How do you get the 102 percent ending in Donkey Kong 2?

The player can achieve a maximum completion score of 102% for their save file by completing all levels and bosses, completing all bonus challenges, collecting all DK coins within the Lost World and visiting each of the four Kong family members at least once.

How to get 102 in dkc2?

To achieve 102%, you must complete every stage and every single bonus in the game and visit all of the Kong NPCs at least once. The Kremcoin cheat in Pirate Panic is forbidden as it enables you to reach Krocodile Kore before K.

How do you get the true ending in Donkey Kong Country 2?

Once inside the Lost World, players must complete all the levels and grab the DK Coins that are in these levels as well. Once the Lost World areas are completed, the crocodile head in the middle of the Lost World will open up, allowing Diddy to enter for his True Ending cutscene.

How to get 100% dk2?

After completing all levels in the Lost World a path to a new final battle against King K. Roll will appear for you in the Lost World and defeating him in this new battle will reveal the true ending, granting you 100%.

How do you get 100 percent on Donkey Kong?

So, how do you 100% this sucker? Just beat all the levels. Of course, in order to unlock the final level, 9-1, you have to collect all the K-O-N-G letters in each level.

GITCY: Donkey Kong Country 2 (102 percent ending)

What is the max percentage in Donkey Kong 2?

The player can achieve a maximum completion score of 102% for their save file by completing all levels and bosses, completing all bonus challenges, collecting all DK coins within the Lost World and visiting each of the four Kong family members at least once.

Is there a cheat code in Donkey Kong?

Start a game and beat the first level. Return to the first level and lose all your lives. When Kranky Kong reappears, press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y to enter a secret bonus area. Now hold START, and tap SELECT to return to the game with infinite lives.

Does Donkey Kong have an ending?

Because of a programming glitch, the game has no official ending. The timer on the 22nd level is too short for the level to be completed, so, when time runs out, the display and the game end, adding to Donkey Kong’s quirky mystique.

How many DK coins are in Donkey Kong 2?

In Donkey Kong Country 2, this means finding all 40 DK coins as well as finding all 102% of the bonus rooms.

How many levels are in Donkey Kong 2?

The game is set on Crocodile Isle, with eight worlds of varying environments, totaling 52 levels.

Who is the secret boss in Donkey Kong 2?

Boss level: Krocodile Kore

This second duel with Kaptain K. Rool takes place inside the large temple at the center of the Lost World. Defeating K. Rool will unlock the true ending of the game.

Is Donkey Kong Jr Donkey Kong 2?

It is the sequel to Donkey Kong, but with the roles reversed compared to its predecessor: Mario (formerly named “Jumpman”) is now the villain and Donkey Kong Jr. is trying to save his kidnapped father. It first released in arcades and, over the course of the decade, was released for a variety of home platforms.

Is Donkey Kong Land 2 the same as Donkey Kong Country 2?

Donkey Kong Land 2 is very similar to its counterpart SNES title, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. While it has the same storyline, areas, and setting, each level received a new layout. The game also stars Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong.

How do you beat Boss 2 in Donkey Kong?

Walk against the wind and be on the lookout for enemies floating in from the side of the screen. Spot the egg and bop it on the head. Pick it up and either bounce up the other enemies to gain enough height to hit the owl now, or wait until he comes down to your level to charge at you to nail him.

How to get 75 kremcoins?

After collecting the banana bunch for a second time, head back to the cabin to find a Kremkoin floating above the note. Collecting this Kremkoin will instantly add 75 to Diddy’s total, allowing players access to all of Klubba’s levels.

How do you cheat 50 lives in Donkey Kong Country 2?

To activate cheat mode, enable the Music Test, then press Down repeatedly until Cheat Mode appears. At this point you can gain 50 lives by pressing Y, A, Select, A, Down, Left, A, Down. To eliminate the DK barrels, press B, A, Right, Right, A, Left, A, X. Now start the game.

Why is DK called Donkey Kong?

Miyamoto used “donkey” to convey “stubborn” in English; while “Kong” was simply to imply him being a “large ape”, the name Donkey Kong was intended to convey “stubborn ape” to the American audience. When he suggested this name to Nintendo of America, people laughed, but the name stuck.

Is Donkey Kong a guy or a girl?

Donkey Kong, also known as DK, is a male gorilla.

Is there a girl Donkey Kong?

Dixie Kong is a female Kong from the Donkey Kong series. She is Diddy Kong’s girlfriend and Tiny Kong’s older sister. She also has two cousins , the 3 year old toddler Kiddy Kong and his older brother Chunky Kong. Her first appearance was as Diddy’s partner in the game Donkey Kong Country 2.

Did Mario or Luigi come first?

After the success of Mario Bros., Luigi was introduced to a wider audience in 1985 with the release of the console game Super Mario Bros. Once again, his role was restricted to a palette swap and could only be used by the second player.

What is Donkey Kong girl?

Candy Kong is a female gorilla and Donkey Kong’s girlfriend. Candy Kong first appeared in Donkey Kong Country providing save point stations throughout the game. Her second appearance was in Donkey Kong 64; Candy was redesigned, now wearing a bikini and some sneakers.

How do you unlock World 7 in Donkey Kong?

World 7 is unlocked once you have completed the ‘K’ levels in World’s 1 – 6 and beaten the boss of World 6. (A world’s ‘K’ level is unlocked once you find all the KONG Letters in that world’s levels.)

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