How do I get a Stray safe code?

Show Elliot the note and he’ll translate it, giving you a rendezvous point in the Dufer Bar. Mosey on over to Dufer, jump up on the bar and look over to the left–hand side. Then, you’ll see a painting which you can knock down. Behind the painting, you’ll find the code to the safe: 1283.

What is the 4 digit code in Stray?

In this way, it’s easy to miss the door code. If you’d rather not bother looking for that, the code is 3748. Approach the keypad and input the code, then you’ll be on your way. Stray has a lot of little puzzles such as this.

How do I open my safe if I forgot the code?

If you have forgotten the code to your safe, you still have a few options for gaining entry. The simplest solution is to reset the code. Depending on the manufacturer and type of safe, you may be able to enter an override code, or your locksmith may be able to access a reset switch inside the safe with a special tool.

What is the code for Stray store?

Before I get into all other details, for those who just want the code: it’s 8542. To find this safe, make your way through Midtown until you reach the main street. This will be where all the other shops are and can be accessed very early on in this chapter.

What is the code for the Stray Momo safe?

He’ll point you towards Dufer Bar, where you can meet your old buddy Momo. As a cat, you’re much smarter than the average creature, so it’s a breeze for you to open the safe. Climb on top of the bar, knock off a painting, and reveal the code – 1283. Inside the save you’ll find Music Sheet 8/8.

Stray slums safe code / password (follows the numbers, safe’s mysterious password)

What is the code in Stray chapter 6?

This will reveal another keypad, for which the code is 2511, as revealed by the times given by the four clocks over on the wall to the left of the keypad. Typing in the code will reveal the secret door to Doc’s lab. There are a few things that can be examined inside, but only one that will progress the story.

What if I get locked out of my safe?

Any time you find yourself locked out a home safe, it is always best to call in a professional locksmith. Not only do they have access keys and digital entry mechanisms that can be used to avoid ruining the safe, they know how to get in without risking an injury.

What is the default code for electronic digital safe?

1 Open safe by inputting the factory preset PIN (i.e.159B). 2 Press the red button on the inside edge of the door, then yellow light on the keypad come on. 3 Now select your PIN digit, and then press the letter “B” to confirm your PIN. A beep will sound for each key pressed.

What is the secret lab code in Stray?

It refers to the four clocks on the wall. Read these unusual timepieces to get the four-digit code for the keypad. Enter 2511 into the keypad to open the wall to the secret lab. With that done, the cat has access to the secret lab.

What is the password for the first safe in Stray?

Inside you’ll find a DUFER BAR neon sign at the end of the bar, so hop up next to it then interact with the picture hanging above. That will shortly fall off the wall, revealing the Stray safe code written behind it: 1283.

What is the first code in Stray?

Near the locked door, head into the dark storage room on the right and climb the shelf with the whiteboard. The chamber is dimly lit, so players will need to use B-12’s flashlight to see about the space. After ascending the shelf, knock over the paint cans to reveal the first code: 3478.

How do you get the binary code in Stray?

Step 3: Once you’ve talked to Elliot and received the info, mosey over to the Dufer Bar and waltz right in, then jump on the bar and examine the tropical picture hanging on the wall there to knock it down. This will reveal the code you’ve been looking for: 1283.

Can you override a key safe?

Override keys for safes or doors are special keys that can be inserted that get past the electronic systems inside the lock. These allow locksmiths to get inside your lock if needed. They also allow you to get past the lock if you forget the combination or if something happens, like, you know…….. the batteries die.

Where do you drill to open a safe?

The most direct method is to drill into the face of the lock in order to reach the lever or drive cam. After accessing the lever or cam, the safecracker can use a punch rod to push them out of the way or bend them until they are no longer obstructing the path of the bolt.

How many times can you try to unlock a safe?

One safe may go into lockout mode after one failed attempt where other safes may give you up to 5 attempts before it locks you out completely. There is no universal setting for when a safe will go into lockout mode.

How does a 4 digit combination lock work?

Inside the lock, the spindle runs through several wheels and a drive cam. The number of wheels in a wheel pack is determined by how many numbers are in the combination – one wheel for each number. When you turn the dial, the spindle turns the drive cam. Attached to the drive cam is a drive pin.

Is Stray a boy or girl?

Trivia. One of the reasons why Stray gained popularity is due to this cat being the player character. The cat’s gender is mentioned in very few places in the English localization: only in the dialog of Jonee and Rozey. His gender is male.

What is the safe code in Stray Chapter 10?

Enter 8542 to open the safe and collect the Cat Badge.

What is the secret of Stray ending?

Stray has one ending, and it cannot be influenced. Optional quests like collecting all of the Sheet Music, energy drink cans, and even memories won’t give you an additional cutscene or let you change anything. It’s also worth noting that the cat doesn’t die at the end of the game.

What is the code in Stray with Seamus?

Stray | Open Seamus’ secret room: Tick, tick…

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it, but there’re four clocks on the wall to the left of the room above the sofa. There, hidden in plain site, is the code for the keypad. Simply enter ‘2 5 1 1’ into the keypad and a hidden door will open.

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