Can you save Wyll from becoming a demon?

As you continue through the campaign, Mizora will pop up every now and then and require you to do tasks on Wyll’s behalf, but eventually, she will offer a compromise. The pact between Mizora and Wyll can be broken, freeing Wyll’s soul, but his father will be doomed to death.

Is there any way to prevent Wyll from becoming a demon?

PSA: You can keep Karlach AND not have Wyll become a devil

  1. recruit Wyll.
  2. find and kill Karlach, DO NOT TALK TO HER.
  3. go to camp and tell Wyll, this will line up Mizora to come visit.
  4. use a revivify scroll on Karlach, again, DO NOT TALK TO HER.

How do you save Wyll from turning into a devil?

If you are playing as Wyll this choice is yours entirely. If you save Karlach you defy Wyll’s pact patron and he is punished— he is transformed into a devil! This, however, can be prevented. To prevent this outcome, simply kill Karlach.

Can you save Wyll and Karlach?

By following specific steps, players can save both Karlach and Wyll, continuing their personal quests without major consequences, while exploiting a fitting loophole in the game.

Can you save Wyll from Mizora?

Breaking Mizora’s contract will free Wyll from his pact, although this doesn’t actually occur until the very end of the game.

Break Wyll’s contract and save Duke Ulder | Mizora reaction – Baldur’s Gate 3

Can you break Wyll Pact and save his father?

It’s actually possible to learn the location of Wyll’s father without Mizora’s help – or you can just go there if you know he’s being kept in the Iron Throne. With this knowledge, you can break Wyll’s pact with Mizora and still save his father.

What happens if Mizora dies?

When Mizora dies in Baldur’s Gate 3, Wyll also dies, permanently removing him from the player’s group. If he is currently in the party, players will witness a short cutscene in which he burns down to nothing but a pile of ashes.

Why does Wyll have horns?

In the night, Wyll’s patron, Mizora, will appear, chastising Wyll for failing to obey. She punishes Wyll by changing him, using magic to give him a large pair of horns. Mizora then departs, reminding Wyll that he’s not free yet.

Is there a cure for Karlach?

As the game stands now, there is NO cure for Karlach. Going back to Avernus in order to stop her engine from burning up is akin to a person like myself having to change my lifestyle and/or location (to a different climate, or even having to move into a facility where my disease can be controlled, for example).

Does Karlach have a happy ending?

The player is able to turn her away from Shar and rescue her parents, resulting in a very happy ending. Even if she still has a twinge of pain from time-to-time, she has her family back and has a new lease on life. She’s happy and feels like the future is hers to mold.

What happens if Wyll kills Karlach?

If you spare her, Wyll is transformed into a Devil, and if you kill her, You get a really cool armour piece.

Can you recruit both Karlach and Wyll?

Alternatively, if you decide to kill Karlach, it should be obvious that you’ll lose the opportunity to recruit Karlach and instead Wyll will be rewarded for his actions later that night. The bottom line is, you can recruit both Wyll and Karlach without issue.

How do you get Wyll and Karlach ending?

To watch the full joint ending, both Wyll and Karlach need to be companions. They also need to have considerable approval to prevent leaving the team. You and any other co-op players will need to select a new custom character or one of the remaining original characters.

Should I save Wyll or his father?

You should choose to save Wyll’s father, Duke Ravenguard in Baldur’s Gate 3. In order to do this, you will have to convince Wyll to accept the contract with Mizora in the game.

Should I free Mizora?

It is important to free her and not let her die, as otherwise the contract will be broken, and Wyll will be banished to hell. This means you’d permanently lose Wyll from your party for the remainder of your playthrough if Mizora dies. Obviously we don’t want to lose a character, so freeing her is important.

What is the best subclass for wyll?

Recommended Subclass

The best subclass for Wyll is Fiend because it provides high damage at range along with extra temporary hit points upon kill an enemy.

Can you not save Karlach?

There is 100% a way to save karlach. There might not be a way to repair her heart entirely but it is possible for her to live past end credits at least.

Can you fix Karlach without dammon?

It’s imperative you don’t kill Dammon during this Act as well, whether it be from slaughtering the Emerald Grove or accidentally starting a war where the druids and Tieflings kill each other, otherwise you’ll be locked out of this quest, as he’s the only person who can stabilize Karlach’s Infernal Engine.

What is the best ending for Karlach?

The final, and saddest, choice is unfortunately probably the best ending for Karlach. Players can fight alongside her to defeat the Netherbrain, but after the battle is over, Karlach will go out onto a dock and accept her fate, dying right there. She will die, but she will at least die as a hero and as herself.

Can you go to Avernus with Karlach?

You can choose to go to Avernus with Karlach even if you romanced someone else, but you won’t get the ‘cool’ cinematic, it simply jump cuts to credits.

How do you save Karlach from dying?

It seems that if Wyll becomes the blade of avernus she can take Karlach to avernus and save her from exploding.

Who is Wyll’s patron?

Mizora approached Wyll Ravenguard, the son of Grand duke of the city, forge a warlock pact with him in exchange of his soul. they fought dragon cultists and stop the ritual of summoning Tiamat. Mizora became Wyll’s patron ever since, commanded him to slaughter other devils that inferfere her schemes.

What happens if I sleep with Mizora?

After that, you’ll enjoy, or not enjoy, the night with Mizora. Be warned, though; this does have consequences. The next morning, Wyll will be very upset with your actions, but not enough to have him do anything. Your current lover, however, will have something else to say.

What happens if you romance Mizora?

While Mizora won’t leave your party (she’ll stick around to help fight the mind flayer invasion), your party members will highly disapprove. Specifically, Wyll disapproves, as will any romantic partner you have. He won’t leave the party, but you will have a difficult conversation.

How to sleep with Mizora BG3?

But, if you want to see the Baldur’s Gate 3 Mizora romance in full, you’ll want to pick the appropriate responses:

  1. When you talk to her in camp, choose: “Sounds delicious. …
  2. Accept the offer and do a long rest. …
  3. Choose: “Bask in the powerful sensations,” followed by: “I’m ready,” or “Sigh and brace yourself.”

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