Does Karlach leave if you raid the Grove?

Wyll and Karlach are only lost if you actually attack the grove. Just don’t do the grove vs goblins quest at all, and all three of them will be in your party together. They don’t even hate each other like Shadow and ‘Zel.

What are the consequences of raid the Grove?

Choosing to raid the Grove with the goblin forces has immense, far-reaching consequences for the game, some of which can only be felt in later Acts. These consequences include: Karlach and Wyll leave the party (or cannot be recruited if they haven’t already been) Halsin is not available as a companion.

Does Karlach leave your party?

Karlach is very passionate about the lives of her fellow people. If you decide to raid the grove, Karlach will leave your party immediately.

Is there a way to keep Karlach and Minthara?

Baldur’s Gate 3

As for Wyll and Minthara, that’s an unknown, at least to me. Well the Karlach and Minthara banter could also be because you can still recruit Minthara without losing Wyll and Karlach if you simply skip the entire goblin grove raid quest and head straight for moonrise towers.

What happens if Wyll kills Karlach?

Killing Karlach Gives Wyll The Infernal Robe

This will mean Karlach can join the party and be romanced and Wyll will get the excellent Infernal Robe, which is only available from Mizora.

What Happens If You Meet Karlach After Destroying Druid Grove | Baldurs Gate 3

How do you save Karlach from dying?

It seems that if Wyll becomes the blade of avernus she can take Karlach to avernus and save her from exploding.

Can you not save Karlach?

There is 100% a way to save karlach. There might not be a way to repair her heart entirely but it is possible for her to live past end credits at least.

Is there a way to get Minthara without killing the Grove?

Steal the idol to stop the ritual, using stealth. This will start a fight between Tieflings and Druids so run or sneak out. Report the grove’s location to Minthara and when she and you go back you’ll find all the defenders dead. You’ll then be able to recruit her later in the game.

Can you get Minthara without destroying the Grove?

You do not need to side with Minthara to recruit her, you just have to not kill her. Wyll and Karlach are only lost if you actually attack the grove. Just don’t do the grove vs goblins quest at all, and all three of them will be in your party together. They don’t even hate each other like Shadow and ‘Zel.

Can you romance Minthara without killing?

If you encounter her and then choose to side with the Tieflings and kill the goblins, you will also have to kill her. However, if you choose to side with her, you will open up new threads that allow you to romance her immediately or have her join you as a companion.

Can Karlach have a happy ending?

She can have a downside–like still having Zariel chasing her to the ends of the universe–but be happy and able to live a life with love and possibilities in it. As players, we should be able to choose from a range of fates for Karlach spanning from happy to bittersweet to tragic.

How to get Minthara without wyll and Karlach leaving?

What you need to do is this:

  1. tell her about the goblin camp, then long rest.
  2. go to the camp, and then betray her.
  3. run away from combat.
  4. go back into combat and you will have switch sides.
  5. when you get to moonrise, you can recruit her. ( and other party members wont be mad)

Can you fix Karlach’s heart?

Go to your camp to trigger the Wyll and Mizora scene, then talk to Karlach about this event. Speak with Dammon and give him the second Infernal Iron for Karlach’s heart. This will let you kiss her without any issues. Go back to your camp and talk to Karlach.

Is raiding the Grove worth it?

Here’s Whether You Should Defend or Attack the Emerald Grove in BG3. Like many of the choices in BG3, this decision is entirely down to you. The “good” choice is to defend the grove so if you’re being a goody two-shoes, that’s the option to go for. You’ll also gain access to (and keep) two companions, Wyll and Halsin.

Should I save the grove or raid it?

Which should you choose? Saving the Grove is canonically the “good” option, so if you want a bunch of Druids and Tiefling on your side, this is the one for you. Alternatively, if you want a hot evil GF with a goblin army, and to worship the Absolute, side with Minthara.

How do you tell Minthara about the Grove?

Head to the goblin camp and report the Grove’s location to Minthara. She and her goblin forces will capitalize on the fighting and will attack the Grove. Head back to the Grove and you’ll find Minthara and the cult has almost or entirely wiped out the Grove while you were away.

How to sleep with Minthara?

Find her near the center of the camp and begin a conversation where she’ll immediately ask if you’re ready. Upon telling her that you are hers, she’ll offer to join you when you go to bed. Interact with a bedroll and you’ll have a choice of going to bed alone or with Minthara.

Can you recruit Minthara without being evil?

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player manages to find a creative loophole that allows them to recruit Minthara to their party without having to first commit to an evil playthrough. Part of the appeal of Baldur’s Gate 3 is the level of freedom players are given in order to solve problems both big and large.

Is there a way to recruit Minthara without killing tieflings?

In order to combine the two, you need to ensure Minthara survives the battle, but trick the game into perceiving her as dead, letting you progress the plot without killing any Tieflings. To do this, you’ll have to attack the Goblin Camp like normal, but instead of killing Minthara, you must knock her out.

Can you romance Minthara and Shadowheart?

This is a day or two after the intimate night with Minthara: You can absolutely start a romance with Shadowheart, if you have a high approval rating with her. I would recommend getting to know her and things before raiding the Druid camp, but do not ask her about truly connecting until a day or two after the raid.

Who leaves if you recruit Minthara?

In doing so, both Wyll and Karlach will permanently leave your party with Gale very close to doing so as well unless you’re able to convince him otherwise. After leading Minthara to the grove, you’ll have to do the honors of killing the druids and tieflings.

Can Minthara join the party?

When you meet her, she tells you she’s planning on raiding the Emerald Grove with an army of Goblins. If you agree to help her wipe everyone out, you’ll have the option to invite her to join your party during Act 2 of the story.

Can you fix Karlach without dammon?

It’s imperative you don’t kill Dammon during this Act as well, whether it be from slaughtering the Emerald Grove or accidentally starting a war where the druids and Tieflings kill each other, otherwise you’ll be locked out of this quest, as he’s the only person who can stabilize Karlach’s Infernal Engine.

Should I send Karlach to Avernus?

She can either return to Avernus with Wyll or return to Avernus with the player by her side, but as stated before, returning to Avernus is definitely something players who care about Karlach don’t want to do, and there’s no way of knowing what will happen to the player in Avernus if they choose to journey with Karlach.

Can you go back and get Karlach?

Yeah, as long as you’re in Act 1 and you haven’t slaughtered the druids (or allowed them to be slaughtered?) you can still go back and recruit Karlach, I believe. And yeah, the mountain pass is still act 1, you get an actual achievement for moving on to act 2.

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