How do you get the best bodies in graveyard keeper?

First remove the heart. If that removes two red skulls, you can remove the skull then blood and fat, for a perfect body. If removing the heart removes only one red skull, you can try again with the brain or intestines, or just remove the fat and blood. Remember you can save the game and try again.

How do you make a perfect body in graveyard keeper?

Starting with a 4R/6W corpse

  1. Perform a. Lye injection.
  2. Perform a. Glue injection (Optional; x13 )
  3. Perform a. Silver injection.
  4. Perform a. Gold injection.
  5. Remove the. Fat.
  6. Remove the. Blood.

How do you get more corpses in graveyard keeper?

You can keep reloading your game to make sure you get a corpse each and every day. Keep in mind that after the first few days, you need to place carrots in the carrot box for your donkey to take, or he won’t deliver a corpse. But even with carrots in the box, the donkey does not come every day.

How do you get 26 skulls in graveyard keeper?


  1. Modify body part to get 21 Corpse with Organ Workbench at Souls room.
  2. Make sure to have 0 or 2 Corpse with all body parts in it.
  3. If the Corpse has. Brain, Heart, or. …
  4. If your corpse have 0 do. Dark injection before doing other embalming.
  5. Embalm the Corpse with. Lye injection, Glue injection, …
  6. Voila, enjoy your 26 Corpse.

What is the max corpse rating in graveyard keeper?

Rating. . By choosing which body parts to include, remove, or replace, it is possible to achieve full 12 corpse rating on a body or exceed it. With the addition of the Game of Crone DLC, the maximum skull amount for a body increases to 16 and can be fully utilized by new gravestones.

GRAVEYARD KEEPER | Perfect Embalming Guide | 16 WHITE SKULLS

What is the best body to bury in Graveyard Keeper?

A basic grave should be a corpse with at least 4 white skulls (no red or green skulls), a stone gravestone and stone fence. This will give you a grave with a +4 rating. Note: If there is a corpse with a long meter or high freshness, it may give a +1 bonus.

Is there an end to Graveyard Keeper?

There’s an ending with a cutscene. The world “stops” after this ending, you are sent back to the main menu, but you can load your last save and keep playing.

How many white skulls are in the graveyard keeper?

26 White Skulls Guide (Need Better Save Souls DLC) – Official Graveyard Keeper Wiki.

Who is the skull character in Graveyard Keeper?

Gerry is a talking skull you found buried behind your home. He guides you through your first days as the graveyard keeper. After the graveyard tutorial, he stays in the morgue and asks for alcohol.

How long does it take to finish Graveyard Keeper?

When focusing on the main objectives, Graveyard Keeper is about 45½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 69 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What body am i supposed to exhume in graveyard keeper?

After your first night in your bed, Yorick appears and asks you to exhume the corpse in the lower right corner of the graveyard and toss it into the river, claiming that they are a jerk and should be evicted from the graveyard. Note: You can choose any corpse, as long as you throw it into the river.

How many endings does Graveyard Keeper have?

WARNING. This DLC contains three different endings. Despite all of them being cliff-hangers, there are perks that come with them. If you want to see all of them, you should save and back up your game before you build the watchtower at the Refugee Camp.

Should I throw the body in the river graveyard keeper?

corpse into a river. There are no known negative consequences if you do so in game. After you first do so, Gerry appears, scolds you, and tells you the secrets of cremation. burial certificate for corpses you dump, this way of disposal is a financial loss for you.

What should I build first in graveyard keeper?

When getting started, players should improve the quality of the graveyard, so the church will unlock. Faith points are needed throughout the game and the easiest way to earn them is to create quality sermons. Along with adding fences and headstones to the graveyard, the church can be upgraded on the inside.

Do Red skulls affect zombies in graveyard keeper?

skulls will have no effect. A zombie can be modified, much like a regular corpse, as many times as is necessary either by autopsy at the preparation place or injections at the embalming table.

How do you get the 16 skull corpse in graveyard keeper?

Steps 1 through 3 are specific Brain/Intestine/Heart to get a corpse with 4 red skull and 9 white skull to START. Step 4: Lye Injection to get 5 red skulls and 10 white skulls. Step 5: Glue Injection to get 5 red skulls and 11 white skulls. Step 6: Silver Injection to get 4 red skulls and 12 white skulls.

What is Gravekeeper real name?

Andrew Kreiss, also known as the Grave Keeper, is a Rescue-Type and Difficulty 1 Survivor available for purchase after completion of the prologue. He is one of 42 playable Survivors added to Identity V.

What do the red skulls mean in graveyard keeper?

These are unwanted negative skulls. Each of these adds a -1 Grave Rating. A single red skull will subtract from any bonuses, regardless of number of white skulls and Grave Rating. These appear over time as the corpse degrades and are like red skulls.

What does the corpse hatch do in graveyard keeper?

The corpse hatch allows corpses to be dropped directly into the morgue where they will decay slower.

Do enemies Respawn in graveyard keeper?

You cannot descend in the Dungeon until all monsters on one level are killed, monsters do not re-spawn although they do heal when the Dungeon is left and re-entered. As soon as the last monster is killed, the next level unlocks on the teleport screen at the start of the Dungeon.

Are zombies in graveyard keeper?

zombie can be unlocked relatively early in the game by completing a series of short missions and unlocking the right technologies. You first have to meet Gunter and take his advice.

What do the DLC add to Graveyard Keeper?

Extra DLC content reveals that the keeper can’t return home because he (just like his predecessors) has the sacred task of acting as an intermediary between the village’s inhabitants and the afterlife and it was revealed that the Ancient God brought him here and split him in two: His aggressive side is sent to the Town …

What is the point of stories in Graveyard Keeper?

The Story is the base resource from which all written works are generated. They are technically a complex craft, as they come in three qualities. They can be obtained through a variety of methods, though their only purpose goes towards the creation of notes, the first tier of written works.

Is there a penalty for dying in Graveyard Keeper?

If the player dies, they respawn at their bed with full health and all items. Health can be restored by either sleeping or using honey, health potions, or beer.

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