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Front Desk Manager Job Description

the front desk manager job description

As a front desk manager, you will be performing the regular operations of the reception area and managing bookings. You will be the first person to provide hospitality to the clients. The manager will also be performing the duties of training the new staff and checking up on the staff’s work and performance. You will be the person to contact for complaints and queries, and you need to provide satisfactory answers to the clients. As a part of this job, you are also required to manage presentations and create plans for budgets.

front desk manager job description

Job Description – Front Desk Manager

Front Desk Manager duties include managing the operations around the premises. You will be taking and scheduling appointments and bookings. You will be responsible for answering queries and managing complaints and fixing them to provide a good customer experience. Front Desk Managers have to make sure that the reception area is properly maintained. You are required to greet the guests and help answer their questions.

A successful Front Desk Manager should have a good set of organization and time management skills. You have to think financially about the plans and create reports before implementing them. You have to focus on providing the best customer experience to maintain industry standards. Providing training to the staff requires you to have good leadership skills and the ability to analyze a full-fledged plan.

Skills Required – Front Desk Manager

Working as a Front Desk Manager requires you to acquire good leadership and communication skills. With that, you should have excellent analysis for future plans, keeping finances and customer experience in mind. You will also be providing new and innovative ideas to enhance the workflow around the premises. With that, you need good organizational skills to help prepare perfect schedules to streamline the operations around the organization.

Job Responsibilities – Front Desk Manager

  • Managing the budgets and records as per the contracts
  • Checking up on office supplies and restocking them whenever required
  • Performing the duties of front desk objectives and following the procedure as per the instruction from the higher authorities
  • Training the new staff and also recruiting them
  • You should also manage the shift schedule for the staff
  • The manager should also provide a good customer experience by answering the doubts and queries of customers with a satisfactory answer
  • Ensuring hygiene and also cleanliness around the front desk area
  • You will also have to supervise the staff to organize different duties.
  • Managing all the bookings, taking calls, and also replying to emails to provide good customer experience.
  • Creating reports on the performance and also the feedback to the general manager
  • You should also keep the records updated with all the current information
  • You should also analyze the performance and provide reviews on the same for improvements.

Job Requirements

  • You need to have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for this job.
  • The manager should also have a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality or any related field with the same course.
  • You should have at least 2 years of experience working as a Front Desk Manager for a reputed organization.
  • The manager should also have the knowledge of HotelKey, inroad, and other front desk manager software to manage and schedule bookings easily.
  • Knowledge of the industry and also the practices followed by the hospitality industry
  • You also need to have good organization and management skills to never miss out on any task that harms customer experience.
  • You should also have good verbal and writing skills
  • Strong report writing skills
  • You should also be a good leader with training abilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to become a Front Desk Manager

Ans. To become a Front Desk Manager, you have to enroll in any course that includes hospitality. You also have to keep yourself updated with the new technologies and updates in the industry. You have to work on your organization skills and communication skills. This will help you learn the right way to manage bookings and answer customers’ questions.

2 How many years of experience do you require for the position of Front Desk Manager?

Ans. You should have at least 2 years of experience to apply for the position of Front Desk Manager. The job requires you to have good experience of analyzing things going around the premises. You will also be providing training to the staff and supervising them. This requires good knowledge of the industry to ensure excellent performance.

3 What’s the role of a Front Desk Manager?

Ans. A front desk manager helps perform all the scheduling and organization of bookings. You have to greet the customer and help them with their doubts. The manager will also be answering their complaints and taking proper feedback by creating a report. You need to acquire excellent training abilities to hire and train new staff for a good customer experience. Knowledge of Front Desk Manager orientated software like HotelKey and Cloudbeds to be a successful Front Desk Manager.

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