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Front End Developer Job Description

the front-end developer job description

Programmers who specialize in web design, including structure, are also called front-end developers. As a front-end developer, you will be responsible for the aesthetics of a website and its design for all platforms, including the web, Android, and Windows. You will be ensuring the proper working of a website on these platforms and solving the statements whenever necessary. You will have to determine the structure of the web pages to make sure they meet the quality standards set by the company or the brand.

front end developer job description

Job Description – Front-end Developer

As a Front-end Developer, you need the eye to determine the perfect design to blend in with the brand image. You need to communicate with the designers to come up with new and innovative ideas to add amazing elements to boost the website. As a Front-end Developer, you will be creating websites that meet user experience, and perfect alignment of the elements on the web page. You are required to run a proper diagnosis on the code to ensure the output value is as per the requirements of the company or the client. The developer will also be analyzing the website performance after the design is ready to ensure good site speed and excellent on-page SEO for better ranking in the search engine.

You need a good set of report-making and communication skills to discuss your ideas with other members of the team. You will be contacting graphic designers, back-end developers, and UI designers to create a website to ensure all elements are in the right place on the page. All these functions require you to be excellent at communication and analysis.

Skills Required – Front-end Developer

You need good analytical and problem-solving skills to become a successful Front-end Developer. This job requires you to be focused and passionate about your work. You have to be a fast learner to understand the idea of the brand to impersonate the same idea in the design of the website. As a part of this job, you will be communicating with the designers and other employees to ensure the placement of the elements on the webpage. Also, you will be performing various tests to ensure the working of the website on all different platforms, including Android, web, and windows.

Job Responsibilities – Front-end Developer

  • You will have to determine the web structure and design of the website to ensure good results.
  • The developer also has to ensure the user interface is up to the mark for easy access to all the basic information available on the internet.
  • You also need to understand the brand image and use the same idea for the design of the website.
  • Running tests through the code to ensure there are no errors and the code is also running pretty streamlined
  • Building reusable codes to use the same functions again in website development
  • Ensuring that the web design is optimized for all different platforms
  • Developing and also adding new elements to the webpage for enhanced user experience
  • Maintaining a proper balance in the design and information on the webpage to meet industry standards

Job Requirements – Front-end Developer

  • You need to have a degree in Computer Science or any related field.
  • The developer should also have a good understanding of the key design principles. This will help them design and develop the site better.
  • You should have good knowledge of all the different languages, including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, with advanced information on hidden features.
  • Understanding the CSS server properly before implementing it
  • Experience working with Adobe Software such as Illustrator
  • Ability to create responsive and adaptive design
  • You need to have a good understanding of SEO principles.
  • You should have a good set of problem-solving skills.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills to understand the ideas of your fellow employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to prepare for the interview for the job position of Front-end Developer?

Ans. You don’t need any preparation as such to apply for the job of a Front-end Developer. Always stay true to your skills and present them in a way that seems intriguing to the employer. This will help your passion show and will impress your employers. This is also a good way of letting your creativity flow.

2 What’s the main role of a Front-end Developer?

Ans. The main role of a Front-end Developer is to perform various tasks to design the website. You will have to take responsibility for the way the website looks and its optimization for different platforms to ensure user experience.

3 Which Languages do I have to know to become a successful Front-end Developer?

Ans. You should have knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. With that, you need to know the advanced coding and information on the hidden features to help clients stand out from the crowd. These languages are always preferred and one must have good experience working with all of them.

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