How do I recover my Ubisoft save game?

Close the game and Ubisoft Connect PC. Find the backup version of your game’s save folder on your PC. Right-click the backup folder and select Copy. Open your account ID folder, located in the Ubisoft Connect PC installation folder.

How do I recover a saved file on Ubisoft?

Open your account ID folder, located in the Ubisoft Connect PC installation folder. By default, you can find your account ID folder, marked by a long string of numbers and letters, in C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launcher/savegames/. Paste the backup folder into the account ID folder.

How do I recover a save file for a game?

Here are the steps to recover lost game data from Steam backups.

  1. Go to “Steam > Backup and Restore Games”.
  2. Choose “Restore a Previous Backup”.
  3. Click “Browse” and find your title in the Steam backups folder. Hit “Next”. Then, follow the on-screen instructions.

Does Ubisoft Connect backup save games?

Some games available through Ubisoft Connect PC support cloud saving. This means that your saved games are stored online in the cloud. If you launch the game with the same Ubisoft account on another system, you will be able to continue your progress where you left off.

Where are Ubisoft Connect saves stored?

Open the save game folder of Ubisoft Connect PC. The default installation path is: C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launchersavegames[Account ID].

How to Backup and Install UBISOFT Games

How do I find my Ubisoft game files?

Open Ubisoft Connect PC. Go to the Games tab and select the game you want to locate. Choose Locate installed game underneath the Download button on the left side of the screen. Select the installation location and then choose OK.

Does Ubisoft account save progress?

Your progress will transfer automatically for most games through your Ubisoft Connect account. However, you will need to transfer your saved games manually for some games before Stadia shuts down.

Will I lose my progress if I uninstall a game Ubisoft?

Select Uninstall. You can also uninstall games directly in Windows. When you uninstall a game, your local saves for that game will remain on your system.

How do I upload saves to Ubisoft cloud?

Select Load game. Choose Saved Games. Select the cloud icon in front of the save you wish to upload. Your saved game will now automatically upload to the cloud whenever your progress is saved.

How do I transfer games from my Ubisoft account?

In order for us be able to check if a transfer of the game is possible, please open a support case from the Ubisoft account the game is currently registered on and submit a valid proof of purchase with your case. Please note that for technical reasons we are only able to transfer your game activation.

How to recover deleted data?

How To Recover Deleted Files (2023 Guide)

  1. Check Your Recycle Bin.
  2. Use the Control Panel.
  3. Use a Data Recovery Software.
  4. Hire a Data Recovery Service.

Do save files stay if you delete game?

You’ll keep your game saves even if you uninstall the game. The add-ons will be uninstalled as the game is uninstalled. You’ll be able to redownliad the game, then by hitting the menu button and going to manage game, you can find the add-ons waiting to be reinstalled.

Can you uncorrupt a save game?

Solution 1: Delete the corrupted game file

Important You can’t recover a corrupted saved game file. To protect other content, you must delete the corrupted file. To determine if the saved game is corrupted, follow these steps: Select Settings > System > Storage.

Where is the Ubisoft recovery code?

These recovery codes will be sent in an email from [email protected] with the subject line 2-Step Verification Recovery Codes. If you cannot find this email, we recommend checking your SPAM or Junk folder. When enabling the feature on a device, you can also request your recovery codes be sent in a text message.

How do I access my saved games on the cloud?

Once you’re in the game, select “Load Game” or a similar option that lets you access your saved games. Look for an option that says “Cloud Saves,” “Cloud Storage,” or something similar. This will usually be indicated by a cloud icon. Select the cloud storage option and choose the save file you want to retrieve.

Where does Ubisoft save screenshots?

By default, all screenshots you take will be saved in C:/Users/[your username]/Pictures/UbisoftConnect. You can change the save location of your screenshots in the Other section of the Settings menu.

Why are my games gone on Ubisoft?

If the game has been redeemed on another Ubisoft account, it will not appear in your current account’s library. If you have another Ubisoft account, use it to log into Ubisoft Connect PC and check whether the game appears in that account’s library.

Can you get a game back after deleting it?

Check the Recycle Bin or Trash folder: If you have recently deleted a file, check your Recycle Bin or Trash folder to see if it is still there. If it is, you can restore it from there. Use file recovery software: If the file is not in the Recycle Bin or Trash folder, you can try using file recovery software.

Will I lose my progress if I delete and reinstall a game?

It depends on the game. Most new games have your progress saved either on the server or cloud of the developer, or in the Steam Cloud. But almost all older games and some of the newer ones have the save on your computer, so you’d need to make a back-up from it, to avoid losing it.

Can I keep Ubisoft games?

If you purchase any games or additional content included in the Ubisoft+ catalog while subscribed, you will keep these purchases, even if you cancel your membership. If the game you purchase supports cross-progression, you will be able to carry over your progression and in-game content.

Are Ubisoft games permanent?

Are Ubisoft games permanent? When your subscription ends, any games available in your library through Ubisoft+ will become unavailable. Purchasing the game will give you full ownership of it, including continued access if you unsubscribe from Ubisoft+.

Do Ubisoft accounts get deleted?

According to Ubisoft, it will not delete accounts with an active subscription or bought PC games. So, if you have either, it assures you that your account will not be deactivated.

How do I reinstall Ubisoft Games?

Open Ubisoft Connect PC. Go the the Games tab. Select the game you want to install. Choose Download.

Where are Ubisoft connect log files?

By default, you can find your log files in C:Program Files (x86)UbisoftUbisoft Game Launcherlogs.

How do I transfer Ubisoft Games to another computer?

Select the entire Uplay/Ubisoft game launch folder or a game folder and press Ctrl + C to copy it. Then paste it to the new drive. Note: Don’t use the Cut key to copy the whole game folder. To avoid any unexpected loss, we highly recommend you make a backup beforehand.

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