Are scuffing pads color coded?

They are color coded according to grit: Green (220P), Maroon (360P), Grey (1500P), Gold (2500P), and White (3000P).

What does the color of a scuff pad mean?

We can’t speak for every single manufacturer, but here’s the basic industry code: A white pad is extra-fine, approximately equivalent to 600-grit sandpaper; gray compares to 220-grit; maroon, 150-grit; and green, 100-grit.

What is the difference between GREY and maroon scuff pads?

Maroon is 360 grit and Gray is 1500 grit. The gray sanding pads are rated at 1500 grit and are ideal for scuffing between finish coats and make an excellent applicator pad for oil & wax finishes.

What grit is a red scuff pad?

Red: Very Fine (360 grit) Black: Extra fine (800 grit) Gray: Ultra Fine (1,500 grit) Gold: Micro Fine (2,500 grit)

What grit is a GREY scuff pad?

Scuff pads come in different colors, and each of those colors have a different coarseness and grits. The Ultra Fine scuff pad is a gray color. These gray pads are a silicon carbide grain and the grit number is from 800 – 1000.

Floor Pads Explained

Are Green Scotch-Brite pads abrasive?

Highlights. Medium duty pad features a polishing abrasive and is heat resistant up to 180° C.

What grit is maroon Scotch Brite pads?

7447 – Maroon pad, called General Purpose Hand -320. grit.

What are red scuff pads used for?

The 3M Scotch-Brite Red Scuff Pad is used for scuffing before applying paint and primer-surfacer. Also used for cleaning upholstery, headliners, door pads, chrome and white wall tires.

What grit is best for scuff sanding?

So for a light sanding like we mentioned above, you want something like a 220 grit sand paper to just gently scuff the surface enough to give your paint something to grip. You’ll also want to be sure you give a light sanding between coats of paint and topcoat and 220 grit is great for that as well.

What are the different pad colors?

By and large, the industry-standard colour-coding system works from light to dark. With white the finest, working up through tan, red, green and blue to brown and black, with the coarsest fibres.

What is a scuff pad and when should it be used?

Scuff pads are a type of surface conditioning and finishing product. They are made from a non-woven synthetic webbing and are used to clean, finish, or polish a surface.

What are the different types of scuff marks?

Scratches vary between hardly noticeable to deep or in expert tone it is differentiated in 3 kinds i.e clear coat scratch, primer-level scratch and deep-paint scratch.

What is a scuffing pad?

Scuff pads are a type of surface conditioning and finishing product. They are made from a non-woven synthetic webbing and are used to clean, finish, or polish a surface.

What abrasive is green?


  • BROWN = 80-Grit.
  • MAROON = 220-Grit.
  • GREEN = 320-Grit.
  • GRAY = 600-Grit.
  • WHITE = Polishing.

What is the purple buffing pad for?

Purple Foamed Wool Buffing & Polishing Pad

This pad will give you more cutting power than a yellow foam cutting pad, without the harmful downsides of traditional wool pads.

What is the orange buffing pad for?

3M™ Finesse-it™ Buffing Pad – Orange Foam White Loop is ideal for final and extra fine finishing steps for automotive OEM clear coats and removing sand scratches or swirl marks from previous finishing steps.

What is GREY Scotch Brite used for?

Excellent for final finishing and light cleaning. May be used by hand, with a hand block, or on an in-line sander.

What is white Scotch Brite used for?

It is commonly used with liquid detergents for gentle but thorough cleaning of dirt or residue on delicate surfaces such as vinyl, porcelain, glass and plastic.

What are green Scotch Brite pads made of?

The Scotch-Brite Green Floor Pad consist of mainly nylon fibre and synthetic adhesive. It is not significantly affected by water, detergents and cleaners normally used for floor maintenance. Aggressiveness (Schiefer Value): (Test method 3M/ST) Expected value for scrubbing operation: 0.5 to 2.0 g.

What are the different levels of Scotch Brite pads?

3M™ Scotch-Brite™ hand pads come in 4 grades: 7440 Heavy Duty (Tan), 7447 General Purpose (Maroon), 7448 Ultra Fine (Grey) and 7445 Light Cleaning (White). 7440 (Tan) Hand Pad is the most aggressive and durable hand pad.

What are the grades of Scotch Brite pads?


  • Very Fine (7)
  • Ultra Fine (5)
  • Assorted (3)
  • Medium (3)
  • Fine (2)
  • Coarse (1)
  • Super Fine (1)

What grit is green Scotch Brite equivalent to?

Green Scotch Brite is available EVERYWHERE. It’s 600 grit. Blue Scotch-Brite is considered to be about 1000 grit. (The value inside the parentheses is directly from 3M.)

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