How do you beat bandits looking for Timmy?

If you follow them to Rattay, they’ll eventually turn on you – but you can rally the Rattay guards to your side to make short work of them. If you stay behind, you can easily knock out the lone bandit from behind and silence him for good – probably the best thing to do so so he doesn’t watch you meet with Timmy.

What happens if you tell them where Timmy is?

You tell them where Timmy is and they will pay you. As insurance, they leave 1 of the bandits behind to keep watch over you. Wait until the rest leave then slaughter the lone bandit.

How do you save Timmy in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Same with their mate Timmy. You can also save him if you elect not to fight the bandits at the mill. Take their payment (it’s half until they arrive at Timmy’s place) and then tell them where Timmy is and follow them there. Better yet, pick them off one by one on the way in so that only the bandit leader is left.

What happens if you tell Morcock Timmy is in Rattay?

If you tell them the truth, they will immediately set off towards the Kolben farm, where they will kill the simpleton, before heading to the Samopesh Inn. Either follow them to the farm, or meet them at the Inn. Morcock and his thugs murder Timmy.

Where is Sir Radzig in Merhojed?

The Merhojed soldier’s camp is a military camp located west of Merhojed, it is where most of the Silver Skalitz garrison is located after the Sack of Skalitz. The camp serves as a base of operations for Sir Radzig Kobyla.

Chapter 12: My Friend Timmy (Kingdom Come Deliverance)

What to do with the bandit in Merhojed?

Straw will burst in looking for blood, and you can either let him have the bandit to kill, or talk him down. He has virtually no speech skill to match your own so it shouldn’t be hard to get your way, and take the prisoner back to Rattay with you.

What should I tell the bandits about Timmy?

If you take the money, Morcock will not believe that you don’t know where Timmy is – so either tell them that he’s at the Kolben farm or convince them he is in Rattay. The bandit will be dubious but investigate, leaving Radan to watch over you.

Can you romance Lady Stephanie in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Lady Stephanie (At Your Service, My Lady)

You’ll talk to her when she visits during your first night in town, but you won’t be able to start the romance quest for a while. Like Theresa above, you’ll have to wait until after you return to Skalitz to (try to) bury your parents.

How do you fight Morcock?

The strategy that worked best for me is as follows:

  1. Wear the armour you find when infiltrating the camp from the north entrance. …
  2. Survive the battle with as much health as possible. …
  3. Put Bane on your Weapon. …
  4. Enhance your durability with potions.

Is Henry son of Radzig KCD?

He also reveals that Henry is actually Radzig’s illegitimate son. With the help of a former Skalitz villager, Zbyshek, Henry escapes and warns the Lords of Tóth’s treachery. Radzig acknowledges Henry as his son, and then the Lords and their combined army assault Vranik and defeat its garrison.

What happens if you don’t revive Timmy?

If Eric decides to shut down the artifact, he spares the lives of everyone on the plane at the cost of Timmy remaining dead. Eric then leaves the facility and burns a photo of Timmy, choosing to let go.

Do you revive Timmy or not?

You can never revive Timmy if you do not crash the plane. If you do make the decision to crash the plane, then you get the cut-scene explained above.

Can you save Theresa in the beginning?

In the Prologue, as you escape Skalitz you have a quest come up to save Theresa, which is easily missed.

How do you save Timmy in the forest?

If the player chooses to use the Obelisk and crash the plane, it is then implied that he kidnaps a child himself and resurrects Timmy.

Where is Timmy hiding Kingdom Come?

She’ll manage to whisper that Timmy is hiding at the Kolbens’ farm nearby – but you’ve got company. A squad of cutthroats will show up, led by an intimidating guy who wants to know who it is your looking for.

How do you cure bandit in Kingdom Come?

First, give the antidote to Bedrishka, Daniel, and Vincent. Once they are feeling better, speak to Melichar. He’ll be overjoyed with your help – even if they haven’t fully healed yet. You can tell Melichar who he should be thankful for, and he’ll open up the shed to let you administer the cure to the bandit.

Where is nest of vipers?

The Quest, Nest of Vipers, is the thirteenth Main Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In this quest, you’re on your own – and tasked to sneak behind enemy lines and scope out the Bandit Camp at the abandoned town of Pribyslavitz.

What to do with timmy?

Talk to Mirka behind the windmill.

  1. (Optional) Wait until Morcock finds Timmy, then go and get your reward. Find the bandit’s camp.
  2. Get Timmy to tell you where the other bandits are hiding. Report the location of the bandit camp to Sir Radzig.

What happens if you court Lady Stephanie?

What happens if you court Lady Stephanie? Once you complete the quest, Lady Stephanie will reward you with a shirt from Stephanie. She asks you to put it on in front of her, which Henry can accept or decline. If he accepts the shirt, Stephanie will reveal how lonely she is and the two will make love.

How old is Lady Stephanie of Talmberg?

Now thirty, and with Divish even older, Stephanie is concerned that she will never be able to give him an heir, which causes her a great deal of grief.

Who is Timmy’s best friend in Timmy time?

He is best friends with Yabba and is very close to Finlay. He also appears in Shaun the Sheep. Timmy’s noise is baa. Yabba is a duckling who wears blue goggles and is very similar to Timmy in personality and is best friends with him.

How do I complete my friend Timmy?

My Friend Timmy quest guide

  1. Travel to the windmill south of Merhojed.
  2. Ask a villager about Timmy.
  3. Prepare for a fight and speak to his sister Mirka.
  4. Persuade or fight off the bandits.
  5. Travel to the Kolben’s farm.
  6. Persuade Timmy to tell you where the bandits’ camp is.
  7. Report to Sir Radzig.

How do you meet behind the mill Kingdom Come?

Look around for a girl named Mirka, and ask about Timmy. She’ll be reluctant at first, but if you can convince her with a speech check, she’ll agree to meet behind the mill and discuss it in secret. If she resists, just ask around and the others will confirm that she’s Timmy’s sister.

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