Can you use the Primal Knife for S+?

Yes, it absolutely has to be a fresh new game. However, you are allowed to use bonus weapons like the primal knife, the chicago sweeper and the handcannon. Ashley’s armor is also allowed plus you can use perks like the chicken hat or gas mask.

Does Primal Knife affect S+?

no, you can use the primal knife, Handcannon and Chicago Sweeper in a NG run and it wont effect your rank.

Can you use the infinite knife to get S+?

So I’ve just completed S+ on pro for the second time, this time as Leon for the infinite launcher.

Can I use the Primal Knife for minimalist?

Carry a Maxed-Out Primal Knife

Getting the Minimalist achievement requires a solid knife, and Primal is just that. A maxed-out model of this blade is unbreakable, allowing for unlimited melee kills—which comes in handy when the player can only rely on pistols and knives.

Can you use Chicago typewriter for S+?

Yep. You can also upgrade them in Chapter 2 with the Exclusive tickets to get their infinite ammo/durability properties. Same with the Handcannon if you have it.


How do you get S+ in separate ways?

To achieve an S+ Rank in the Separate Ways DLC, players must complete the game in less than an hour and a half on a new save file rather than the New Game Plus mode. When playing on the Professional difficulty, the time limit for getting an S+ Rank extends to under 2.5 hours.

How do you get an S rank in RE4?

Except for the S+ rank on the Professional mode, all RE4 ranks are determined by playtime. On the Assisted difficulty, for example, beating the game in under 15 hours gives the player an A rank; beating it in 4 hours on an NG+ gives them an S; and beating it in under 4 hours on a New Game rewards them with an S+.

Is the Primal Knife unbreakable?

A fully upgraded Primal Knife becomes indestructible. To achieve that, the player will need to buy all its upgrades for 260,000 Pesetas, or pay an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket to unlock its unique perk. The indestructibility perk turns the Primal Knife into an infinite blade that requires no repair.

Does the handcannon count towards minimalist?

No, it does not. Magnums are off limits. Don’t use them. complete “The Disgrace of The Salazar Family” Merchant request where you throw an egg on Ramon’s portrait.

Do magnums count for the minimalist trophy?

Magnums are magnums, hence their usage of magnum ammo. Ergo, not valid for knife/handgun only. You can check this with any weapon by firing it, and then checking your progress in the challenges menu for minimalist. If the weapon incremented the counter, it is not valid for minimalist.

What is the S rank reward in re2?

Getting S rank is how Resident Evil 2 players can get infinite ammo in the game for specific weapons. Getting S rank on Standard difficulty will unlock the Samurai Edge pistol with infinite ammo, whereas getting S rank on Hardcore difficulty will unlock the LE 5 submachine gun with infinite ammo.

Can you use Samurai edge for S rank?

No you CAN’T use the samurai edge to get S ranks it will lower your rank when you use it! Only if you’re aiming for S+. You can use any infinite ammo weapons and still get S rank iirc.

What is the S rank player in re2?

Resident Evil 2

Standard, S rank: Finish the game in less than 3 hours and 30 minutes (1st Run) or less than three hours (2nd Run). You may use any infinite weapons you’ve unlocked and may save as often as you like. Achieving Standard S (or better) unlocks the infinite pistol.

Is the Primal Knife worth it?

The Primal Knife is a Bonus Weapon, meaning you probably won’t have it until you have finished the game at least one time through. Of the three Knives in the game it is almost certainly the best solely because it is indestructible, meaning you never have to worry about repairs.

How durable is the primal knife?

A fully upgraded Primal Knife becomes indestructible. To achieve that, the player will need to buy all its upgrades for 260,000 Pesetas, or pay an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket to unlock its unique perk. The indestructibility perk turns the Primal Knife into an infinite blade that requires no repair.

Does the primal knife count as a bonus weapon?

List of All Bonus Weapons in RE4 Remake. The Infinite Rocket Launcher aside, the Resident Evil 4 remake has three bonus weapons: The Handcannon, Chicago Sweeper, and Primal Knife.

Can I use Primal Knife for minimalist RE4 Remake?

Generally they’re talking about weapons that use handgun ammo. Those are weapons you are allowed to use. For knife I advice to use Primal Knife, which you can make indestructible.

Does the broken butterfly count as a pistol?

Since The Broken Butterfly counts as a magnum weapon in RE4 Remake, it uses Magnum Ammo to fire shots. Definitely some of the highest firearm damage in the game, Magnums typically have a slow rate of fire in exchange for their massive damage output.

Can I use Magnum in minimalist RE4?

Magnums are their own weapon category with different ammo type as well, so if youre going for a Minimalist run, you can ONLY use Handguns and Knifes, the only exceptions to the rule are Cannons, Turrets, Explosives (NOT grenades even Flashbangs) or any other secondary type of weapon, like the chandelier you can drop.

Is the Primal Knife infinite?

Because the Primal Knife is obtained for free, it is worth it. The player should note that it is the only infinite blade in the game, halting any maintenance concerns and costs. But it’s also noteworthy that the Primal Knife is not the strongest in the game, as its power only goes up to 1.20.

What knife does Krauser use?

The Fighting Knife is Krauser’s signature weapon, looted from him after his boss battle in Chapter 14.

How do you get the infinite knife?

To unlock it you need to destroy all 16 of the Clockwork Castellans hidden throughout the game. You can get this by buying every upgrade of the Primal Knife, or by using an “xclusive upgrade ticket” you can trade for Spinels in the special Merchant shop.

What is the S ++ rank in RE4?

An S+ Rank requires that you score between 500,000 and 999,999 points in a single match. An S++ Rank requires that you score one million or more points in a single match.

How do you get S ++ rank?

The beautiful golden S++ Rank may only be earned after getting 1,000,000 points or more in a single round in Resident Evil 4 Remake, with S+ Rank not too far behind if players get between 500,000 and 999,999 points. Ratings are scored at the end of a round, usually when all 150 enemies on a stage are defeated.

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