How do I claim my FIFA companion rewards on the app?

rivals awards on the web app or companion app. go all the way down to competitions. click the competition you want to claim, claim your award. done. follow for more FIFA 23 tips.

How do you claim rewards on FIFA 23 app?

Luckily, you don’t have to do much to claim your Squad Battles rewards – simply log into FUT on console, PC or web app and your rewards will appear in the game. You don’t have to open your rewards straight away, either, so you can save the packs until a later date if you’re wanting to wait for a certain card to drop.

Can you open FIFA rewards on the app?

For those that want to open their rewards on the app, these can be located within the ‘Competitions’ menu, where players can track their progress across all three FUT game modes, which also includes Squad Battles.

How do I claim my weekly rewards on FIFA 23?

With FUT Champs taking place over the weekend, FIFA 23 Division Rivals will refresh every Thursday, which is when players will receive rewards based on their performance that week. You can get your rewards by logging into FUT and claiming them from the Division Rivals tab, and then opening them in the Store.

Why are my FIFA 23 points not showing up on companion app?

FIFA points need to be received in game before they appear in the app. So, log in to FIFA on the platform you play on. Once you see them there, they should be available in the web/companion app.

How to claim squad battle rewards fifa 23 companion app?

Why are my FIFA points not showing on the app?

Sometimes the transaction needs an extra push to sync with your account, and logging out and back in again helps the FIFA Points come through to you.

How long do FIFA points take to show up on companion app?

You have redeemed a FC Points code but are they not immediately visible in the FUT Web & Companion app? This can be possible! There is sometimes a delay in updating your FC Points credit. In extreme cases this can take up to 24 – 48 hours, but it often happens faster.

Can you claim rewards on companion app?

here is how you claim your squad battles foot champs. rivals awards on the web app or companion app. go all the way down to competitions. click the competition you want to claim, claim your award. done.

How do I claim my 4600 FIFA Points on FIFA 23?

Players who purchased the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition are entitled to 4600 FIFA points. When you load up Ultimate Team, your points should have been added to your account automatically, if the game has been officially released in the region that you pre-ordered.

Why am I not getting my rival rewards?

For help with missing Division Rivals rewards, please try contacting @EAHelp through Twitter or open a case with a live support advisor here. You can also go to to get in touch with support.

How do I link my game reward card to the app?


  1. Open the GAME app.
  2. Click the profile button in the top right hand corner.
  3. Click ‘Your Wallet’
  4. Click ‘Manage Funds’
  5. Sign-in.
  6. Click ‘Manage’ on the gift card line.
  7. Click the ‘+’ button to add a new gift card, and input the 19 digit number and 4 PIN from your gift card.

How do I access FIFA companion app?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to get the Companion App working:

  1. Open the FIFA Ultimate Team mode on your console.
  2. Create FUT Club.
  3. Log onto the Companion App with the EA account.

How do you beat the legendary in FIFA 23?

I play my games on legendary, here are the tips:

  1. Never commit on tackles! Hold L2 and jockey slowly! …
  2. Waited passes are the crux of this game and it will destroy all those AI bs.
  3. German crosses are not gonna be defended by the AI.
  4. Fast build up = AI dead as they don’t know how to defend 2 strikers getting behind.

Is Squad Battles worth it?

so overall is Squad battles worth it. I would say that in total it took me around five hours. and I only got 50 000 coins back from that you can decide whether that’s worth it for you maybe in the early weeks of the game it is quite useful. but I would definitely prioritize division Rivals and foot champions.

How many points do you need to get top 200 in squad battles?

How many points do you need to get top 200 in squad battles? Elite is many times only around 50,000 points and to get into top 200 you need around 100,000 points.

How do I claim my FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition rewards?

You must redeem your single-use code (if a code is required), log in to FIFA Ultimate Team (“FUT”), and create a Career Mode save while connected to EA servers (together these steps are referred to as “redeem”) to access your Ultimate Edition content (an untradeable FIFA World Cup™ FUT Hero Player Item, an untradeable …

Why didn t i get my 4600 FIFA Points in FIFA 23?

Have you had a chance to create a career save yet? We’ve seen this help out in some cases when the other rewards don’t appear after restarting the game. If you’re still not seeing those points appear afterwards, please contact support so they can take a look at the account with you.

Why have i not received my 4600 FIFA Points?

If you’re still not seeing the points on your account please get in touch with the EA Help team so they can take a look. For more information on how to set up a case with them check out the EA Help website. If you prefer, you can also speak with them over Twitter or Facebook instead.

When can you claim squad battle rewards FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Squad Battles times

Players can claim their FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Squad Battles rewards, every Sunday morning at 8:00 AM UTC. Simply log into Ultimate Team on your console, PC, or Web App and they will be waiting for you in the game mode.

When can you claim division rivals rewards?

You can collect your Division Rivals rewards every Thursday from 8am BST. This means Rivals rewards are live from 3am EST/12 am PT, if you fancy staying up late to open them in the US. Your rewards may take a few minutes to appear, so don’t worry if they aren’t available right on the hour mark.

How to earn access to the transfer market on the companion app?

Below are some examples of how many active days of playing it takes to get access to the Transfer Market. For an Ultimate Team™ account that’s in good standing, and is the only account that’s been created on or logged into from a device, playing two active days would normally earn you access.

Why am I not getting my FIFA 23 points?

If you bought in-game currency such as FIFA points, and you’re not seeing them in the game, confirm your completed purchase by signing in to view your Order history. If you see your in-game currency in your purchase history, try quitting and relaunching the game: Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.

How do I redeem FIFA Points on PS app?

In order to claim FIFA Points purchased through the PlayStation and Xbox storefronts, players need to log into FUT 21 on their console after each purchase. You will not be able to claim them on FUT Web/Mobile Companions.

Do you need to buy FIFA to use companion app?

The companion app links to your Ultimate Team, so you would need to own a copy of the game to use it. Please make sure to Accept Solutions and give XP when someone has provided you with assistance.

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