Can you fail to recruit Karlach?

Alternatively, if you allow the Tieflings to die on the road due to having been evacuated forcefully from the Grove before resolving the issue or you steal the Druid idol and cause the two parties to kill each other, Karlach will also not join your party.

What happens if you don’t recruit Karlach BG3?

If you don’t, she’ll run to the location of a battle, and she’ll be an AI-controlled NPC for the fight.

Can you miss Karlach?

If you progressed into Act two, then you missed her. Be wary of any zone-transition that the game throws a warning to you about progressing through, those are typically points of no return. I killed her and regret it. I’ll make sure to pick her up in my 2nd playthrough.

Can you still recruit Karlach after Act 1?

Yeah, as long as you’re in Act 1 and you haven’t slaughtered the druids (or allowed them to be slaughtered?) you can still go back and recruit Karlach, I believe. And yeah, the mountain pass is still act 1, you get an actual achievement for moving on to act 2.

Can you recruit Karlach in bg3?

The process is a little tricky, and anyone attempting this should save often, but it is possible to fulfill Wyll’s mission for Mizora and still recruit Karlach. This will mean Karlach can join the party and be romanced and Wyll will get the excellent Infernal Robe, which is only available from Mizora.

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Can you get Karlach as a companion?

Karlach is an Origin character in Baldur’s Gate 3. Origin characters are playable heroes who have their own stories, desires, and attitudes toward the world. You can play as Karlach to live out her story, or you can choose to create a custom character and recruit her as a companion instead.

Why can’t i find Karlach?

Karlach can be found along The Risen Road, a track to the north of the Blighted Village and to the west of the druid camp. She’s across a log that’s fallen over a river at the eastern most point of the Risen Road. When you find her, she’ll be panting and covered in blood, but totally ready to team up.

Will Karlach leave if you raid the Grove?

Wyll and Karlach are only lost if you actually attack the grove. Just don’t do the grove vs goblins quest at all, and all three of them will be in your party together. They don’t even hate each other like Shadow and ‘Zel.

Can you find Karlach again?

The fiery Karlach will always be found in one place, which is near the Risen Road, which is in the northern part of the map at X:110, Y:499. If you’ve already recruited Wyll, his Companion Quest will lead you right to her.

Can I recruit Karlach with Wyll?

He will try to get you to kill Karlach, but it’s very easy to convince him to stand down, and he will actually gain approval if you point out that he knows she’s not a devil. Once you’ve calmed Wyll down, you can carry on the conversation with Karlach as normal and recruit her if you wish.

Can I sleep with Karlach and Astarion?

For example, if you play Karlach and romance Astarion, after the tiefling party night, the dialogue options between them are the same as the regular tav. That breaks the story because Karlach can’t have possibly slept with him – or anyone else.

Can Karlach read Astarion scars?

You can’t ask Wyll or Karlach to decipher the scars/tattoos and you HAVE to be a tiefling to be able to tell him what it says.

Can you romance Astarion and Karlach at the same time?

No, but you can sleep with astarion and helsin at the same time. Next best thing, right? Karlach is monogamous. She doesn’t take to polyamory at all and an easy way to seriously upset her is to sleep with someone else after you get the Act 2 relationship scene done.

Is Karlach good or bad?

While there’s no alignment technically in BG3, Karlach is very obviously a good-aligned character. Honestly if you went full evil, she’d probably be the first person to outright try to kill you over it.

Does Karlach leave if you side with goblins?

Baldur’s Gate 3. Any way to get Minthara without karlach or wyl leaving the party? Nope. If you want Minthara you have to side with her and the goblins which will make Karlach and Wyll leave.

Can you save Karlach and Wyll?

In normal circumstances, players lose both companions when they attack the tieflings. However, it’s possible to save the party by recruiting Karlach and Wyll, killing both characters in camp, and reviving them after raiding the Emerald Grove.

Can you not save Karlach?

There is 100% a way to save karlach. There might not be a way to repair her heart entirely but it is possible for her to live past end credits at least.

Who can fix Karlach?

Cooling off Karlach is in direct relation to her Companion Quest, The Hellion’s Heart. In order to do so you’ll need to employ the work of a Tiefling blacksmith named Dammon.

Is Karlach a Tiefling?

Karlach is a Tiefling with the Outlander background, and the default class of Barbarian.

Can you get Minthara without being evil?

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player manages to find a creative loophole that allows them to recruit Minthara to their party without having to first commit to an evil playthrough.

What is the best subclass for Karlach?

The Best subclass for the Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Karlach Companion Build is Berserker Barbarian because it provides some of the most powerful damage actions by a melee class. The Berserker subclass comes with Frenzy Strike, Enraged Throw and Rage turns into Frenzy.

How to get to Karlach early?

It normally takes around a dozen hours to recruit Karlach by leveling and gearing up, due to challenging encounters on the Risen Road. The shortcut found in the Emerald Grove cave allows players to reach Karlach earlier, but jumping across the river requires assistance or a high Strength ability.

How do you cross the river to get to Karlach?

Recruiting Karlach

Otherwise, she can be found north of the Blighted Village. When you reach the river, jump north across it, then head east and head back to the river, you’ll find Karlach and you can recruit her after a brief conversation.

Is Anders a devil BG3?

Anders is a fallen Paladin of Tyr that broke his oath. He made a pact with the Arch-devil Zariel in exchange for power. In exchange for this power, Anders must provide Zariel a soul – either his own, or that of Karlach.

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