

fresh and easy application guide

Meat Cutter

  • Employees deal with meat and ensure all meat products are fresh.
  • They also weigh and wrap meat products for customers in an attractive way.
  • The equipment used is Saws, Slicers, and also Machines that assist in wrapping.
  • They should also be able to lift at least 50 pounds in a single go.
  • They should also have the ability to interact with customers and work as a sincere team member.

Grocery Manager

  • All applicants must have experience in retail and grocery.
  • They should also focus on creating smooth operations to manage the store well.
  • They strategize pricing, employee requirement, and another kind of processes.
  • The managers are also responsible for training new employees and groom the workforce.
  • They also conduct interviews to hire new employees to strengthen the workforce.
  • The salary ranges from 30,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars every year.

Work Benefits

Fresh and Easy grocery store provides a proper balance between work and life. Team members receive employee discounts and the merchandise they purchase is valued lower than the retail value of the product. They receive benefits like uniforms, medical insurance, paid training programs and they work hard to earn other benefits like insuring their health and retirement benefits, they are also paid for taking time off at the store. These benefits enhance the productivity of employees and they receive more benefits based on their performance.


Fresh and Easy grocery store offers an application process that is very simple to understand. The application process also helps individuals to apply for multiple positions at a comprehensive pay structure. The employee benefits also provide financial support to employees for themselves and their families.

Fresh and Easy grocery store treats all employees alike and also respects their families. It also helps employees to advance in their careers with proper opportunities. Employees also require strong communication skills and leadership qualities to help grow on the professional front.

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