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Front Desk Clerk Job Description

front desk clerk job description

If you want to bag a job as a front desk clerk, you must use some basics and here you can find almost all the details. As a front desk clerk job, you will have to possess pro-active skills. A front desk clerk is ideally the one that represents the first point of contact with patrons of a company, business, or even a hospital. You need to perform some vital front desk administrative duties like answering calls, greeting patrons, and of course overseeing the budget.

A front desk clerk is also known as a front desk receptionist. A front desk clerk is also mainly responsible for taking care of the visitors while they are at work. They need to ensure that the guests or clients have everything they need.

front desk clerk job description

Job Description – Front Desk Clerk

Under this position, you need to play a crucial role by performing several administrative and clerical jobs. But when it comes to taking up this job, you need to open to take a variety of positions, including filing, answering client calls, organizing files, essential bookkeeping work, and other assignments. For this, employers mainly look for reliability and strong work ethics, which must go hand in hand with fantastic communication skills.

Above all, you need to be familiar with some essential office equipment and tool. You should be ready to perform a range of duties here, from answering client queries, managing the switchboard to maintaining the budget. Your main goal needs to provide the best of services to the company’s clients with outstanding support.

You would be the company’s face so considering the same you need to have a presentable and a friendly attitude if you want to bag the job. You should also possess some multi-tasking skills if you’re going to impress your potential employer. Besides, organization and communication skills tend to be a must-have for this job.

Skills Required – Front Desk Clerk

To get a job as a Front Desk Clerk, you need to have some prominent skills. You must have an eye for detail as several clerical tasks are detail-oriented, like preparing documents or bills. A front desk clerk also needs to have some organization skills to organize a considerable amount of data and paperwork that flows in and out of a company and promptly access vital information. They also need to ensure various regular tasks are completed in no time, so they must have some time management skills. A front desk clerk also needs to have some problem-solving skills as being the first point of contact in a company or department.

Job Responsibilities – Front Desk Clerk

  • You need to greet customers and offer fantastic customer service.
  • You also need to ensure the front desk is quite neat and presentable and equipped with almost all vital supplies, including pens and paper.
  • It would help if you answered all the client queries besides incoming calls.
  • It would be best to redirect all the phone calls to the perfect department and pen down the messages.
  • You also need to monitor, organize besides forwarding emails.
  • You must also accept all the packages and distribute the same to various departments.
  • They must maintain all the track records besides files.
  • Above all, you need to oversee the budget also.

Job Requirements – Front Desk Clerk

  • You must have a high school or similar qualification.
  • You need to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar position.
  • A front desk clerk should also have a great understanding of office administrative tasks and bookkeeping processes.
  • You must be pro at verbal and written communication skills.
  • Above all, you also need to have a strong knowledge of almost all the MS programs.
  • You need to align with the industry standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Do I need to have prior experience to apply for the front desk clerk job position?

Ans. Yes, ideally, candidates who have experience of at least 2+ years are preferred. Although it does depend on the kind and which organization you are applying to. Generally, organizations look forward to getting candidates on board who have some knowledge in the domain.

2 Are the working conditions while working as a front desk clerk challenging?

Ans. When you say ‘Challenging,’ they are not impossible to survive, but yes, the organization will expect you to be adaptable. For example, there might be times when you will be expected to work for longer duration hours. Hence, you will be required to be adjusting and cordial when the company needs you.

3 Will I be required to possess accounting or reporting skills to apply for the role of front desk clerk?

Ans. It is not mandatory to possess these skills, but there could be times when you might be asked to prepare different documents such as bills. Hence, knowing these skills helps you ace through your work correctly.

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