How did Ellie stitch up Joel?

Episode seven ends back in the present day, with Ellie raiding the house she is in for supplies to heal Joel. She comes across a needle and some thread, and after gripping his hand, she proceeds to sew up Joel’s injury.

How did Joel survive being stabbed?

Ellie cleaned him, probably used some alcohol, and sewed him up before he lost too much blood. We’ll just have to believe in the fact that he has a crazy immune system and didn’t get an infection, the wound didn’t hit any major organs, and through crazy luck, he survived.

Why does Ellie resent Joel?

Ellie has literally just learned that Joel made the call to slaughter multiple Fireflies and destroy any chance there was to have a cure (however slim it was), which only made her guilt for surviving even worse.

Does Joel survive the rebar?

During the climax of the University sequence, Joel is impaled on a rebar after falling from the hospital’s mezzanine while fighting a Hunter mook. Ellie removes Joel from the rebar soon after and they successfully escape the enemy assault, without paying the puncture wound any mind whatsoever.

How did Joel get hurt in last of us?

In the game, Joel is wounded during the university sequence by falling from a balcony, and getting a metal bar impaled through his side.

Ellie stitches up Joel – The Last of Us HBO

Did Joel get bit or stabbed?

The Last of Us episode 6 features a major cliffhanger of Joel falling off his horse after being stabbed, leaving the main character’s fate up in the air. Joel’s injury comes from a group of men attacking him and Ellie while searching the University of Eastern Colorado.

Does Joel survive getting stabbed?

He may have spent the whole last episode laid out on a mattress, clinging to his life, but Joel (Pedro Pascal) came roaring back to life this week on “The Last of Us.” All he needs is a shot of penicillin and this guy is like Popeye the Sailor Man with a can of spinach.

Why was Joel killed?

In the video game’s sequel, “The Last of Us Part II,” Joel is shockingly murdered in the first act of the game by Abby, the daughter of the Firefly surgeon Joel killed in order to let Ellie live. Joel’s death sets Ellie up on a mission of revenge against Abby.

Could Joel still be alive?

Joel has managed to survive for an impressive twenty years. So if the TV show continues like the game, he and Ellie will live through The Last of Us season 1 and settle into some semblance of happily ever after. But they aren’t out of the woods forever. The Last of Us Part II, a second video game, was released in 2020.

Who saves Joel after being stabbed?

After Joel is injured, Ellie takes him to safety and begins looking for a way to heal him.

Does Ellie fall in love with Joel?

The road leading to the climax of HBO’s The Last of Us has been built around the relationship formed by Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal). Initially antagonistic, it soon becomes a relationship of convenience, necessity, and eventually, love.

Did Joel love Ellie as a daughter?

He genuinely began to see her as his daughter, and for the same reason, kept her out of harm’s way. Joel’s affection for Ellie was born out of grief, and parental loss. He gradually began to accept her as his own and that’s why he called her by the same term of endearment, “baby girl,” that he’d use on Sarah.

Did Ellie ever forgive Joel?

As far as we know at this point, Ellie never forgave Joel for his actions in the first game, which explains why she’s so consumed by a need to exact revenge on Abby. Deep down, she’s really angry at herself for not patching things up with the only father figure in her life before it was too late.

Why does Joel grab his chest?

“You see some of that as they exit the cabin as he seizes his chest.” Mazin confirms Joel is suffering a panic attack, “and he doesn’t know why.” “Panic attacks feel very much like heart attacks,” Mazin says, “It’s your body telling you you’re in terrible danger, but you don’t understand yet why.

Was Joel’s death painful?

The encounter resulted in Joel being shot, restrained, and beaten to death in front of Ellie with a golf club. It was slow, painful, and excruciating — a torture that broke Ellie and Tommy after they were spared.

How many human kills does Joel have?

One fan has revealed though that TV Joel’s kill-count is 39. As worked out by Reddit user No_Focus0, “Joel killed 28 people and 11 infected with a grand total of 39 kills in season one of The Last of Us.” It’s a strange number because in the context of real life, that’s an obscene amount.

Does Abby regret killing Joel?

While Abby does not presumably regret killing Joel, it becomes increasingly clear to her by now that it did nothing for her except distance her from Owen and Mel — also unaware at this point about Ellie killing her other friends.

Did Joel stop a cure?

Joel’s Decision

When Ellie wakes up in the car, Joel tells her that there were other people who are immune but the doctors couldn’t make anything work. He says they’ve stopped looking for a cure and the hospital was attacked by raiders.

How many years did Joel survive?

Fleeing his home near Austin with his brother Tommy and his 12-year-old daughter Sarah, they got involved in a firefight with a soldier; Sarah was mortally wounded and died in his arms, leaving him traumatized. In the 20 years that followed, Joel did whatever he had to do to survive.

Why did Ellie spare Abby?

Ellie Thought Of Joel During TLOU 2’s Ending

Through that, not only did Ellie realize that this wasn’t going to bring back Joel (or honor his memory), but that it would only be contributing to the cycle of violence. Allowing Abby to live in TLOU 2’s ending was symbolic of her finally letting go.

Why did Ellie let Abby live?

Ellie spares Abby because arguably the true individual she had to get even with and put to rest in her head once and for all, all along isn’t who it seems at initial glance. As conflicting with her emotions as it was, it was Joel (at least his selfishness itself).

Why is Abby so buff?

However, the reason that Abby is so muscular is because the WLF has trained her for years, and fans will even see large gyms at the beginning of Abby’s segment of the game. The reason that Abby has gotten so muscular over the years is because the WLF has both large farms and full gyms for training.

Why did Ellie stab the infected?

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Ramsey explains Ellie’s decision to cut the infected before killing it. According to Ramsey, Ellie is thinking of people close to her in that scene. To Ellie, it is as if this infected person killed Riley and Tess, even if it wasn’t the same infected.

Is Joel Dead in The Last of Us?

Time to rip off the band-aid: Joel is killed off early in The Last of Us Part II video game. The scene is a particularly brutal one and is the catalyst for the rest of Ellie’s actions throughout the rest of the game.

What is Joel sick with Last of Us?

Joel Miller is the playable protagonist of The Last of Us, and a supporting character in The Last of Us: Left Behind and The Last of Us Part II, in which he is briefly playable. Joel was a survivor in post-apocalyptic America that had been ravaged by the Cordyceps brain infection.

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