How do you get Danse out of power armor?

Locate Danse’s power armor frame called the “Powered Armor Frame AtomCat” (It should be something along the lines of 00198B13). In the bar, type removeitem 00198B13 1, then press enter and exit the commands.

How do you get a companion out of Power Armor?

  1. Talk to the companion.
  2. Go to the talk section.
  3. There will be an option to ask them to leave the power armour (it replaces relationship or something)

How do I get rid of Paladin danse?

It appears that the death of Paladin Danse is a scripted event at certain points in this quest. For instance, when meeting Elder Maxson outside the bunker, if the player character elects to kill Maxson before Danse is executed, Danse will automatically die.

How do you get Danse Power Armor?

The best way of getting the Power Armor is by building a small staircase and tell Danse to sit on a Bench, once assigned to sit down, stay in Build Mode and wait for him go up and shoot out his Fusion Core and take his Armor once he force exited it.

Can you get Paladin Danse to leave the brotherhood?

Dance will only leave you if you get far enough in the brotherhood questline, you can work for both The Brotherhood and The Railroad but you’ll have to pick one or the other later on unless you side with the other two factions.

Fallout 4 Guide: Getting Paladin Danse Into New Power Armor

Can you get Danse out of his armor?

Locate Danse’s power armor frame called the “Powered Armor Frame AtomCat” (It should be something along the lines of 00198B13). In the bar, type removeitem 00198B13 1, then press enter and exit the commands.

Can you stop Danse from leaving?

To keep Danse as a full companion following the main story one must either side with the Brotherhood, or side with the Minutemen and choose not to become enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Can Paladin Danse exit power armor?

You can however make… or rather force, Paladin Danse out of his Power Armor on PC through the developer console. He has been noted as coming out of his Power Armor as a “Naked Slenderman” or something to that effect BUT after going to sleep he returns to normal and you can have his Armor.

What do you get for killing danse?

Kill Danse Or Force Him To Kill Himself

Either way, he dies, and you have to pick up the Holotags from his corpse and return to Elder Maxson on The Prydwen. As a result, you’re promoted to Paladin, given Danse’s quarters, and all his possessions, including his set of power armor.

Is Paladin Danse really a synth?

Once this is done, Elder Maxson will summon the Sole Survivor and reveal that Danse is a synth. In the Institute’s records, Danse’s model is listed as “missing,” meaning that Danse was likely a rescued synth. Given this, most of the memories of his childhood were likely fabricated.

Can you change danses Power Armor?

Fallout 4. Is there a way to change Paladin Danse’s power armor? you can use a mod that makes him look like buzz lightyear :P. Yes, simply put other Power Armor pieces into his inventory and equip them with default T.

What happens if you don’t execute Danse Fallout 4?

During the quest Blind Betrayal, if one refuses to execute Paladin Danse for being an alleged synth, Elder Maxson will appear — suspecting possible insubordination — and make a speech on how Danse is an abomination.

Can you avoid killing Danse?

The quest line that brings you to that decision is unaffected by your decision, so you are not penalized either way. Kill him or not, whichever you want. I have done both, as I have played multiple characters, and I just go with what would be consistent with my character.

Which power armor is the best Fallout 4?

Fallout 4: The Best Pieces Of Power Armor, Ranked

  • 8 Vim! Power Armor.
  • 7 Piezonucleic T-45/T-51 Torso.
  • 6 Honor T-60 Left Leg.
  • 5 Visionary’s T-60 Helmet.
  • 4 Quantum X-01 Armor Set.
  • 3 Tesla Armor Set.
  • 2 Nuka T-51 Armor Set.
  • 1 Overboss Power Armor Set.

Why can’t I exit my power armor?

First try exiting the game and relogging into your character. If exiting the game and relogging into your character does not resolve the issue, check if your Power Armor Frame is missing from your characters inventory. You can check for your Power Armor Frame in the Items – Apparel tab of your Pip-boy.

How do you get Piper out of power armor?

Command your companion, then talk, then hit A for exit power armour.

Can you become sentinel without killing danse?

Yes, you can become a Paladin. I won’t spoil anything, but it involves making some hard decisions. Actually, you can become a Sentinel – and you don’t need to kill Danse, as I assume that’s what you’re referring to.

Can Paladin Danse be saved?

To keep Danse as a companion you must convince Elder Maxson to let him live after Blind Betrayal. Then continue with either the Brotherhood or Minutemen storyline. I recommend maxing out affinity with Danse before getting too far into the main story quests.

What happens if you keep Paladin Danse alive?

If you get to the point where Danse leaves the BoS he’ll live, but you won’t be able to use him as a companion anymore if you side against the Brotherhood. It’s also possible to take out the Institute using just the Minutemen.

What happens to Paladin Danse if you destroy the brotherhood?

if you spared him and sided with Institute or RR/MM and destoryed the BoS, yeah, he will just become a settler, nothing else. Similar to Nick, he is not fond of the Institute,, and due to lack of character development, neither of them are fond of each other even though, well, they are close to being same thing.

What power armor does danse wear?

Well… X-01 power armor pieces can spawn at various locations beginning at level 28, so a now independent wastelander Danse could get a full suit of X-01 this way.

Will Danse turn hostile after blind betrayal?

If you become an enemy of the BoS before Blind Betrayal, Danse will turn hostile. If you become an enemy of the BoS after Blind Betrayal, he won’t turn hostile. However, you won’t be able to have him as a companion anymore.

Can you convince Maxson to spare Danse?

You can spare him with a conversation with Maxson after going there to kill him, but not follow through. Once you leave you’ll be confronted by Maxson and you’ll be able to talk with him. You will not be able to ever bring Danse near BOS again though.

How do you romance Danse after Blind Betrayal?

Once you’ve done Blind Betrayal and Danse lives, he’ll have the romance dialogue after travelling with you a little. Depending on your actions toward BoS after that, he could go missing or turn hostile.

How do you get max affinity with Danse?

For Danse, you have to advance the BOS questline till you reach Blind Betrayal. Danse cannot be maxed until after completing Blind Betrayal. You can max affinity for both at the same time. They both like getting into power armor.

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