How do you get the golden suit in Sons of the Forest?

The Golden Armor and Gold Mask is a mysterious set of armor that can be found hidden deep inside a Mutant-filled cave that’s located by the lake in the western region of Sons of the Forest.

How do you get Golden Armor in sons of forest?

To beat Sons Of The Forest, you’ll need to find the Golden Armor. Originally located on the South-East side of the map, Patch 02 changed the Golden Armor location. It’s now found deep within a new cave system on the West side of the snowy mountain, and it’s full of horrible mutant monsters.

What is the strongest armor in Sons of the Forest?

The best armor in Sons of the Forest for its protection against cannibals is the Tech Armor, whereas the best armor for stealth is the Leaf Armor.

How do you get the gold mask in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest golden mask location

On level five, look for an operating room on the left hand side of the hallway. On the bed in the middle, you’ll find the golden mask. Once you’ve got the mask, the exit from the bunker is right outside the room.

Is golden armor unbreakable in Sons of the Forest?

Can Golden Armor break? While the Golden Armor doesn’t offer much protection, it is indestructible against enemy attacks. This means you don’t need to worry about it breaking before you reach the end of the game.

Sons Of The Forest FULL GOLD ARMOR SUIT LOCATION – How To get Gold Armor Sons Of the Forest

Where do I get golden armor?

Sons of the Forest Golden Armor location

To get the Golden Armor, you first need to get the Rebreather. The Golden Armor is located in a cave on the southwestern area of the island, found under the snowy mountains, in a large lake that is connected with the lake with five rivers running from it.

How do you enter cheats in Sons of the Forest?

To activate console commands in Sons of the Forest, load up a save, enter the word “cheatstick” (without the quotation marks), and press the F1 key. Simply enter “cheatstick” in the normal game, unpaused.

What is the point of the mask in Sons of the Forest?

The mask is a utility item for camouflaging. Wear it near Cannibals to blend in. As long as the mask is equipped, enemies do not become hostile and remain passive. Do not use masks on Cannibals who’re already aggressive.

Is gold armor better?

Gold armor is the 2nd-weakest type of armor, stronger than leather but weaker than chain mail. Then look at the durability section: Armor . Once again gold armor is more durable than leather but less durable than chain mail.

What is the best weapon against cannibals in Sons of the Forest?

The best weapons for defeating cannibals in Sons of the Forest are the ranged weapons found around the island: the slingshot, the shotgun, and the pistol. The pistol can be found on an orange lifeboat floating by the western cove.

What is the weird armor in Sons of the Forest?

Once you have found a Mutant, you need to kill it and look for the skinning prompt. Once you’ve targeted the skinning prompt, hold down the Take Button to begin skinning the Mutant. For each Mutant skinned, you will receive 1 piece of Creepy Armor that will automatically go into your Inventory.

What does creepy Armour do in Sons of the Forest?

Creepy Armor in Sons of the Forest is a layer of protective Mutant skin that will shield your health bar from damage as long as you are wearing one piece or more.

Who is Virginia in Sons of the Forest?

Virginia Puffton is a non-playable character in Sons of the Forest. Alongside Kelvin, she is one of two known player companions. However, unlike Kelvin, she is initially wary of the player and must slowly be befriended to get to a similar relationship.

Is there a katana in Sons of the Forest?

The Katana is a stylish melee weapon in Sons of the Forest that players can find late-game. The storyline is uncovered as players naturally explore a cannibal-invested remote island.

How does Sons of the Forest end?

There are two endings that involve leaving the island, with two achievements tied to them called “Keep Your Friends Close” and “Fought Demons”. The first one involves leaving the island with Virginia and Kelvin, while the other is just the protagonist, Kelvin, and some mysterious men.

What happens if you get in the helicopter Sons of the Forest?

Choosing to board the helicopter will then complete the secret ending, as Virginia and Kelvin will follow you and you’ll then unlock the ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ achievement.

What’s the point of the turtle shell in Sons of the Forest?

Turtle shells can currently be found at the top right of one’s inventory, and are used to produce rain catchers via the utility section of your survival notebook. 16 sticks and 1 shell produce a rain catcher which will provide 4 drinks of water (a full canteen) after a minute of being under rainfall.

What does the girl do in Sons of Forest?

Virginia is a three-legged and three-armed mutant lady who can fight alongside the players and aid them in various ways like hunting, gathering food items etc. Virginia’s three arms make her a formidable fighter against the cannibals in the game and she can hold two weapons at once.

How do you summon Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

Accidentally killed your AI companion or just want some more help building, fishing, and foraging? You can summon more Kelvins with the following command: Addcharacter robby. You can also use this for Virginia, or just Addvirginia.

Is tech armor good Sons of the Forest?

Tech Armor is the best armor in the game above Creepy Armor which is capable of taking a single blow from the large cannibals, but is the least cost effective due to the expensive components and resin requirement. Once wearing 10 pieces of armor the player will receive the achievement DYNAMO.

Can Golden Armor be destroyed?

The Golden Armor is unquie and can never be damaged.

What armor is after gold?

It consists of a Platinum Helmet, Platinum Chainmail and Platinum Greaves. A full set grants a basic 16 defense plus a set bonus of 4 defense, which equals a total of 20 defense, 4 more than gold, making it noticeably stronger.

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