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FYE Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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FYE is also known for your entertainment, and it is an America-based retail chain. The company mainly specializes in electronic devices. The company was established in 1993 in Trumbull, Connecticut, by Robert J. Higgins.

In the United States alone, the company runs at least 200 FYE stores. Since last year FYE also has a new parent company. The company mainly specializes in movies, music, and other types of amusing media. If you thrive in a sales-driven environment, you must apply for part-time and full-time job openings here.

Being of the leading entertainment companies in the US, the brand is constantly hiring passionate and dedicated candidates that can meet customer demands. The job positions are available in at least 350 stores. The company makes a fantastic choice for passionate people about music, movies, or video games. The main aim was to create cross channel experience consistent for clients and redefine entertainment in the retail. The in-store technology mainly claims to be customer-centered and is interactive.

Important Facts To Know Before Applying at FYE

Minimum age required for working at FYE: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age to be eligible to work at FYE.

Working Hours: The working hours at FYE are as follows:

A: Monday to Saturday: The working hours are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

B: Sunday: The working hours are from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The Employment Opportunities at FYE

The people willing to start careers with FYE can retain good employment options. The retailer doesn’t require candidates to hold any previous experience, education, or certifications. Entry-level works tend to remain quite accessible and a fantastic way to create professional skills. Employees interested in growing their careers in retail, sales, or entertainment-related industries may find jobs with the organization to build excellent skillsets.

Often, the entertainment retailer promotes entry-level workers to managerial positions, which means there are several growth opportunities available for employees willing to work here through company corporate offices.

Being a retail company FYE requires dedicated candidates with personable sales savvy. The company mainly looks for people with high levels of energy, ambition, and innovation. The employees that demonstrate these skills tend to have a greater chance of being hired during the hiring process.

Career Opportunities Available at FYE

The job seekers can apply at FYE once they are 16 years old. The company doesn’t need to make it compulsory for employees to possess high school education or previous employment experience to get the preference for work. The hiring managers need to consider school schedules, and the high school and university candidates can get some valuable job experience here.

Sales Associate

The job is available part-time and full time besides seasonal work and the position is required to adhere to the minimum age group of 16 years. The applicants should have open availability and prove their customer service abilities and ability to bend and squat during the shift durations. It may also prove advantageous if the employees have any previous work experience in the retail industry.

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Some of the daily chores including maintaining the stores, greeting clients, running the cash registers, and efficiently bagging the customer’s products, endorsing some membership programs and other promotions. They also need to replenish the merchandise, answer customer queries, and perform several tasks assigned by the managers. They can earn minimum wages initially.

Assistant Managers

They are also known as lead sales associates, assistant managers, and their primary role is setting examples. The people working as associate managers need to help the sales manager with the routine operations and processes.

The interested candidate’s people need to possess fantastic leadership skills and prove that they have several responsibilities like selection and training new employees taking the stock, creating associate work schedules, aligning with the sales quotas, responding to customer queries, maintaining detailed knowledge of all the merchandises and carrying out various responsibilities of the store manager. The assistant managers need to work full time, and they can earn $22,000 to $26,000 per year.

Tips While Applying at FYE

The interested candidates looking forward to work at FYE need to keep a close check on the official website. The management has multiple openings available. The vacancies are filled very quickly. The candidates need to refer to the website’s career page and then browse through the different positions open. To finally submit their application, the candidates need to create an official account.

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Candidates have the option of uploading a total of five resumes on any of the active positions and should leave no stone unturned. Candidates should take good advantage of the same and apply for as many roles as possible, keeping the cap of 5 in mind at all times. Make sure to fill in relevant information.

Perks of Working at FYE

The employees can buy merchandise from the store, including 10%, 20%, or 30% discount based on the item. Besides that, employees can also work over a flexible schedule, and it is mainly available for the part-time employees while the managers can avail paid holidays. Besides that, employees can also get sick leaves. The eligible employees can also help with 401k plans besides healthcare covers. The retail chain’s hiring managers tend to respond to the submitted applications within one or two weeks.

If one wants to monitor their application, they can log in to their job platform profiles and visit the submission status section. The employees can also make further queries by calling or mailing the hiring managers. Applicants can also visit the personnel personally. Hence the applicants must know to communicate politely with the hiring managers if they wish to get the job.

Miscellaneous Information about FYE

The company has partnered with Dynasty Records Distribution to support the local and independent artist’s works. The company mainly signs artists in various genres, including rock, heavy metal, Christian, gospel, rap, traditional jazz, and bluegrass. It is always beneficial to work here as one can get a lot of experience.


FYE is a fun place to work and begin your career. There are various opportunities available here for the right candidate. Make sure you pick the job that suits you best.

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