How did Athena survive God of War?

As the Goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena was one of the most powerful gods on Olympus; with a large variety of abilities, she was just as powerful (if not more powerful) as Ares, her rival. Astral Projection: After she sacrificed herself for Zeus, Athena was able to return in an Astral Form to guide Kratos.

Is Athena still alive after God of War 3?

Physically, yeah she’s dead because a younger Kratos impaled her with the Blade of Olympus as she jumped in front of Zeus to shield him and took the blow in his stead.

Why didn t Athena show up in God of War Ragnarok?

She dead. It’s implied that Athena created Loki’s mask and the Rift in order to manipulate the Norse Gods and kill Kratos. I wish we could’ve seen her in Ragnarök.

Did Athena take away Kratos power?

Athena confronted Kratos and demanded that he return the power of hope; the contents of Pandora’s Box. In a selfless act, Kratos refused, stated his need for vengeance was gone and impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus, which dispersed the power across the world for mankind’s use.

Was Athena a good person God of War?

Athena was a good Goddess. She was a virgin and according to Greek mythology when Hephaestus tried to rape her she protected her virginity. It shows she was of good character not loose like Aphrodite. Athena was goddess of wisdom and justice and loved all gods and mankind.

What Does Athena Mean by “Higher Existence”? (God of War Theory)

Is Kratos In Love With Athena?

6 He Has An Unclear Connection With Athena Given the promiscuity of the gods, it wouldn’t be an impossible scenario for Kratos and Athena to become entangled at one point. Though, there is no canonical proof suggesting that Kratos and Athena ever spent any time together in a romantic setting, for now.

Was Athena the real villain God of War?

So something that has always bothered me about Athena in God of War 3 is how she does a complete 180 and becomes a conspiring, conniving villain as a spirit. It’s the common consensus that she was infected with the evil Greed when Pandora’s Box was opened in God of War 1, releasing the evils to the gods.

Did Kratos feel bad for killing Athena?

Athena is the number one person that Kratos did not mean to kill, and showed great regret upon doing so. When he met her in the Underworld, he seemed dearly sorry that he had impaled her. Also, she seemed to be the only god he would listen to, save Hephestaus.

Why does Kratos hate Athena?

Kratos eventually becomes fed up with the Gods and Athena during Ghost of Sparta, where he learns that his brother is alive. Athena attempted to stop Kratos from entering the place know as the Domain of Death, but failed as he killed Thanoatos, and lost his brother during the battle.

Why did Athena turn evil?

Trivia. Athena was infected by evils with greed, as she presumably became ambitious to rule over the world, and possibly became jealous of Zeus’ authority over the Greek pantheon. She also allowed her ambition cloud her judgment, as she manipulated Kratos to kill the Olympians.

Why does Kratos regret killing Athena?

Athena is the number one person that Kratos did not mean to kill, and showed great regret upon doing so. When he met her in the Underworld, he seemed dearly sorry that he had impaled her. Also, she seemed to be the only god he would listen to, save Hephestaus.

Which gods survive God of War?

Lesser Greek Gods Kratos Didn’t Kill

These more sensible Olympians are: Phobos, the god of fear; Circe, goddess of magic; Amphitrite, the Queen of the Sea; Triton, the god of the waves; Nike, god of victory.

Why Kratos not dead in God of War Ragnarok?

At the end of the game, it is revealed how Faye helped Kratos and Atreus forge their own path. She was responsible for destroying the painting in God of War that depicted Kratos’ future death. In doing so, she prevented them from falling into the trap of bringing about fate through attempts to evade it.

How many years passed between God of War 3 and 4?

Ragnarök is set three years after those events. The ending of God of War III is based on the historic destruction of Sparta, which happened thanks to a terrible earthquake. The redditor explains that “happened in the year 464 BC. This means that roughly 999 years has passed between the end of GOW3 and the end of GOW4.”

Is Atlas still alive after Gow 3?

Atlas is now the last living Titan since he never appeared in God of War III, meaning he continued to hold Greece on his back; otherwise, if he had been killed or died, the whole Grecian land would have fallen apart.

Is Zeus really dead God of War?

There the fight raged on with both using Gaia’s Heart to heal themselves in the battle. Eventually, Gaia was killed when Kratos impaled Zeus against her heart with the Blade of Olympus, which apparently also killed Zeus.

Did Kratos regret killing Zeus?

Throughout the entire game ,it seems that Kratos regretted killing Zeus and for the longest time and I couldn’t really understand why. He becomes very solemn, quiet and sometimes defensive whenever he is brought up.

Who does Kratos hate the most?

He doesn’t “hate” the gods per se, he hated Ares and Zeus: The rest he simply disliked it. However, the Gods didn’t really removed his nightmares as he thought it would happen, they just forgave him and the nightmares still kept going, pushing Kratos into the edge, and creating o.

Why was Kratos sad when Athena died?

Due to Kratos’ pursuit of Zeus, Athena’s relationship with him had also become strained. However, there was never any intention from either of them to fight the other. For this reason, Athena’s death became one of Kratos’ greatest sorrows as he accidentally landed the fatal blow on her instead of Zeus.

How Kratos end up in Norse?

Most likely he just started wandering after the end of GoW 3 and ended up in Norse. As the previous answers stated, Greek and Norse (and all other mythologies) existed in the same plane, just different territory.

How did Kratos survive killing himself?

How did Kratos survive after the events of God of War 3? Kratos can’t really die. Kratos as a born demigod turned god is virtually immortal, but furthermore is cursed for his sins to never be able to die, henceforth how he survived his suicide with the Blade of Olympus.

How did Atreus get his scars?

The leading theories include the possibility of Deimos’ birthmark being genetic and Atreus’ scars being related, as well as possible self-scarification as a young Atreus was trying to look more like his father. Alternatively, it’s just a coincidence, and Atreus got his scars in an accident or fight.

Who is the most evil character in God of War?

Spoilers for God of War: Ragnarok ahead.

  1. 1 Odin. Odin is the primary antagonist in God of War: Ragnarok and is the newly crowned evilest villain in the franchise.
  2. 2 Ares. …
  3. 3 Zeus. …
  4. 4 Thor. …
  5. 5 Persephone. …
  6. 6 Heimdall. …
  7. 7 Gaia. …
  8. 8 Thanatos. …

Who is the most evil God in God of War?

2 Zeus. Zeus is the King of the Gods and the leader of Olympus, as well as the ultimate villain of the original God Of War trilogy and Kratos’ father, so he is possibly the most important antagonist in the entire franchise.

What is Kratos’s full name?

Initially, the name John Kratos was nothing more than a joke shared on Twitter by The Guardian’s gaming editor, Keza MacDonald. But as is the case with so much internet content these days, it soon gained its own lifeforce, eventually leading to PlayStation canonising the name.

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