Does sleeping with Minthara affect companions?

Siding with Minthara will earn the disapproval of Shadowheart and Gale. You will not be able to recruit Halsin to your party, even if you’ve rescued him from the Goblin Camp, and Wyll and Karlach will leave the party.

Does sleeping with Minthara ruin other romances?

Note that there are consequences in choosing a romance with Minthara. Gale and Shadowheart will strongly disapprove of your actions, and Wyll will dislike it so much he will abandon your party. Halsin will reject you, and you will have difficulty recruiting Karlach as well.

Can you be in a relationship with Minthara?

Minthara is a drow paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3. While many players are likely to encounter her as a boss fight in the early part of the game, she is also a potential romance option for players who are willing to take a slightly darker path.

How to get Minthara as a companion without killing the grove?

Steal the idol to stop the ritual, using stealth. This will start a fight between Tieflings and Druids so run or sneak out. Report the grove’s location to Minthara and when she and you go back you’ll find all the defenders dead. You’ll then be able to recruit her later in the game.

What are the consequences of recruiting Minthara?

Recruiting Minthara comes with consequences, including the inability to recruit Halsin and the risk of other companions leaving the party. Minthara brings versatility as a Drow Paladin and has humorous dialogue moments, making her an interesting addition to an evil playthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Side with Minthara Outcome | Romance, Betrayal, Companion Reactions Scenes – Baldur’s Gate 3

What companions do you lose if you side with Minthara?

Either way, in order to get on Minthara’s good side, you must betray the Druids and Tieflings. In doing so, both Wyll and Karlach will permanently leave your party with Gale very close to doing so as well unless you’re able to convince him otherwise.

Is Minthara worth recruiting?

Between Early Access and full release, Minthara was plagued with bugs that limited her dialogue and largely made it not worthwhile to recruit her, given the sacrifices required to do so.

Can you romance Minthara without killing?

If you encounter her and then choose to side with the Tieflings and kill the goblins, you will also have to kill her. However, if you choose to side with her, you will open up new threads that allow you to romance her immediately or have her join you as a companion.

Is there a way to recruit Minthara without killing?

You don’t have to personally kill the tieflings (or even the druids) to recruit Minthara. Instead, you can simply do what the tiefling kids ask you to do. Steal the idol to stop the ritual. Then, instead of picking a side and murdering some innocent people, you can leave.

How to sleep with Minthara?

Find her near the center of the camp and begin a conversation where she’ll immediately ask if you’re ready. Upon telling her that you are hers, she’ll offer to join you when you go to bed. Interact with a bedroll and you’ll have a choice of going to bed alone or with Minthara.

Can you trick Minthara?

Simply tell Minthara the location of Emerald Grove, and as she steps away from her desk to cross the bridge in the middle of the room, shoot it with an arrow to break it and send her plummeting to her death. You’ve just saved yourself a lengthy battle, though you won’t be able to loot her corpse.

Is Minthara romance worth it?

A romance with Minthara is a good fit for a villainous playthrough, as it requires ruthless and violent decisions. At times, the romance with Minthara lacks depth and feels shallow, with little opportunity to build a meaningful relationship or learn more about her character. It is also prone to glitches.

Has Minthara romance been fixed?

Nope. It’s still bugged. Flags don’t work correctly. There is end game cutscene (+couple of dialogues in act 3) and with her but you have to be lucky enough to avoid bugs to see it.

Should you side with Minthara?

Obviously as one of the three Baldur’s Gate 3 goblin leaders, killing her will save the Emerald Grove, but she’s also an easily-missable companion. That fact alone might make you want to side with her instead, especially if you’re playing as a BG3 Dark Urge origin.

Can you recruit Minthara without killing Tieflings?

In order to combine the two, you need to ensure Minthara survives the battle, but trick the game into perceiving her as dead, letting you progress the plot without killing any Tieflings. To do this, you’ll have to attack the Goblin Camp like normal, but instead of killing Minthara, you must knock her out.

Who does Minthara admire the most?

But who does Minthara admire the most?’ Legendary drow hero Drizzt Do’urden.

Can you have both Minthara and Karlach?

It is entirely possible to have Minthara and Wyll + Karlach.

How to get Minthara without betraying the grove?

Steal the idol to stop the ritual, using stealth. This will start a fight between Tieflings and Druids so run or sneak out. Report the grove’s location to Minthara and when she and you go back you’ll find all the defenders dead. You’ll then be able to recruit her later in the game.

Can you get both Minthara and halsin?

Normally, you can either get Minthara or Halsin as your BG3 companions – but not both. Minthara only joins if you destroy Emerald Grove and facilitate the Tiefling refugees’ murders.

How do I recruit Minthara peacefully?

Talk To Minthara At Camp

Accepting her advances will put you into a dialogue with her once you click on your bedroll. You’ll need to pass a DC 2 Persuasion or Deception check to end the night peacefully.

What happens if you tell Minthara about the artifact?

If you do tell her about the artifact here, she will be suspicious, but her feelings will conflict. She will have additional lines of dialogue about how you must prove your devotion, but will otherwise follow the same steps. Later, while you are sleeping, Minthara will angle a dagger at your neck.

Can you recruit Minthara and jaheira?

You can recruit Jaheira and Minsc with her, they’re dependent on your choice about the Nightsong in act 2, nothing to do with act 1 choice.

Can you revive Minthara after killing her?

It’s her or halsin – by turning against her she became permanently hostile to you, heck the lack of resurrection. The same would happen if you killed any other companion that permanently leaves and attacks you for any reason – In this case you can just do it before recruiting them.

How many romance scenes does Minthara have?

Minthara, like the other non-origin characters, only has one romance scene.

Can you romance Minthara after Act 2?

Romancing her requires a bit more time and hard work. While Minthara can show interest in the player in act one, it is not until late in act two that she can be recruited and romanced long term.

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