Does Ganyu need a shield?

A Shielder is a very nice addition for Ganyu. However, most situations she can get by just fine using her “Trail of the Qilin” taunt-flower. It’s pretty durable, and you can keep it up most of the time.

Is Ganyu good without shield?

She probably needs shielding in melt teams because the only real reaction support for Pyro at the moment (Xiangling) only works in extremely close range. Otherwise you can run her in freeze teams which work from a distance but trade damage for safety.

What is the best shield for Ganyu?

What is the best shield character for Ganyu? While ubiquitous Shield Support Zhongli can certainly work well with Ganyu, players looking for a more specifically tailored option will find Diona to be their perfect fit.

What is the best set for Ganyu?

4-piece Wanderer’s Troupe is one of the best sets for Ganyu. The Elemental Mastery helps scale the Melt damage, and the 4-piece bonus is an amazing buff to the Charged Attacks. This set can be somewhat difficult to farm, however, as you’ll mainly get these from weekly bosses or world bosses.

Who is the best support for Ganyu?

Venti is a stronger choice for a support teammate for Ganyu, and his ability to control and group the targets will be incredibly useful for enabling Ganyu to hit her mark on each attack.

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Who does Ganyu not like?

Ganyu seems to not have much in common with Ningguang or Keqing. She believes that Keqing is disrespectful and that Ningguangs methods are questionable.

Who should I pull Zhongli or Ganyu?

Players who have no issues with high levels of investment should pull for Ganyu – who is one of the best Cryo characters in Genshin Impact – as she requires plenty of support characters to maximize her potential.

Is Ganyu worth wishing for?

Ganyu is certainly powerful, and I wouldn’t complain about getting her. But… put it this way, I wouldn’t be happy if I had to Wish until pity for her and would rather save my Wishes for characters like Raiden or Alhaitham. Overall, both Baizhu and Ganyu are worth considering spending your Wishes on in Genshin Impact.

What talent to prioritize on Ganyu?

When leveling up Ganyu’s talents, you’ll want to prioritize her Normal Attack first, since this will affect her Charged Attack as well. After that, focus on her Burst and then her Skill.

Is it worth pulling for Ganyu?

Ganyu is one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Her versatility and ease of use put her among the most favored Genshin Impact units. However, many players found her straightforward playstyle “boring”, and thus choose to skip her banner despite the large damage potential she has.

What is the hardest shield in Genshin?

Zhongli has the highest base shield strength, with 150% damage absorption against all elemental and physical damage.

What is the weakest shield in Genshin?

According to the chart, Electro-infused shields are the weakest since they can be broken by three different elements. While the Electro element is not perfect for breaking any type of shield, it’s considered a soft counter against Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro enemies.

What is the best 5 * weapon for Ganyu?

1 The Amos’ Bow – Five Stars

It pairs incredibly well with her skill sets and damage stats and increases her Normal and Charged Attacks by 12 percent. Once you fire off either of those attacks, the damage Ganyu is able to inflict increases by another eight percent every 0.1 seconds that the arrow is in the air.

Why Ganyu wears a bell?

She has a bell accessory around her neck and horns on her head because she is part Qilin. The thick lines surrounding the art make it cohesive and bring the soft, swirling colors together.

What does Ganyu struggle with?

Poor Ganyu has a weakness for food that she is pretty honest about. She is tempted every time she walks by restaurants and has to avoid Xiangling’s cooking so as not to overeat. In her story, she talks about a time in the Archon war where she ate so much that she ended up choking a creature that tried to eat her.

Why is Ganyu so hard to use?

Why is Ganyu so hard to use? One big reason that Ganyu isn’t for everyone is that aiming in Genshin Impact is one of the worst feelings in the game. It’s clunky and doesn’t have many options for adjustment. That’s why playing Ganyu on a controller automatically means lower DPS output.

What is the best 4 * weapon for Ganyu?

Out of all the four-star bows you can choose from, the Prototype Crescent is the best to equip Ganyu with going forward in the game.

Is Ganyu better with melt or freeze?

If you’re a day 1 player with bags full of artifacts and want to optimize your damage to be as high as possible, feel free to do melt. If you’re a new player, freeze will give you a way more pleasant experience. Venti is not a requirement, he’ll just shoot your damage output up.

What is the best F2P team for Ganyu?

F2P Team Comps For Ganyu In Genshin Impact: Which Free Characters Are Best. First, for a Melt-focused Team, Ganyu users should consider teaming up the half-qilin Adeptus with Bennett, Xiangling, and Diona. Bennett offers the primary attack buff and healing, and Xiangling’s objective is to apply Pyro on targets.

Is Baizhu or Ganyu better?

It will depend on what other characters you’re working with and how they’d fit in. If you have a Hyper Bloom team, Baizhu could be an amazing addition. If you have a Freeze or Melt team, then you really couldn’t go wrong by adding Ganyu into the mix.

Should I pull for Ganyu if I have Ayaka?

Kamisato Ayaka and Ganyu are both very strong Cryo DPSs. None of them can buff the other and therefore there is really no point in pulling for Ganyu if you already have Kamisato Ayaka. Save your primos for someone else.

Is Ganyu C4 worth it?

Not only is it a great constellation for Ganyu, but C4 Ganyu can also buff the entire team’s damage against enemies in her Burst’s AoE.

Who should I wish for Ganyu or Hu Tao?

If players don’t have a well-built Pyro character yet, then Hu Tao can be a perfect choice. When Hu Tao enters her Paramita Papilio State, she converts her HP to attack, allowing her to be a deadly damage dealer. Other than her Element, players should also consider Hu Tao’s weapon before pulling for her.

Can you use Ganyu without Zhongli?

In both team compositions, Ganyu will need a shield character such as 4-Star Cryo Bow-user Diona or Zhongli in order to keep her powerful Charged Attacks free from interruption. Ganyu’s best weapon is the 5-star Amos Bow, although she can do well with the 4-star Bow, Prototype Crescent.

Is Ganyu better than Kazuha?

I would say kazuha since you have a dps already and don’t want to change it, and kazuha is a great support in lots of teams. if you want to beat the abyss and need another dps, go for ganyu.

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