Does Fu Xuan need speed?

She needs her ultimate to self-sustain, and the faster a character is, the more skill points and energy they can generate in the right setups. In Fu Xuan’s case, she ends up being okay with any set that gives HP%, SPD, DEF%, or Damage Resistance.

Does Fu Xuan want speed boots?

Is this with or without Speed boots? Very few characters cannot hit the 120 Speed with a +15 Speed Boots and no Speed substats / set bonus. Fu Xuan has 100, so she should have no problem with it. If you are trying to hit 120 Speed without Speed boots or 134 Speed and struggling, then you can go Fleet of the Ageless.

Is Fu Xuan a must pull?

You should pull for Fu Xuan if: You don’t have a 5-star Preservation or Abundance unit. You’re tired of your team comps revolving around the same few characters. You like her as a character.

Does Fu Xuan need speed reddit?

Tl;dr: Speed helps in 2/3 cases where Fu Xuan might die. Yes. If you are using Texture of Memories, you need speed so you can re-up your shield. If using her light cone, its not as important.

What stats does Fu Xuan need?

Relic Stats for Fu Xuan

For the main Relic stats, you’ll want the following: HP% on the Body, Speed on the Boots, HP% on the Planar Sphere, Energy Regen % on the Link Rope. For the Relic sub stats we’ll want to target the following in order of priority: HP% > DEF% > SPD > Flat HP> Flat DEF.

137 Speed Fu Xuan vs 9,000 HP Fu Xuan. WHICH IS BETTER!? – Honkai: Star Rail

Do you need a healer with fu xuan reddit?

Fu Xuan basically gives everyone 85% damage reduction and she can heal herself.

Why is Fu Xuan so good?

Fu Xuan scales on HP, and her goal is to take a major portion of your teams damage, lower it, and redirect it to her. With her skill, she turns her mitigation on, and absorbs a majority of your teams damage whenever they’re hit. But not only that; she ALSO gives your team an HP buff, and a Crit Rate buff!

Is Fu Xuan worth rolling for?

Fu Xuan will likely prove incredibly useful to any team that requires a Quantum character, especially for those who wish to provide their DPS with some added protection. After all, Fu Xuan’s Skill applies 65% of the DMG they would receive to Fu Xuan for three turns.

Can Fu Xuan solo sustain?

Needless to say, obviously Lady Fu Xuan would be strong (in game). Her solo sustain abilities are far beyond what other healers/shielders are capable of in this game. My team literally can not die with her insane healing and damage mitigation.

Is Fu Xuan E1 worth it?

E1 makes it so your critty characters are even better. I’d definitely say E1’s worth pushing for if you want her. Man I’m really tempted to pull her e1. Making her be able to fulfill both tank and support would be a huge boon especially in the mono quantum team which won’t have a harmony character for a while.

How strong is Fu Xuan?

She is able to restore HP with her Ultimate, and also provides Max HP and CRIT Rate bonuses from her Skill. She even protects the whole team from crowd control debuffs. All together this makes Fu Xuan a fantastic and near universally applicable unit.

How many times can Fu Xuan heal herself?

When Fu Xuan’s HP fall below 50%, she will heal herself based on how much health she’s currently missing. This does not prevent her from a killing blow and can only be triggered a maximum of two times per battle (once by default and a second time after using her Ultimate).

What should I farm for Fu Xuan?

The first items to farm are Artifex’s Module, Artifex’s Cogwheel, and Artifex’s Gyreheart. A great amount of each will be used to fully level her abilities, so farming the aforementioned surplus is no understatement.

What set is best for Fu Xuan?

When it comes to Relics for Fu Xuan, the best option is to focus on sets that relate to her HP stat. There are two good candidates for Fu Xuan. The best set to equip isn’t actually a full four-piece set. Rather you should equip the two-piece Guard of Wuthering Snow set with a two-piece Longevous Disciple.

Is Fu Xuan better than Bailu?

Bailu is an excellent support character with substantial healing potential. But Fu Xuan’s kit helps her to stay alive for an extended amount of time without any help. While Bailu can ensure that Fu Xuan survives longer, players are better off using a second DPS character to exert more offensive pressure.

Is Fu Xuan a healer?

Fu Xuan serves her role as a Preservation unit well despite not shielding her allies, and players can prioritize her ultimate and skill for her utility. Her ascension abilities enhance her healing and grant allies the ability to ignore crowd control debuffs.

What does Fu Xuan wear?

Her clothing consists of a dark brown and white dress with golden constellation designs, along with white tights that have cloud patterns.

Can Fu Xuan be a DPS?

Yes, she can. (It depends on your team comp actually) you might need to swap to your HP boots if you are using her as a hyper-carry. Max dif Cocolia. + No shield from MC except the MC herself (It’s actually pretty hard to get her under 60%).

Does Fu Xuan work well with Blade?

Blade is a Destruction character who loses a ton of HP from his abilities and when he takes damage from the enemy. This can be hard to manage since he can easily get defeated if he takes one strong attack at low health. Fu Xuan prevents this scenario by absorbing some of his damage, thus making him stronger.

What does Fu Xuan scale off of reddit?

Fu Xuan gains a significant amount of CRIT Rate from her Skill and Traces, and her Basic ATK and Ultimate both deal damage scaling with her Max HP. It may seem tempting to build her for damage, but doing so requires sacrificing her own survivability for insignificant returns.

Does Kiriko or Mercy heal more?

Mercy is considered a consistent and reliable Overwatch 2 healer. Analysis of her healing ability shows that she heals for around 55 health per second. Kiriko, if she lands all of her talismans, heals for an astonishing 72 health per second.

Do healers not heal dragons?

Healers do not heal air units (other Healers, Dragons, Balloons, Minions, Lava Hounds, etc.), unlike a Healing Spell which heals every kind of troop. Healers will also not affect any Siege Machines like the Wall Wrecker.

Can Hu Tao be a healer?

Her healing is entirely by choice, and her burst allows her to serve as a secondary dps while Hu Tao’s elemental skill is on cooldown. The problem is that she’s a garbage support who can only provide shields that do not generate energy, do not help with reactions, and do not contribute damage.

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