Can you recruit Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3?

In order to recruit him, you must first complete the main story quest Rescuing the Druid Halsin. This means that you can not side with the Goblins and recruit Halsin. Doing anything but siding with the druids will lock Halsin out of being a recruitable companion.

Can you recruit Jaheira and Halsin?

To recruit Halsin to your party properly, you’ll have to progress the quest to lift the Shadow Curse. To recruit Jaheira to your camp, you’ll have to either ask her to join you after the Last Light Inn falls (which happens if Isobel dies) or at the beginning of the assault on Moonrise Towers.

Can you recruit every companion in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You won’t be able to recruit all companions in a single playthrough – the decisions you must make will exclude certain party members from joining you forever – so you need to think pretty hard about which party members you want to hang out with most before you get to that point.

How do I rescue Halsin?

Enter through the wooden door in the back of the room to get to the Worg Pens. This is where you will find Halsin. Halsin is in bear form, being tormented by a group of Goblins outside his cell. You can attack the Goblins to show him that you’re on his side and not a threat.

Is Halsin a good companion?

Halsin is a Druid and has a stat spread that makes him more focused on casting magic. Players may want to consider Circle of Spore or Circle of the Land as his subclass. This will make him an outstanding party support character rivaling the likes of Shadowheart.

How To Get The Druid Halsin To Join Your Party In Baldur’s Gate 3

Can you recruit Halsin?

In order to recruit him, you must first complete the main story quest Rescuing the Druid Halsin. This means that you can not side with the Goblins and recruit Halsin. Doing anything but siding with the druids will lock Halsin out of being a recruitable companion.

How do you get Halsin as a companion in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Recruiting Halsin

This time, you need to find Thaniel’s missing part that was lost in the shadows. If you already met the strange boy, Oliver who asked you to play seek and hide with him, and the boy survived, tell Halsin about him, and the druid will offer to join you as a full companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Can you get both Minthara and halsin?

Normally, you can either get Minthara or Halsin as your BG3 companions – but not both. Minthara only joins if you destroy Emerald Grove and facilitate the Tiefling refugees’ murders.

What happens if you don’t rescue Halsin?

If you kill all the goblin leaders and return to the Grove without freeing Halsin, don’t fret! Halsin will break out of the prison and kill his captors on his own. Eventually, he will return to the Grove, where you’ll be able to speak to him.

Should I let Volo take my eye?

Yes, you should let Volo take your eye in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has no shortage of surprises, and one of them is the opportunity to let Volo, equipped with an ice pick, attempt eye surgery on you to try to rid you of that nasty parasite.

Can Halsin join my party?

After the waves of enemies have been defeated, Halsin will emerge from the portal holding Thaniel in his arms. He says he will take him back to camp and you should meet him there. Returning to camp and speaking with Halsin will eventually lead to dialogue that allows you to add Halsin to your party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Can you recruit Minthara and jaheira?

You can recruit Jaheira and Minsc with her, they’re dependent on your choice about the Nightsong in act 2, nothing to do with act 1 choice.

Can you recruit Minthara without being evil?

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player manages to find a creative loophole that allows them to recruit Minthara to their party without having to first commit to an evil playthrough. Part of the appeal of Baldur’s Gate 3 is the level of freedom players are given in order to solve problems both big and large.

Do you lose Karlach if you side with Minthara?

So it might prove difficult to manage such an extreme difference of opinions in code. It is entirely possible to have Minthara and Wyll + Karlach. You do not need to side with Minthara to recruit her, you just have to not kill her. Wyll and Karlach are only lost if you actually attack the grove.

How old is Halsin BG3?

Halsin is the 350-year-old archdruid of the Druid Grove in Act One. He’s a powerful druid with a knack for wild shape, preferring to take the form of a bear in combat. Depending on the subclass chosen for him, he can transform into mighty beasts and cast incredible spells that deal immense damage to enemies.

Can you recruit Minthara without killing Tieflings?

In order to combine the two, you need to ensure Minthara survives the battle, but trick the game into perceiving her as dead, letting you progress the plot without killing any Tieflings. To do this, you’ll have to attack the Goblin Camp like normal, but instead of killing Minthara, you must knock her out.

Where is Halsin after killing leaders?

Players that are searching for Halsin must make their way to the Goblin Camp. To reach this location, fans should follow the road west out of the Blighted Village, which is situated to the southwest of the Emerald Grove, and then turn northward to cross the bridge near coordinates X:-106 Y:372.

Why is Halsin hostile?

You find Halsin in bear form in a cage in the goblin camp. Goblins are throwing rocks at him. If you sit back and say nothing and do nothing then Halsin bursts out the cage as an enemy (why?!) and fights the goblins AND you. The game automatically has him set as an enemy and goblins as allies.

Is Halsin in the goblin Camp?

One of the earliest main story missions you receive in Baldur’s Gate 3 is going to a goblin camp to save a man named Halsin. Halsin is the First Druid of Emerald Grove and of crucial importance to stop the ongoing conflict arising between the Druids and Tieflings at the grove.

Is there a way to get Minthara without killing the Grove?

Steal the idol to stop the ritual, using stealth. This will start a fight between Tieflings and Druids so run or sneak out. Report the grove’s location to Minthara and when she and you go back you’ll find all the defenders dead. You’ll then be able to recruit her later in the game.

How to sleep with Minthara?

Find her near the center of the camp and begin a conversation where she’ll immediately ask if you’re ready. Upon telling her that you are hers, she’ll offer to join you when you go to bed. Interact with a bedroll and you’ll have a choice of going to bed alone or with Minthara.

Should I side with Minthara BG3?

Obviously as one of the three Baldur’s Gate 3 goblin leaders, killing her will save the Emerald Grove, but she’s also an easily-missable companion. That fact alone might make you want to side with her instead, especially if you’re playing as a BG3 Dark Urge origin.

Who is the girl stuck in the pod Baldur’s Gate 3?

To save Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must find an Eldritch Rune that’s hidden nearby. You can then insert this into the console by her mind flayer pod, which then allows you to use it to save Shadowheart.

Can you be a vampire in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Summary. Baldur’s Gate 3 offers unprecedented freedom in character creation and choices throughout the game, allowing players to become vampires under the right circumstances. Astarion, a high elf rogue Origin character, is a vampire spawn in Baldur’s Gate 3 and can become a master vampire through the right choices.

Can you romance Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3?

How to Romance Astarion in Act 3. In order to trigger Astarion’s romance scene in Act 3, you must have finished his companion quest which involves taking down his master Cazador.

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