Can you get Pokémon HOME on Apple?

Pokémon HOME on the App Store.

Can you get Pokémon HOME on your phone?

On your smart device, download the mobile version of Pokémon HOME using the App Store or Play Store. Start the mobile version of Pokémon HOME. During the first-time setup, follow the onscreen instructions to link the same Nintendo Account that you used on the Nintendo Switch.

Is there a way to get Pokémon on my iPhone?

Q: Can You Play Pokémon On iPhone/iPad? Yes, it is very possible to play Pokémon games on iPhone or iPad. There are some Pokémon games already on the App Store that are free to download. However, you can also use a Pokémon emulator for iPhone or iPad to play classic Pokémon games as well.

Does Pokémon GO work on Apple?

– Compatible with iPhone® 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X devices with iOS Version 9 or later installed. – Not compatible with 5th generation iPod Touch devices or iPhone 5c or earlier iPhone devices. – Please visit for additional compatibility information.

Where is Pokémon HOME available?

Download Pokémon HOME from Nintendo eShop. Launch Pokémon HOME from Switch HOME menu using the Nintendo Account you want associated with it. Push any button on the title screen to progress. Select your language, then Start.

How To Get And Use Pokemon Home on Nintendo Switch, iPhone and Android

Is Pokémon HOME available on IPAD?

Requirements for Pokémon HOME are listed below. Minimum requirements for Apple iOS and Android operating systems: Apple iOS 12 or later. Android 6.0 or later, 64-bit.

What is the May 2023 update for Pokémon HOME?

Pokémon HOME, a platform that is available as a smartphone app and as a Nintendo Switch feature and allows the transfer of Pokémon between different games, has been updated to version 3.0. 0 on 30 May 2023!

Is Pokémon GO discontinued support for iOS?

Pokémon GO is ending support for devices running iOS 13. Trainers using devices with this operating system will no longer be able to play Pokémon GO after release version 0.243.

Is Pokemon Home free?

Pokémon Home has two different versions; the Nintendo Switch version and the mobile version. Both versions are linked via Nintendo Account, and there exists both a free Basic Plan along with a paid Premium Plan.

What iphones support Pokémon GO?


  • iPhone 6s or above. Certain Bluetooth accessories, such as the Pokémon GO Plus +, require iPhone 7 or above.
  • iOS 14 or above.
  • Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi or 5G)
  • GPS and Location Services.
  • Jailbroken devices are not supported.
  • 2GB or more of RAM.

How do I get Pokémon on my iPhone 2023?

The other method is to use AltStore. The AltStore will need to be set up on your computer. This method will allow you to download Delta, one of the best Pokémon emulators and emulators on iPhone. Follow the instructions on the website, and you will be up and running in no time.

Where can I play Pokemon Red?

Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue are now available for systems in the Nintendo 3DS family!

Can you use Pokémon HOME without a switch?

Pokémon HOME is a cloud service that can be accessed through Nintendo Switch and compatible mobile devices.

Is Pokémon HOME legit?

Yeah unless Home is a full game with battle sim, it’s basically a scam. They literally said you should subscribe indefinitely for some off chance that your favorite pokemon is playable again.

Is Pokémon HOME free on iOS?

Pokémon Home features: Nintendo Switch and mobile version differences explained. Pokémon Home is a free-to-access cloud-based service which allows you to store, trade and transfer across the mainline game series and Pokémon Go, as well as Pokémon Bank if you pay a subscription fee.

How do I get Mew?

In order to catch Mew, players must complete the Special Research “A Mythical Discovery”. A Special Research is a story-stylized quest told by Professor Willow, most of the time with multiple steps in order to complete the research.

Is Pokémon Bank still active?

Paid passes Pokémon Bank are no longer offered for purchase, and Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter are no longer available for download. Be aware that there are no refunds for paid passes that have already been purchased. There is no end date planned for this Pokémon Bank no-cost service.

What is the oldest iPhone to play Pokemon go?


  • iPhone 6s or above. Certain Bluetooth accessories, such as the Pokémon GO Plus +, require iPhone 7 or above.
  • iOS 14 or above.
  • Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi or 5G)
  • GPS and Location Services.
  • Jailbroken devices are not supported.
  • 2GB or more of RAM.

Why was Pokémon GO removed from Apple Watch?

Why this change? Because Adventure Sync allows Trainers the option of tracking their steps, earning Buddy Candy, and hatching Eggs in one mobile device rather than 2 separate devices, we want to focus on building Adventure Sync so that Trainers will no longer have to split their gameplay between 2 devices.

Is iOS 13 still supported?

iOS 15, which arrived in September 2021, supports all iPhones from iPhone 6s onwards, just as with iOS 14 and iOS 13. Both iOS 14 and 13 are considered obsolete by Apple because the same phones can run iOS 15. The iPhone 6s is already considered vintage by Apple.

Why isn t Pokémon Home working?

Make sure your mobile device meets the minimum requirements as listed in Pokémon HOME system requirements and compatibility. We also recommend checking the following: You are running the most recent version of Pokémon HOME. The app has access to your mobile device camera.

How do you use Pokémon Home 2023?

Launch Pokémon HOME from the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu. Select Pokémon from the main menu. Select the game you want to connect to, as well as which user’s save data you will access. You will be able to move Pokémon from any user on the system, so make sure that you choose carefully.

When was the last Pokémon Home update?

3.1. 1 (Released September 26, 2023)

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