How do you get the secret ending in High on Life?

To access High on Life’s secret ending, you’ll first need to complete the game as normal by defeating Garmantuous, then use the Portal Station to go to Clugg’s Office in the Nova Sanctus. Once there, walk over to the desk and pick up the pink Human Haven Keycard and then go back to the Portal Station.

How do you trigger the secret ending in High on Life?

You can unlock the secret ending after completing the Nipulon Bounty, the second to last bounty you’ll need to complete the game.

Is there multiple endings in High on Life?

While all roads end with a battle against the G3’s leader, Garmantuous, you can prompt several different interactions before rolling credits. On top of that, High on Life features a Secret Ending that you can experience with just a few minutes of work.

How to get all endings High on Life?

How to get the High on Life secret ending in three easy steps

  1. Collect keycard. Acquire Clugg’s keycard from their office first. …
  2. Warp to Human Haven. Navigate to Human Haven and use the platforms above to find a secret area. …
  3. Uncover Clugg’s secret.

Are there secrets in High on Life?

From secret cameos in boss fights to hidden chests to an array of alternate endings, it’s impossible for someone to unveil every single secret in a single playthrough. It’s hard enough as it is to look out for those secret easter eggs with how adrenaline-inducing High On Life’s exciting gameplay is.

How to Unlock Secret Ending High On Life

Can you meet Rick in High on Life?

Despite being two of Roiland’s most successful characters, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith aren’t going to appear in every show or game outside the Rick and Morty bubble. That said, High on Life briefly mentions the pair in dialogue that can be randomly triggered by enemy NPCs.

Is there a secret boss on High on Life?

High on Life has a couple of secrets for you to discover. Such as the secret boss fight 5-Torg, and the secret ending that can be unlocked after a certain point in the game.

Do any decisions matter in High on Life?

The satire of High on Life makes it apparent that every choice made is still going to lead to something, but dire consequences don’t fit into this game’s idea of a fun time. All of that to say, Gene leaving or staying may not be the agonizing decision one would expect.

Can you go back to earth in High on Life?

Those the bounty hunter saves will be safe at the Haven until such time as they can be returned to Earth. The Mayor seems a bit too pleased to help the player, and, having received the coordinates, the player can go to the Human Haven.

Who is the final boss in High on Life?

The final boss in High on Life is certainly not a cakewalk. The player has evolved to become an elite bounty hunter that has instilled fear in the entire G3. The only thing left to do is face off with Garmantuous, the G3 leader, to fight for the survival of earth and the human species.

What happens to Kenny in High on Life?

In the new DLC of High on Life, during the 2 year gap, it was revealed that the Bounty Hunter had lost one of his guns which was Kenny, according to the news reporter. Somewhere in the middle of the DLC game, Gene revealed that the Bounty Hunter had accidentally dropped Kenny during a mission.

What happened to lezduit after High on Life?

He’s still alive! Seems like the G3 was having trouble reviving him but Gene did it somehow after just watching a few videos online. To be fair, he didn’t do a great job: Lezduit can only say his own name now. But it IS very encouraging!

How long is the main story in High on Life?

According to HowLongToBeat, a single playthrough of High on Life will take around eight hours. However, those looking to delve further than the main campaign and unlock all the game’s collectibles/achievements can expect to spend 15 hours playing through the game.

Can you play High on Life after ending?

Fortunately, there is post-game content in High on Life though it comes in the form of exploring the places that the player has been before. There aren’t many more narrative beats to uncover, nor is there any specific direction to explore.

Where is Mr keeps in High on Life?

Located in the opening city of Nova Sanctum, players will be directed to Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop straight after acquiring their bounty suit. It’s right up the stairs to the East of the player’s house and has a big yellow sign hanging over it.

Can you get the bike back in High on Life?

No matter what, as soon as the player turns their gaze away from the bike, it will immediately disappear. Feel free to wait and watch after the bike for as long as feels comfortable, but the alien will not return until the bike has been stolen.

How many worlds are in High on Life?

What types of worlds and environments will players discover? All of them! Well, at least 6… but they all are very distinctive! In our game, players will be able to travel to some crazy places: from vibrant cotton candy-colored forests to deserted futuristic western towns on the back of giant asteroids!

How many missions are in High on Life?

How many bounties are there in High on Life? There are seven main bounties in High on Life, and these are the core story missions that will lead you through to the narrative’s conclusion. You may have already guessed this because there are seven spaces on the bounty-hunting machine that ends up in your living room.

What happens to Lizzie at the end of high on life?

Although there is no definite answer as to what happened to Lizzie, dialogue from Gene implies that she left to go and make a name for herself.

Who is Lizzie’s boyfriend in high on life?

Tweeg is a side character in High On Life. He is a blue Flimborg and becomes the (former) boyfriend of Lizzie. Former bounty hunter Gene doesn’t trust him and openly admits he hates Flimborgs.

Who should I side with in high on life?

The short version is that there aren’t any long-term consequences here. Whether you decide Gene should leave or stay, he’ll end up staying. It doesn’t matter if you side with either Lizzie or Gene, they’ll work out their differences and Gene won’t really leave the house.

Do I shoot Dr joopy High on Life?

Here you’ll be faced with the Choice of trusting Gus’ intuition and shooting Dr. Joopy or simply solving the puzzle. If you shoot Dr. Joopy, it’s immediately revealed that he’s been Douglas all along.

Who is the main gun in High on Life?

Kenny, the Main Weapon in High on Life

Kenny also serves as the player’s narrator and guide, as he will give helpful – or not – advice to the player throughout the game.

Who is the talking gun in High on Life?

You play a mute protagonist, so all of the conversations in this world happen between the goofy aliens you encounter, and the talking guns in your hands. Roiland plays your first talking gun, the pistol-like Kenny (who sounds quite a bit like Rick’s high-pitched teenage partner-in-space-adventures in Rick & Morty).

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