How did Marlene know Ellie as a baby?

Marlene has connections to Ellie from a young age, as evident by her placing Ellie in the FEDRA school and the game’s connection between her and Anna, and also Riley through the latter joining the Fireflies at some point.

How did Marlene know about Ellie?

Marlene has known Ellie since she was a baby, as she knew her mother, Anna. It’s heavily implied in TLOU Part I that Anna was infected while pregnant with Ellie.

How did Marlene know that Ellie was immune?

Marlene tells Joel that the doctor “thinks that the Cordyceps has grown with Ellie since birth” and that it “produces a kind of chemical messenger” that makes “normal Cordyceps think that she is Cordyceps.” She’s immune because, even when Ellie is bitten or otherwise exposed, the Cordyceps that enters her body already …

How did Marlene know Anna?

Anna was Marlene’s best friend during her childhood before the outbreak of the Cordyceps brain infection. After the outbreak in 2003, Anna survived and joined Marlene’s militia group, the Fireflies, eventually being stationed at one of their safe houses outside the Boston quarantine zone.

Did Marlene tell Ellie about her mom?

Marlene revealed that she made a promise to Anna to look after her and Ellie asked what her mom’s name was, to which Marlene replies. She also gave her a switchblade that once belonged to Anna.

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Is Ellie immune because her mom was bit while pregnant?

The finale implies Ellie’s immunity is linked to Anna’s bite on her inner thigh, corroborating a fan theory that Ellie’s built-in protection against the cordyceps outbreak was the result of her mother somehow getting bitten before childbirth.

Why is Ellie so important to Marlene?

Ellie described Marlene as “just a friend, I guess.” Marlene treated Ellie as her surrogate daughter, following her friend Anna’s dying wish.

Why did Marlene not want Ellie to be a firefly?

There’s something about Ellie that draws people in, but Marlene couldn’t allow herself that luxury of an emotional connection. Her priorities will always be what’s best for the Fireflies, and allowing Ellie to join the Fireflies would have also been contrary to Anna’s last wish to keep Ellie safe.

Why did Marlene give Ellie to Fedra?

As viewers learn in the finale, Marlene was charged with finding someone to take care of baby Ellie. Despite being a Firefly, Marlene knew FEDRA’s Boston base was the safest place for her. There, she would be fed and educated with a minimal risk of danger, and Marlene could keep tabs on her from a distance.

Who is Ellie’s biological father in The Last of Us?

Ellie is the only daughter of the woman known as Anna. We know nothing about her biological father, let alone whether he had any other children. Her (sort of) adoptive mother Marlene had no children, and it would be a stretch to consider Sarah, the daughter of her surrogate father Joel, as Ellie’s sister.

Why is Joel not Infected?

Sunday’s episode of “The Last of Us” revealed how the cordyceps fungal infection likely spread so rapidly around the world. It turns out Joel may have narrowly avoided being infected simply because of his food choices on the series’ pilot.

Why did the Infected kiss Tess?

In the show, she distracts an incoming pack of infected, which leads us to a rather unique moment. A runner spots Tess and instead of violently charging her as we’ve seen infected do before, it calmly walks over and gives her an open-mouthed kiss to allow tendrils of the evolved cordyceps fungi to pass into her.

Can Ellie infect others?

Ellie Almost Certainly Cannot Infect Others In The Last Of Us. While the end result of what would occur from a group of people eating Ellie – as was threatened in The Last of Us episode 8 – is unclear, there are some hints from The Last of Us Part II surrounding Ellie’s immunity and how it works.

Did Ellie’s mom lie to Marlene?

“I didn’t wanna nurse her,” Anna says, revealing a nasty bite on her leg. She’s going to turn and she wants Marlene, who we learn is a lifelong friend, to take Ellie to Boston and “make sure she’s safe.” (Interestingly, she lies and says the umbilical cord was cut before she was bitten.)

Why did Marlene want Joel to take Ellie?

Might have been easy to miss, but the original purpose of Joel taking Ellie was to take her on something like a days journey while Marlene got fixed up. Not exactly easy to miss, Tess and Joel were asked to take Elle to the capital building, hand her off.

Why is Ellie immune but not Riley?

“Our doctor, he thinks that the cordyceps in Ellie has grown with her since birth,” Marlene explains. “It produces a kind of chemical messenger. It makes normal cordyceps think that she’s cordyceps; it’s why she’s immune.

What is Veronica’s secret in The Last of Us?

Ellie is questioned by a woman, running monotonous tests on Ellie’s intelligence. Ellie, going under the name Veronica, passes these tests that are later revealed to be related to her immunity to the Cordyceps brain infection.

Did Ellie know Joel lied?

In this way, the answer to the question of whether Ellie knows he’s lying is both yes and no. Deep down, she clearly does. But she chooses to believe him in order to protect herself from further harm.

Does Ellie know Joel killed Marlene?

He also murders Marlene, fearing she’ll come after them. Part 2 opens with Joel confessing what he did to Tommy, who offers him comfort. “I can’t say I’d have done different,” he tells him. Under pressure from Ellie, Joel eventually tells her the truth.

Why did Joel have to take Ellie and not Marlene?

Marlene was too injured to take Ellie herself like originally planned. She also states that she knows what kind of people Joel and Tess are so they would likely get the job done.

Would they have found a cure if Ellie died?

It would not have been a cure, no. To be a cure, it would have to be able to get rid of an infection that’s already taken hold, like an antibiotic to a bacterial infection. That would not have been possible with the Cordyceps infection from the game.

Did Joel lie to Ellie about the cure?

When she wakes up, Joel lies and says that the cure did not work. While Joel’s decision to kill the Fireflies is controversial in its own right, the biggest issue coming out of the finale is that Joel chooses to lie to Ellie. Importantly, however, Joel only does this to protect Ellie.

Who was Ellie in love with?

In Left Behind she kissed Riley, and the creator confirmed they had a romantic relationship, and that Ellie was a lesbian. The actresses were even working on the fact that they were in love. Hope that answers your question!

Is Ellies real name Veronica?

Ellie, going under the name Veronica, passes these tests that are later revealed to be related to her immunity to the Cordyceps brain infection. The second scene featuring Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, shows her being freed from her restraints by Marlene.

Why was David attracted to Ellie?

He believes he is the true superior among his people and has yet to find an equal. Ellie’s commanding personality and lack of fear are appealing to him. He is a pedophile with a personal interest in Ellie, which is why he spares her life.

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