Can a Bard use a scimitar?

Assassins and swordmages are proficient with military heavy blades, including the scimitar. Bards are also proficient with the scimitar. Other classes do not have proficiency with the scimitar as a class trait, but any character can become proficient by taking a Weapon Proficiency feat.

Can Bards use scimitars 5e?

They get proficiency not in martial weapons (although basic bards get rapier and short sword), but just get to add scimitar. And, have the added benefit that if they are proficiency with a melee weapon, they can use it as a spell focus.

What weapons can a Bard use?

Bard Weapons

Crossbow, Light: Bards don’t get Extra Attack, so the light crossbow if your best ranged weapon option. Of course, Bards can cast spells which will deal considerably more damage. longsword: Rapier has the same damage, and is a Finesse weapon. Rapier: The Bard’s best melee weapon option.

What is the best sword for a Bard?

Best Starting Equipment For A College Of Swords Bard

Since we’re going to be sticking to Dexterity instead of Strength, choose a rapier as your starting sword. The rapier offers the most potential damage and is a finesse weapon, meaning it uses your Dexterity modifier for attack and damage calculations.

What weapons do Bards use in melee?

Even more, options exist for Bards that would prefer to wield melee weapons and take a more active role in combat situations. The typical Bard in a D&D 5e game starts with proficiency in all simple weapons, pistols, longswords, rapier, sap, short sword, short bow, and whip.

The Problem with “Scimitars”

What is the best melee weapon for a bard?

Rapier: The Bard’s best melee weapon option. shortsword: Rapier deals more damage, and Bards don’t get anything from two-weapon fighting.

Can a bard be melee?

Bards are the jack-of-all-trades. Yes you can melee, but you’re almost always better off doing something else. Yes while leveling you twist Fear, Slow, Self-haste, +1 other song and slowly whittle down their health… or you could cast Charm and have two Hill Giants wail on each other for like 80 damage a hit.

What are bards best at?

It’s no surprise that bards are also adept in dialogue scenarios. Bards use their Charisma stat to cast spells, which gives them a knack for the art of conversation. Even the hardest Deception, Intimidation, Performance, and Persuasion rolls are in good hands with a balanced bard.

What armor should a bard wear?

Generally, Bards in any D&D subclass can wear some armor. Nothing too heavy, but a little extra protection. To that end, a suit of Glamoured Studded Leather is one of the best magical items for the Bard.

What is a bard main weapon?

Typically, the Bard will play with a Rapier, Quarterstaff, and or a Shield with a secondary weapon as a Hand Crossbow. The College of Valour has nearly all weapon options due to Marital Weapon proficiency. Various races also can expand your weapon proficiency, but the Rapier and Quarterstaff are the most common.

Can Bards use longsword?

Prerequisite: Bard level 2. Specifics: This feat allows the character to use the longsword, rapier, sap, short sword, shortbow, and whip.

What race is best for Bard?

Dungeons & Dragons’ Half-Elf Is Perfect For Bards

There are a handful of standard races perfect for Bards, but the best hands down remains the Half-Elf.

Can a Bard carry a shield?

– The bard DOES have shield proficiency (cleric multiclass). – The bard is NOT wielding a weapon, just a shield and instrument.

What are scimitars good for?

They were used in horse warfare because of their relatively light weight when compared to larger swords and their curved design, good for slashing opponents while riding on a horse.

What classes can use a scimitar?

Ardents, avengers, barbarians, battleminds, fighters, paladins, rangers, wardens, and warlords are proficient with all military melee weapons, including the scimitar. Assassins and swordmages are proficient with military heavy blades, including the scimitar. Bards are also proficient with the scimitar.

Can you dual wield scimitars?

Only certain melee weapons can be dual wielded- these are designated as “light” weapons. Daggers, shortswords, scimitars, handaxes and light hammers are, IIRC, the only dual-wieldable melee weapons. If you’re trying to dual wield longswords, you can’t, or, at least, you need a feat at a higher level.

What makes bard so good?

The bard is a master of song, speech, and the magic they contain.” A bard’s spellcasting abilities are determined by their charisma score, which means they can generally take on the role of the party face quite easily.

What are bards weaknesses?

While bards have a lot to offer, their biggest shortcomings can be found within their spell list. Though they may have access to many useful support and utility options, their damaging spell options are quite lacking, especially when it comes to highly damaging crowd control spells.

Can a bard wear a breastplate?

Yes the bard can use it as light armor for spell casting, however he has to deal with the ACP on attack rolls. However if you have it done to a breastplate and take the Armor training combat trait then you wouldn’t have any ACP to deal with since it would be -0.

Why are Bards so powerful in D&D?

Bards get more skills than any other class in Dungeons & Dragons. The Rogue may have an impressive amount of skill proficiencies and expertises, but unlike every other class in Fifth Edition, Bards don’t have to pick from a list. Instead, they gain proficiency in any three skills of their choice.

What do Bards cast with?

Charisma is your spellcasting ability for your bard spells. Your magic comes from the heart and soul you pour into the performance of your music or oration. You use your Charisma whenever a spell refers to your spellcasting ability.

What class works well with Bard?

The paladin is one of the bard’s best multiclasses for combat in D&D 5e. This is partly because of complementary spellcasting. Even though the bard’s high-level spells will be delayed, they gain access to several unique paladin spells.

Can a bard use a whip?

Standard bards are proficient with Whip, unless their archetype alters their proficiencies.

Can a bard not play an instrument?

Bards are one of the most useful classes in Dungeons & Dragons, and they can be even more fun to play when designed without an instrument. As charismatic performers, bards are often entertaining characters to have in the party regardless of circumstance.

Does a bard need a free hand?

Because you’re a bard, you can usually play an instrument for spells requiring somatic or material components, as long as it takes at least one of your hands to do so. If you use an instrument, you don’t need a material component pouch or another hand free.

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