Does the date matter in Moonlighter?

The only purpose of the calendar is that people request to buy specific items and you have like 3 days to find them. There’s no time progression in the game itself.

Do the days matter in Moonlighter?

The Day-Night Cycle is an important feature in the game Moonlighter. Depending on the time of the day, different things take place. Dungeons are more difficult throughout nights. Mystery quests and items also appear more frequently if you open your shop at night.

What is the calendar for in Moonlighter?

As far as I can tell, it’s simply to keep track of what day a customer’s request is due. For now, it’s only about customer requests, yes. It’s a real shame too, since I thought something would show up here for the DCT.

What should I not sell in Moonlighter?

Keep crystals to enchant your stuff. Keep materials you need for weapons and armors you want. You can press X (xbox controller) to wishlist items at the blacksmith, it will mark its components with a star so you don’t accidentally sell them. Anything you don’t need is safe to sell.

What does last day mean in Moonlighter?

It’s the last day to get rewards for the quests you take.

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Is Moonlighter an endless game?

It’s actually both, the game does have an ending, but you can keep going afterwards or even just start ng+ whenever. according to the top thread the game features a new game+ mode. you tell me. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic.

How long does it take to 100% Moonlighter?

When focusing on the main objectives, Moonlighter is about 13½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 27½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is there romance in Moonlighter?

Both in Stardew and Moonlighter, you get bits and pieces of history from your surrounds, you slowly start improving your town and you are looking to make your place within it. There isn’t however romance or much more than surface level conversations with the NPCs in Moonlighter , which I feel is a missed opportunity.

What is the strongest weapon in Moonlighter?

The Big Sword is the most powerful weapon in Moonlighter, also possessing a strong special attack.

What is the best weapon choice in Moonlighter?

  • Short sword (sheild can be useful)
  • Gloves (highest dps)
  • Bow (plenty of enemies and bosses have ranged options so standing still is a good idea)
  • Spear (good range but slow)
  • Big Sword (slowest weapon in the game, I’ve died more times while using this then using any other weapon type)

Can you become a hero in Moonlighter?

There are two types of classes for Dungeons in the world of Moonlighter. You can either be a Hero or a Merchant – not one or the other, which is why the protagonist, Will, is so unusual.

Is Moonlighter 8 bit?

Moonlighter is developed by Digital Sun Games and published by 11 bit studios.

What happens after you beat Moonlighter?

– After you finish the game you can still redo all dungeons (despite what is said in-game) but bosses won’t respawn. That means if you want to get the “perfect boss” achievements you have to do it before you kill each boss once (as they won’t be coming back).

Can you fight bosses again Moonlighter?

Moonlighter features a boss in the end of every dungeon. These bosses are considerably more difficult than regular Enemies. Each boss can only be beaten once in any single play through.

Do I need to sleep in Moonlighter?

You might never, ever actually sleep in Moonlighter between all the dungeons and shopkeeping, but if you upgrade your bed you’ll leave your house at night with a lovely health boost that’ll no doubt come in incredibly handy down in the loot caverns.

What to buy first in Moonlighter?

Your first goals will be: Craft an upgraded weapon and basic armor. Invite the Smith and Witch to town (500 gold each) Purchase the first shop upgrade (6,000 gold) and the various tier 1 upgrades for the shop (Bed, cash register, etc.)

Can you get robbed in Moonlighter?

Shop Level 3

After defeating the carnivorous Mutae, Masa will get annoyed with you because he wanted to defeat it, so he will try to steal from you.

What is the best armor type in Moonlighter?

Steel Armour is the strongest of the traditional three sets but also reduces your speed, making it better suited for players who prefer to charge into battle and focus on dealing damage, as opposed to avoiding it.

What do ghost gloves do in Moonlighter?

Ghostly gloves able to contact enemies despite not being tangible. When transformed they are able to create spiritual projectiles.

How old is Moonlighter?

The Moonlighter, a 1953 Western film.

Who can you date in boyfriend dungeon?

Isaac, a fencer who is your first dungeon partner, has daddy issues and can turn into a fencing sword. Two characters, Rowan and Sawyer, are nonbinary, and there’s also an option to date a woman, Valeria, who’s an art thief. The game also mixes things up by allowing you to date a cat.

Is Moonlighter worth buying?

Moonlighter is an exciting action adventure-shop simulator game that shouldn’t be skipped. If you have any interest in running a shop and dungeon diving, then this game is for you.

What’s the difference between Moonlighter and Moonlighter complete edition?

Moonlighter: Complete Edition is made of: Moonlighter – full version of the base game with all the free DLCs.

Is Moonlighter hard?

Moonlighter can get extremely unforgiving in its roguelike dungeons. Despite the fact that it is the first dungeon boss, the Golem King is painfully difficult and has many players rage quitting right there.

How many levels are in Moonlighter?

There are 10 floors in total with 6 new bosses including 5 mini-bosses; every second floor featuring a boss at the end.

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